Pregnant Man Again!!!!

I’m writing regarding this topic again it is because I had a slight argument with my friend that, he said man getting pregnant were old stuff, base on the post on June 27, 2008. So I do some searching and digging, I found a man called Lee Mingwei in US. He is a real man not like Thomas Beatie, formerly a woman. Take a look at the video below and judge for yourself.

After watching the video still I’m still not satisfied and I went to dig more about it and found a website “Pregnant Man: Real or Hoax?” In one paragraph it mentions “Curiously, the Web site has been up since 1999, and Mr. Lee is apparently still pregnant! Either the poor man has been in labor for nearly a decade (talk about a rough delivery!), or the story is a fake. Of course, Mr. Lee doesn't exist; the Web site is a hoax created as performance art by an artist named Virgil Wong.”

I did find another case was in India, Sanju Bhagat but this was a freak of nature. He is supposed to be twins and the mother only gave birth to one child and the other child is living inside Sanju Bhagat. So I don’t consider this case as pregnant. All we got to do is to wait and see how true are all these stories or it’s just another Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot stories, they come and go.

Last Lecture

In October 2007, Dr. Oz introduced viewers to Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and father of three who was dying of pancreatic cancer. Dr. Randy Pausch is dying in just a few months time and he is giving his last lecture to his students and it’s a lecture of a lifetime. Giving his students one last lecture which has been downloaded more than a million times from the internet. Needless to say much just watch the video fr Oprah and learn from it.

Saturday; June 21, 2008; 10:30pm

Due to some request, I’ve kept this article from being published and I think I kept it long enough to be published after keeping it for a week.

As I enter the my house, I’m surprise to see my parents at home as I thought they were back to hometown this morning to visit my aunty who’s not feeling well. And my dad just broke the news to me that my aunty just ‘migrated’. I’m pretty sure u know what is the meaning of migrate, to move from one country or place, and for our case, it is to move on to the next life.

This aunt is actually my mom’s eldest sister, she has a laugh like Lydia Sum and so is the size of her heart. In my memories of her has always been a very compassionate mother, she may talk loudly but with passion, she may grumble but with love. And she cooks the best sweet and sour salted fish fried eggs. I’m definitely going to miss her laugher that fills the room and the cooking aroma that fill the kitchen hallway.

Mdm. Chew Phaik See, age 72. She will be greatly missed by all of us who knows her for who she is. Have a pleasant journey to a new world

Man Pregnant?!?!?!?

Is that too absurd, that a man could get pregnant like what you see in the movie called “Junior” back in 1994. I’m sure during then everybody was talking about and amaze by the thought of man getting pregnant. I just came across this article and was fascinated by it and find out more about it. There are people who tells me it is old story that this was few years back. But all i can dug up was this just less than a year old news.

March 2008, in US, a man called Thomas Beatie is 5 months pregnant. How could that be? A man pregnant? With the cutting edge technologies anything is possible, cloning is already possible. Why can’t man be pregnant? But after much searching for information about this man called Thomas Beatie, he was once a woman. He went under the knives and became a man but he did not remove the reproduction organs. His wife Nancy couldn’t bear any child so the responsibility would be given to him. After investigating their options, the couple decided Thomas would be the one to carry their child. In October 2007, they used an anonymous donor sperm to conceive their first baby, a little girl.

So I guess the technology is still not up to date yet, where a real man could be pregnant yet as you think he could.
What would the society thinks, if man could get pregnant? Do people against it or supporting it?

Moving Forward

Just as I thought, how far we have moved forward in technologies and something came along that makes me ponder we have not moved so far comparing to other countries. Just recently my friend came back from China with a bag full of stuff that he brought back from China and there is one particular thing that really interests me was a stack of CDs which I thought it’s some Chinese drama series he bought. But to my surprise it’s actually magazines!

It seems like China has already move so far till their magazines are in CDs form. You can flip through the pages just like the normal magazine but just clicking it. Why don’t I see it in Malaysia? Other countries also have online magazines and you can save and store them as well. It actually helps save the environment, save the trees. CD is cheap and by having the whole magazine of few hundred pages in one CD it does save a lot of cost and margin would be higher. Why haven’t any local magazines are doing it? With CDs it’s easier for us to keep and saves space as well and moving towards paperless environment.

Besides the magazine, I find that online shopping for music like iTunes, Malaysia is also not listed as well. I would like to buy those online songs but it’s only for overseas like the Unites USA and Europe countries but what about Malaysia? We still need to buy the CD and ripped the songs from it and then transfer to our iPod. That is so troublesome.

