It begins at a very tender age. As a child, we've already started to choose between things. When we were young, things are more simple back then. But as we get older, the crossroad seems complex or we tend to question ourselves, which is a better route to the next destination? Or which is faster? Or is this route save? There are going to be one million and one questions you'll ask yourself at the crossroad. But it's not that simple. God made each of us uniquely different from one another. The road the we walk, we're not alone. Your family and friends might have been to the same cross road. But are they willing to share and help you to make the decision at the crossroad? And are you willing to listen? Or which you already have the decision made? You just need someone to talk to or listen to you, and get some feed back just to reassured yourself?

Just recently I've so many friends complaint about the wrong choices they had made and regretting it. I guess any Tom, Dick and Harry knows that, there is no point regretting the choice you've made? But yet, every human being would just dwell in the regrets and sorrows!!! I guess that's just human, too human in fact. Who wouldn't? There are just too many cross roads that we'll get into as we go on walking towards the life we wanted. I guess these cross roads just add some spices to our boring lives. When everything is too smooth, you'll try to find something to spice up your life. When things get bad, you'll complaint that how come you have such a bad life? Let me tell you something, everybody has bad experience and this can't be measure by comparing? I've heard too many sad stories, it just grieves me up. I kept telling myself, how bless I'm in the midst of sadness compare to the people who has gone thru so much in life. And I'm really bless to know these people who makes me see life in a different perspectives. Yet I wish I was there for all these friends who had suffered so much.

At all these cross roads, I've met so many wonderful people who showed me what's life is all about. I've my sad moments too, which kept me up for nights crying not knowing what's the reason behind it. But those were the pass, let bygone be bygone! No matter what road you take at the crossroads, there is always a lesson to learn from it. Be it a good or a bad experience, we still need to move on with our lives. Time and tide wait for no man! We're not getting younger by the days, so make it a good experience no matter what road you choose. God gives you life, He gives you choices, you only need to write your own story and the conclusion! I'm writing this to remind myself and my friends to move on with our lives no matter how bad it hurts or how unfortunate we've been.

Life still goes on,
and the sun never fails to rise and set.
Enjoy and be content,
for tomorrow is another crossroad we'll get.

From a friend:-
Life is not a problem to be solved
But a gift to be enjoyed!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Another day has gone and Chinese New Year's just around the corner. Somehow the feeling of joy and exitement towards CNY has been gradually vanished the older I get. To me it's just another CNY nothing to look forward to. When we're young we're looking forward to the "ang pow" (red envelope) that we receive but somehow as we grow older it doesn't matter that much anymore. It's just another red envelope with practically the expected amount to it. With no surprise at all!!! Anyway that's not the whole point of CNY.

I'm really glad that CNY's just around the corner as I can take a break from my work. Even since I joined this company I've not taken any breaks and work almost every weekends. So this is really a great time for me to catch up with some old friends who I've not met for a long long time. Any they only come back during CNY. And of course nothing is perfect, someone you long to see will eventually go back to their hometown. We just got to be content with what we have then. But of course I wish for more. Though this coming week it's going to be a long holiday and yet I've not plan what I wanted to do. Stay home and sleep! That's totally not me at all, I rather go out with friends to have fun. Or drive all the way out of here to go and look for someone you long to see or going to miss during this festive season.

I still remember how excited it would be waiting for the festive season to arrive, go shopping for new clothe, new shoe and new pants and can't wait for the day to come where you can parade yourself with practically everything new from head to tail. But as i get older all these things doean't matter anymore. All I need is a break from my work that's all. And I want take this opportunity greet all my Chinese friends

"Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year"

Have are great new year up ahead.

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