I thought we have move far in technologies but I guess we are not comparing to other countries. Hopefully in time will change all these for a better future.

Psychopathic Mind

This is a topic that hardly people would talk about but I find it interesting. Have you ever come across stories about psychopathic killers besides the famous “Silence of the Lamb” & “Red Dragon”? I always wonder what exactly in these people thinking when they actually commit these crimes? If you ever search on these topics in the internet, probably you might just find a few in famous psychopathic serial killers.

Just let me briefly talk about these infamous psychopath. Albert Fish born in 1870, devout Christian, married in 1898 and a father of six children. When the wife eloped in 1917, Fish’s perversions boiled to the surface and he began indulging in coprophilia, inserting alcohol soaked cotton wool balls into his anus and lighting them and getting his children to beat him bloody with a nail studded paddle while inserting needles into his genitals and I think I’m going to spare you the other details.

In respond to a article in 1928, he called himself as Frank Howard and convinces the Budds family to take the 12 year old Gracie to a local children’s party, and that was the lat time they saw of her. Six years later, in 1934, the family received a letter which read, in part:

“I took Gracie to an empty house in the country, I grabbed her and she said she would tell her mamma. First I stripped her naked. How she did kick, bite and scratch. I choked her to death, and then cut her into small pieces so I could take my mean to my rooms, cook it and eat it. How sweet and tender her little ass was roasted in the oven. It took me nine days to eat her entire body. I did not fuck her, though I could have. She died a virgin”

The letter was traced to Fish and police caught him. Fish was delighted to die in the chair, describing it as the “ultimate experience in pain”

This is just one story that I’m telling and there are many more of this kind of sick stories you could find in the internet and magazines. Sometimes you just wonder what is going on in these people mind. Or actually all of us are psychopath in some ways but it’s just being suppress deep inside us and locked away until someday, someone comes along to unlock it. Which I don't think anyone wants that to happen.


Just recently my friend came back from China and related the story to me and it really makes me feel sad. What he saw was that, who ever and when ever someone couldn’t finish their food and once they throw it into the rubbish bin, there will be some elderly people going to the trash bin to recover the food and eat them. Besides this, few years back when my friend had a mission trip to India, again he was relating to me how these people were living their lives practically at the dump site in some small alleys. Children were playing among the rubbish and sitting on the rain water and playing after the rain.

I see people begging for money in some parts of Kuala Lumpur as well. Even at the place I use to work. I guess people who work around that area would actually know this elderly woman who begs for money as a living and the best part is that she wouldn’t settle anything that is less than RM1. If you were to give her 50 cents she would actually give it back to you gracefully. My aunty would always buy her lunch if she asks my aunty for money. I think it is a good way too to buy her lunch and not giving her the money.

It seems like she’s begging the money to be given to her son who beats the hell out of her if she couldn’t get enough money for the day. The son would actually take the money and goes to his favorite leisure place, Genting Highlands. That is so sad to have a son that beats the mom and ask her to beg for money, what has the world gone into. Even sometimes you see people begging for money, you will be thinking whether to give or not? What do they do with the money? Will they take the money to buy alcohol? Or drugs? Nobody knows. That time I wonder whether we actually help him/her or actually we have ruined their lives. Or they rather leave this what they think is a ugly world ASAP. But who are we to take ones life, right?

Seeing is Believing

Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot, do you believe these famous creatures really do exist without seeing them yourself? Does any normal human being need to see first in order to believe? Some do and some don’t I guess, just like the religious people. They have not seen their gods, they don’t know their gods personally except for the teaching. And yet they believe the gods they prayed too unconditionally. They believe without seeing, it’s all purely by faith.

So, how about you? Do you need to see first in order to believe? Sometimes what we see on TV may not be true. Just like any detergent that advertised on TV or print ads, it claims to remove all types of stain and you went and buy it. But in the end it is not what they claims to be. Den some you see in the shopping malls, they even do a live demonstration of their products just to convince the customers. Because it’s human nature to see then only believe.

But yet there are things that you see yet you still doubt yourself whether to believe or not because the things you see are too out of the ordinary world. Just like what David Blaine & David Copperfield did, it is way out of what a normal human being can do, after seeing you still doubting yourself whether to believe or not. Whether it’s real or just illusion? That I leave it up to individual to believe it or not.

Reality Bites

Reality does bite and it’s so painful that one might not endure the pain. Just recently I’ve so many friends got bitten by reality. And they got affected by phantasmagoria thinking that the relationship still can be saved. Just put yourself in their shoes, when you already have another target, would you actually go back to your lover? You will tend to slowly moving out from his/her life and moving towards your new target and yet still keeping the old lover. Once everything is settled and secured. “Bye bye bye” that’s what he/she is going to tell you. The least he/she can do is by saying “We still can be friends” with a lovely smile on their angel like face as you see it.

O! Come on, snap out of it! Once it’s over, it’s over never thought of turning back. Time and tide wait for no man, the time doesn’t move backwards but only forward. The world maybe a beautiful place, but not such a perfect picture after all. When one is high and mighty up on the throne, the harsh reality of life slowly slipping into their body and running through the veins. That is also depending on individual. You can always read them on the newspaper, that when one is famous, they’ll end their relationship with their lover. For whatever reasons it is, we don’t know as we’re just a normal human being without any status to our name.

So, girls and guys, if you’re dump by some celebrity or someone famous. Just forget about it and moved on. He/She can be so cold hearted and playing the game, why should you be the lab rat being tested and dissect for experiment and in the end the rubbish bin you go. The world can be a beautiful picture depending on how you see it. Take the right prescription and stop the pain that cause by harsh reality. Always remember once you have been cured, your body will have better immune system don’t let it break you down to pieces.

See, Hear, and Speak no Evil

This is definitely a good way to stay neutral when you’re in a hostile situation. Besides that, it is also good practice when you are totally new to an environment that you are not familiar with. So that you wouldn’t get yourself into trouble by talking too much, always think before you talk and act. Study the whole situation first, if not, you might just get yourself in trouble.

But once when you are there for a long time, like work place, these things are unavoidable. No matter what happens, news spread like virus. Before you can contain it, it is already out and seems like everybody knows about it. Unless you are totally see, hear and speak no evil. Then you are in a shell of your own. At times I do think it is a good thing. One thing for sure, good news never leaves home, bad news travel miles. That is for sure.

It is natural when you see and hear so much, you will tend to say it out. Whenever there is input, there must be output, it’s the law. We can’t change the fact. So in order not to see, hear and speak no evil, stay away from these people but how long can you stay away? People will say you are anti-social. So it’s a choice we will have to make, to join or not to join as part of them. But it’s natural we will join, my only advise those who keep his lips are wise.


After so many years living on the beautiful planet called Earth, would categories three major type of people:-

Someone who sits there and hope nothing will happen.
Someone who sits there and hope something will happen.
Someone who makes things happen.

So, which category are you in? Or you are in another elite group out of these three that I could think of? Please do share with me, I would like to know. I guess we need these type of people around to make the world goes round. If everyone falls in the same category, I guess there wouldn’t be much things happening in the world then. And of course all these happening things, some are for the good course and some are bad. The world is so big, we can’t control everything, and the only thing we can control is none other than ourselves.

So, back to the question, which category do you fall into or it is little here and there? Depending situations as well, but one you’re in that category most likely you’ll be like that, as it is already in you to be like tat. Unless you make the change yourself, if not you’ll be in the same category for the rest of your life.

Love, Love, Love.

What is love? Why is love so powerful? In a lot of movies we see, love seems to conquer everything. In 10,000 B.C. (Before Christ) the movie, a man can travel through the highest mountains and deepest valley to have the one he loves. And in the recent Incredible Hulk the movie, he can do anything to protect the ones he loved. Not just this, in Four Brothers the movie, they come together to avenge their mother who got killed by robbers, because they love their mother. In Kung Fu Panda the movie, he can do anything because he loved food. So are just a few example that how powerful love can be.

And in the Christian context, love is actually divided into basically four types of love:-

Agape – this is basically selfless and charitable kind of love
Phileo – are the brotherly or sisterly love

Storge – love between the parents and children
Eros – the names says it all, the sexual love

And in Ancient Greek context love is divided into five. Four of them are exactly the same as the above. Just this additional one:-

Xenia - It was an almost ritualized friendship formed between a host and their guest, who could previously be strangers

And do you know love is divided into so many categories? Same may know and some may not know and I got to know when I’m in my teens. Even there are so many songs is about love, be it in love or break ups. How interesting can love be? It seems like everything centered around it and evolve around it as well. It’s definitely the most powerful weapon one could have.

Love is kind,
Love is wise.
But love can make you blind,
And leave you cold as ice.

Insanity or Harsh Reality

Recently there is this insane man lingering around the neighborhood, talking to himself. Have you ever thought where exactly these people come from? They come and go without a trace. Surrounding these people are very interesting stories, and you’ll never know which one is the answer and you tend to mix and match the stories and become a story of your own.

I’ve always wonder what is going on in their mind? What triggers them to become what they are now? Are they really insane or they’re just hiding themselves from the harsh reality of this world. Been hurt by loved ones? Been cheated by close friend? Been betrayed by family? Nobody just go insane without a reason, everybody do things for a reason. Whether the reasons are in good intention or bad but still there is a reason.

If one could be in such state of insanity, I think it is very serious damage that has been done upon oneself. And I do believe everybody has a level of insanity in them and what could actually trigger it? Nobody knows, accept for God and yourself.

Every Clouds Has a Silver Lining

Just wanted to tell a friend this, because he seems stress over all the commotions for the pass few weeks in a so call competition that he has entered. I may not know exactly how he feels but the taste of failure is always bitter and nobody would like to taste under any circumstances. I may not know what level are the rest of the contestants that makes you loose your confidence in yourself. But one thing for sure I can tell you are that I have faith in.

In any competitions there is bound to be a winner and of course the loser. But no worries, there is no loser in any competition, just that they’re not as good but not that they’re bad. If they’re bad, they would have not been selected in the first place. Everybody is unique, everybody has their own target audience. Some like Rhythm & Blues, some like Heavy Metal we can decided for people what they like. Or both have the style of singing but have different voice and the outcome is different. Always bear in mind that, we can’t please everybody. You’ve done your part and you know you put all your best that is all that matters. No regrets in the path you have taken, turning back won’t help just move forward. One door closes other doors open to more opportunities. Look at the brighter side.

You and I, both have read the book call ‘The Secret’, why let these little things bother you where you can do greater things. Believe you have been selected and feeling damn happy about it. That’s what you should be thinking and put your ‘Secrets’ to practice. It sounds easier to be said and done, but if you never try, you will never know. “Belum cuba, belum tahu; Sudah cuba, tiap tiap hari mahu”

Gambateh!!!!! I believe and have faith in you!!!

Mud Cookies

I came across this article back in February and I find it very interesting and sad as well. It’s called ‘Eating Dirt’ and it’s literally eating dirt. These people are so poor in Haiti that making cookies out of dirt to sell for a living. Besides that people would buy it because they’re poor and these mud cookies are more affordable than a normal meal.

This is actually an eye opening article for me as it’s really the first time for me to know that, there are actually people who eat this mud as main course to fill their stomach. The reason for being so it’s because again the petroleum price is so high people can’t afford to buy most of the food and resolve to eat these mud cookies. I hope that in near the future we don’t have to be like these Tahitian who have to resolve into eating mud cookies.

But given a change I would actually try and see how it tastes like. In actual fact the taste will linger in your tongue for hours, base on what I’ve read but seems like it’s not a good review about it. So, would you actually go and try if given a chance to do so? When the economy plunges, people will find ways to survive even eating dirt. And I do not wish this is going to happen to our beautiful country.

Identity Lost; Future Found

As the nation move towards the future, we lose our identity, our culture and our traditions. And that will be written as history encrypted into our memories that will decay away as our body decays as well. What is happening to the old buildings that we use too lived in, that we use to have breakfast with out family?

I still miss the old ways of living, but man has to move forward. The toys we use to play are no longer in productions, even the toys industries have moved forward as well. But what I miss the most is actually the building that we use to see and lived in, our culture and traditions are all been shield in these buildings. Remember running through the hall ways, falling down from the stairways, dining in the kitchen with family members, all these are now history. It does put a smile on my face as I dig up these memories that have been stored somewhere in my archive.

I really wish all these old buildings to be restored, for commercial use or as museum to remind us of our roots. There are still a number of old buildings and mansions around town. There is one that I saw near Zouk, a huge place but abandon and buried in the concrete jungle, what a waste. I do hope in the near future someone will actually restore the building and be proud of it as it’s going to be the diamond in the rough.

But how are we going to cohesive both that we won’t lose our identity and yet moving forward. Is it necessary to for go either one, in order to achieve the other? I’m pretty sure is not necessary and there is definitely a way, it is a matter of time.

Fly, Pigeon Fly

Was actually passing by my house and I heard there were some commotion on the roof. As I look up, it’s actually pigeons. The pigeon was actually trying to push the young off the edge to learn how to fly. It’s just funny how they learned how to fly, by force. I wonder if the pigeon never push the young to learn how to fly will the young ever grew up not knowing how to fly? That answer we’ll leave it for the scientist to figure it out.

I guess we human too at time need a little force in order for things to move. After awhile we stay in complacency and bound to the environment, we’ll get lazy. No motivation to move forward. So I guess at time we have been force to do thing that we might not like but end the end we might just learn something out of it. It’s just funny how the pigeon teaches the young to fly and do we human uses the same way to teach our children? I guess we do, if have some children who are very stubborn in characters. It’s for their own good just like the pigeon did for the young.

So if you’re those who don’t like to be pushed around, learn to fly before you’re being force to. Be more self-initiative, people around you will thinks you’re helpful and caring. If you don’t learn how to fly, you’re going to fall flat on your face.


One of the major characters for a Piscean would be dreaming. Piscean love do dream, which I don’t doubt it as I’m one of them. It’s always good to have dreams that would actually keep you on the ground in reaching your dreams. You wanted a dream wife that hotter than Angelina Jolie, a dream home you can come back to, a dream job that promises a future. Everybody dreams of getting it, but are we? Are we living our dream life?

Just recently, I went out with a friend of mine for a drink. He was telling me that he’s in the process of moving out of Malaysia to work in Dublin, Ireland. When I heard about it, I’m so happy for him that finally he gets to move out of Malaysia and work there. I dreamed of working overseas as well, but I’m not as lucky as he is. I’ve not given up my dreams working overseas. I think it’s totally a new experience for me to work overseas. Besides that, we are not being well taken care of. Everything seems to be increasing but yet the salary has not been adjusted to the market level, how are we going to survive this constantly appreciating market where oneself value depreciate.

I’ve few friends already working in places like Kazakhstan, Dubai, Beijing, Australia & LA. And I’m still here like a typical Piscean dreaming of one fine day I’ll move out of here and work overseas. Those who have worked overseas keeps telling me how nice to work overseas and the way people do things are different from here. Keeping my finger cross to get a job overseas, but I do get, I’m going to miss my family and friends who I cherish a lot. But earning in other country currency is much better Malaysian Ringgit as you can’t even survive in your own country. Why stay?

Dream by day,
Dream by night,
Dreaming a way,
To kiss this place good bye.


When it comes to superwoman, there are only two people that cross my mind, Karyn White and Oprah Winfrey. Karyn White, it’s because of the song she sang back in 1988, up till today 20 years later, it’s still one of my favorite song. As for Oprah Winfrey she’s the queen of television host. I may not have watched everything single program by Oprah but each time I watched I learn.

I’ve learned so much from her program just as much as I’ve learned from the National Geographic. After watching her program, it opens up a lot of windows for me to see the world as it is. Things you never knew it could be done, she did it. What I admired her most, was the fact that most of her program relates to a lot of negative stuff like death, sorrow, abuse, homeless and etc. It takes a woman with strong determination and will power to face all the situations she is in. If she’s not strong enough she would probably fall into depression, because of her job. I guess it take years of experience in order to face such situations. There are tears of sorrow and of course not forgetting the tears of joy. What always put back a smile on our face at the end of the show.

She has a big heart as well, as she has this ‘The Oprah Winfrey Foundations” that provide grants to not-for-profit organizations that offer education opportunities and enhance the quality of life for children and families throughout the world. We actually need more influential people to make a change to the way people think and live our lives. She definitely doing a great work here making things possible for the needy and making people’s life happy.

Old Habits Dies Hard

It’s about time we do something with our old habits. I’ve been trying to remind myself not to take any plastic bags whenever I go shopping and even paper bags as well. I actually saw my cousin started her changing her old habits of not taking any plastic or paper bags while shopping. And there is this Earthday (April 22); it started to make me want to change my habits to save our planet Earth. But over and over again I keep forgetting it, old habits dies hard. I’m sure after awhile of practice like my cousin I’ll change my habits as well.

I think people are too ignorant about the planet earth conditions. People are busy with their own life, worrying what the future holds. What is there to worry if the planet earth depletes, you and I won’t be here anymore. Everything have to start some where, why not now! Change the way we live to save the planet earth we are living in. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable, it stays the same conditions even after 500 years in the soil. Paper bags are made from trees, the more trees the better to help us built back the ozone layer. The ozone layer it’s getting thinner by the day and the harmful rays are getting close to burning our delicate skin.

Change your habits to a brighter future, if not there won’t be a future for us. I’ve always wanted to get myself involve in some project to save out beautiful planet earth. And I’ve been introduce by a friend about this project by ‘juslife’ to Adopt a Project to save the planet earth. I encourage you to join to save our planet, save our future.

Malaysian Artistes for Unity

It’s been a long time such a good thing comes along since the 513 incident (May 13, 1969) which most Malaysian would know the history of it. I’m really glad that something has been done and I really love the fact that all the Malaysian artistes come together to do this zero budget project called ‘Malaysian Artistes for Unity’.

I do believe that we need to be constantly being reminded we are living in a multi racial country and unity is very important, whether we’re different in skin colour but we’re one at heart. I’m sure everybody knows the story of the wooden stick. You can easily break a single wooden stick but when you put a bundle together, it is going to be very hard to break. It’s really a very simple and logical explanation to UNITY.

I still remember those days where I did a project for my church bulletin board. A very simple graphic showing a puzzle with the word ‘UNITY’ but of course a few missing puzzles. Very straight forward answer, with the few missing pieces you can’t form the word ‘UNITY’, so we need to come together like the puzzle to form the whole word ‘UNITY’. I miss those days doing graphical stuff on the bulletin board to encourage one another. Those days are gone; looking at the future and enjoying the present.

Soul Food

What is your understanding of “Soul Food”? Soul food was developed by enslaved Africans who lived under the difficult and impoverished conditions of grinding physical labor. But I’m definitely not talking about that kind of soul food but instead of the food we feed our inner soul that’s living in this capsule of flesh that forms our body.

I think it is important what do we feed this hungry soul of ours? If we feed it with the wrong food, we’ll feel down or at times depress or rage. All these bad and negative emotions will be created if we feed it with the wrong soul food. Be wise not to let it get into you. Always keep in control what you put into your soul. A happy soul gives you longevity. If you grief in your soul, it will slowly eating you up from the inside out. And you’ll start to do silly things hurting yourself and worst of all people around you will get hurt too be it mentally or physically.

Always bear in mind that you have the choice in your hands. You choose what you feed to your soul. Filter it; only select what is best only for your soul. Your soul is your life as well; it will never leave the capsule until the day you die. So treat your soul with the best food and live your life to the fullest.

Life as Lecturer

I never once thought of being a lecturer in my whole life. And now I’m one, people always think that I might be a bad influence to the students. I do curse a lot especially when I’m driving and some occasional curse when I’m not really in a good mood. Besides that, I guess everybody thinks that I’m bitchy too. I don’t deny the fact but overall I’m just ok, as long as you don’t step on my invisible tail. Everything will be just fine.

I do believe in sharing knowledge with people, no point keeping them and bring it to the grave when you die. If there are people who are willing to learn, I’m definitely more than willing to teach and share my knowledge. You can actually see so many different types of students in the class and it really amazes me, besides shapes and sizes. Their mentality towards design are just like new born babies, constantly need to be pump with information into their systems. But yet there are so many different types of students, some of their processor are so slow and some are just meant for it. And some just need some guidance and their on their way.

At first I actually doubt myself whether I can make it as a lecturer or not? But ever since I’ve started, I kind of enjoy what I’m doing. And it just makes me happy when some students can really produce good work that you would never actually think off. And yet there some students still need quite a bit of polishing work to be done. But whatever it is, I think I’m obligated to teach and share my knowledge as lecturer responsibilities and I’m more than willing to do so. But it’s just at times I’ve to be someone else that is outside of my comfort zone.

I do wish all my students will come out to this harsh working world prepared. And I do believe some may not be back in the same field as what they studied. But whatever you’ve learn it is never put to waste.

Knowledge is power, Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. ~ Kofi Annan

Recipe to a Happy Life

Is “sugar and spice and everything nice” the ultimate recipe to a happy life? One thing for sure that is the recipe to create the Power Puff Girls. But what about our Happy Life, what’s the ultimate recipe? Everyone’s life is different and the ingredient to a happy life isn’t always sugar and spice and everything nice. How often do we wish our lives are like fairy tales, always happy ever after. That would only happens in the movies, cartoons and story books but does that exist in the harsh reality world we are living in?

I guess everything comes with a cost, I believe to achieve this happy life definitely comes with a price as well. What would be the right and perfect ingredient to achieve a happy life? But the ingredient to a happy life of mine may not be the right ingredient for others. As we are very special individual that separates us a part from the rest of the people, the uniqueness we have that others may not have. So I believe everybody do have their own recipe to a happy life. But then again I guess the basic ingredient might just be the recipe to make Power Puff Girls, sugar and spice and everything nice, the base ingredient to a happy life. Everybody has their dream life, how they want their live to be. I’ve mine and I believe you have got yours too. Everybody’s perfect happy life would be different. I hope you found your “Recipe to a Happy Life”, while I’m still perfecting my ingredient.

Happy searching for the ultimate perfect ingredient and never gives up! Cause we deserve every part of it.

Aesthetic vs. Functionality

In my line of work, this question keeps pop-up here and there while doing my work, be it in my design work as interior designer or as a lecturer in class. I think this topic is just too hard for me answer. Are there possibilities both to be combining in designs? It always clashes in design, we can either have the aesthetic but not the functionality or vice versa. A good design definitely combines both elements.

A lot of times in my field, what we think its aesthetic in design but it may not be the same for the clients we face. Everybody has their own perception of aesthetic. So I guess it’s “One man’s food is another man’s poison” what more can I say? I can’t shove the design down the client’s throat, which is totally unethical. The clients are the people who are staying in the house and they should know better the way they live their lives and how things should be done. All we can do is only to take in as much information as possible to create an aesthetic livable home for a satisfied client.

To create something that have both elements of aesthetic with functionality needs a lot of research and time, a lot of R&D involved. It is not impossible but I guess it’s the time spent to create something that has all the elements would be costly. As you can see some designer’s piece is sky flying high price, it’s because the time spent on R&D. As a designer which one would you go for, aesthetic or functionality or a mixture of both? I guess one simple way to apply these elements would be, use the aesthetic element for show units and functionality for home user. The reason for doing so would be very simple, aesthetic for show units because it’s a show case place for developer to sell the home. As long as the aesthetic looks great and can sell, functionality is only secondary. Where as for home user, functionality would the priority and aesthetic would come in second place, but to some client it’s as important as aesthetic.

So being a designer it’s never an easy job and we have to constantly out do ourselves to move to the next level. Creativity has no boundaries and no limits.

Tangible Sponge

I do believe everyone knows what is the major function a sponge can do? To absorb liquid as mush as possible till it’s totally full. So is a kids mind when they’re between the age from one to three, it’s a growing sponge that can absorb as many information possible. During this time, it’s the right time to teach them all the important things, from financial to bonding, respect, sharing and caring. There are so many values of life if I were to list them down.

I did come across this mother who actually gives some money to both her kids. The elder brother would be RM10 and the younger son would be RM5. She told her kids that are the only money she is giving them to be spent on buying the toy they liked. If anything exceed the given money, they would have to topped it up themselves or very simple to combine their money to buy something bigger and shared among both of them. I seriously think that this mother is really doing a good job here in educating her child on how the money are to be spent wisely and also the bonding between the two brothers to share among the both of them.

At this tender age, absorbing information it’s as easy as ABC as long as you put them in a simple application for them to understand. As we grow older it’s harder for us to absorb that much as we lost the elastic to absorb so much information. And the way we live our lives has been fix, a habit has develop. I regretted a I’ve not learn all these things when I was still young and I’m learning the hard way as I’m living through my live. Through readings and friends, but when you have the heart to change, it’s never too late. Self educate yourself whenever you have time, besides the wondrous box (I mentioned in earlier blog) that brought me so much information to my life, the fantastic pile of papers with letters also brought me a lot of knowledge I needed. I never stop sharing all the information I know with my friends. I wish they never have to go through what I’ve gone through to get this information. It is never an easy process. Learning process is never ending unless we put a full stop to it. Every brand new day is a learning day for me. Learning from television, book, people around and the things we see

Beautiful People

I actually came across an article last year stating that beautiful people do get what they want. Or get away with things easily. It’s actually a study done by some professor. But in real life do you actually think beautiful people do get an easier life than those who are not so beautiful? In the study, it did mention that beautiful people will get a job easier than those not so beautiful even though academically the not so beautiful people are higher than the beautiful ones. So where is the logic in it?

But I do believe that beautiful people do get away with things and do get what they want easily. Then what happens to the not so beautiful people, I guess they’ll have to work double extra hard to into the society. But yet I do believe that everybody is beautiful in their own ways and I always hear this in Chinese “There is no ugly people, but only lazy people” I guess it’s quite true. When one work so hard to get so brainy, why don’t you spend a little more extra time to look good as well. Isn’t that better than some ‘bimbo’? Look pretty but brainless.

But I guess with the technology nowadays becoming beautiful it’s just a door step away. As long as you have wealth, looking good is never a problems. But how many people are willing to go under the knife to be beautiful? But I guess to your surprise, the figure might just unimaginable, I might, if it is affordable. But again, good stuff doesn’t come cheap. Of course there is another painless to do it and that is Photoshop way. As I say technology nowadays can do almost anything to our looks.

So is there any part of your face or body that you’re not satisfied of? Just consult a doctor and get the best opinion and pay for it, then you’re beautiful. Again are you willing to go under the knife to look beautiful people? One thing for sure once you’re beautiful, your confidence boost as well, no doubt about it.

Testicle-less Man

Ladies beware these so call testicle-less man out there. I’m pretty sure the word testicleless doesn’t exist in any dictionary but you know what it meant right? To put it crudely means a man without balls. It’s every ladies dream to have a man of their dreams, but at times they just freak out and when missing when things just doesn’t goes right.

I’m trying to relate it to a classic case that happen few months back to a friend of mine. She was madly in love with this man, where ever she goes and whatever she does it’s only for him. I guess love is blind, till today I still don’t know what strike her with that man. As the relationship grows, so is the silence. To my belief, in a relationship both need to have understanding, communications and most importantly compromising. My poor friend just mentions one wrong statement and there she goes, slowly slipping into the silence treatment process and soon enough she is out of his life. And the best part was that up until now the guy didn’t even say the word “our relationship is over and done with”. Is it that hard to say that word to reassure that the relationship it’s over. This kind of man I would label them as “testicleless” aka “no balls”. Even the relationship it’s over my friend has moved on. But in between the silence treatment, I can see how suffering she went through. Crying almost every night to sleep and wonder what happen in between and how to mend the relationship.

As a man I think responsibility is very important. How can someone look up to you when you’re so irresponsible? For whatever reason you want to end the relationship just say it. Whether you have found someone else, this is the comment case in any scenario. Or not meant for each other or give each other some time. Just say it out “we’re over”, “finito” simple as ABC, but yet there are these testicleless people exist. I rather this people be extinct then the Dodo bird.

So, guys please be a MAN and be responsible with all the things you do. Do it with no regrets. Silence don’t solve problems, silence creates misunderstanding. Be wise and I’m sure you’ve live long enough to discern what is right and wrong, what actions to be done. Don’t be the testicle-less man we all hate.

Wondrous Box

I’m really grateful to the person who invented this wondrous box of unlimited information and entertainment. To invent this wondrous box takes a great amount of time. The origins of what would become today's television system can be traced back to the discovery of the photoconductivity of the element selenium by Willoughby Smith in 1873, the invention of a scanning disk by Paul Gottlieb Nipkow in 1884, and Philo Farnsworth's Image dissector in 1927. On March 25, 1925, Scottish inventor John Logie Baird gave a demonstration of televised silhouette images in motion at Selfridge's Department Store in London

But of course in the 20th century, this wondrous box have evolve to all shape and sizes, and yet it’s still doing the same wondrous job in giving unlimited information and entertainment to us. And I’m sure up till now you should know what this wondrous box is? That is ‘Television’ that we are watching in our daily lives.

At times I do think being a couch potato was not that bad after all. Stick to your chair day and night absorbing all the information that TV emit. I was once there but not that extreme. I do learn a lot from TV, most of my general knowledge comes those educational channels like National Geographic, Discovery, Discovery & Living and etc. I guess the TV is a good source of information besides the book or newspaper we read everyday. Of course besides these educational channels come the movies, TV series and dramas channels which entertain us from time to time. Even from these channels I get to learned from it. I guess it’s really up to individual how you see things how you want to absorb these information.

Besides learning from all these channels it actually keeps you updated with the world news. What’s going on around the world we live in? I guess it’s important that we should know what is happening in the world today as we’re not living alone in this beautiful planet. With this news that has been broadcast, I believe it brings the human race closer and the world seems smaller that we thought it should be. We as human beings have a conscious mind, where ever there is disaster we’ll keep these people in prayers or try to find ways to help the victims in anyway we can.

So I do believe this great invention that has created for us, to make us feel closer and the world is not that big as we think it would be.

Seven Deadly Sins

This is one of the interesting topics I would like to talk about. And I’m pretty sure most of you know what the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ are?

Pride ~ the quality or state of being proud
Envy ~ painful or resentful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage
Wrath ~ strong vengeful anger or indignation
Lust ~ intense or unbridled sexual desire
Gluttony ~ excess in eating or drinking
Greed ~ selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed
Sloth ~ disinclination to action or labor

A movie has been made related to the seven deadly sin called ‘SE7EN’, starring Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman, about a serial killer start killing people who he thinks has either one of the sins. Even in “American Next Top Model” seven deadly sins is one of the photo shoot topics. How these models portray the seven deadly sins in a fashionable way. So now you know how interesting this topic would be. And I strongly believe that no one is perfect and definitely would fall into one of the seven deadly sins. But imagine it’s more than 1 or 2 sins we have. What would be the disastrous combination of the seven deadly sins? Out of the seven deadly sins, which of the deadly sins do you have? Was actually talking to a friend about it and he gave me a test to find out what deadly sins you have. Why don’t you try out the test as well to find out? It may take some time but the truth hurts, whether you accept it or not. At least know you know what your weaknesses are and try to change the way we live our lives and how the way we think. Actually there are more sites where you can do the seven deadly sins test. But I find this is quite interesting and try it and you'll know.

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