Lakeview Terrace (So So Only)

Another disappointing movie, sigh. What happen to all the good movies? Am I too demanding? It is practically about this police officer take law into his own hands. Everything needs to go according to his rules. Even his newly shift in neighbor.

In the first place I was not too keen about this movie, my friend actually bought the tickets and then only tells me that I'm watching this movie. I was actually dead tired on Friday because of work. And after work I've watch this movie which I'm not too keen. Lucky I went home for a nap before I went for this movie, if not I would probably fall asleep in the cinema.

The actual action part only at the end of the movie and it's only for about five to ten minutes only. The rest of the plot of the show were more like threatening words only and no actions. Another boring movie ~sigh~ take a look at the preview and judge for yourself whether the preview attracts you or not. It don't attracts me, I wonder does it attracts you?

Nice Toilet With Stupid Statement

Last weekend I was working as a freelancer for a friend of mine in Sunway Pyramid. It has been awhile I have stepped into Pyramid, and now I've spend 2 days there for work. After refurbishment the toilets definitely look fabulous but there are a few things I find it so funny. "This wash basin area is monitored by CCTV for crime deterring purpose" as you can I took the picture at the wash basin area with a big mirror on the right side of the basin and it reflects the all the way to the urinal area. The CCTV is aimed at the big mirror so that it actually monitored the whole toilet instead just the wash basin area. Does the management thinks we are stupid? And where is the privacy in the toilet? We, guys are being monitored as we pee, how nice!

This is even more riduculous, "Waterless Urinal" look at the smaller prints below "Press to wash yourself only", hello!!! when you stand at the urinal, isn't it obvious that only you are using it and no other people. Why are there putting the small prints "Press to wash yourself only", who's willy are you going to wash besides yours? What a statement?! I think Sunway Pyramid should definitely do something about it. It was really a shocker when I see all these silly things they put in such a nice toilet.

Safely Reached

YES!!! Finally my parcel reaches its destination safely. I did not know that the service was that fast. I just posted the goods on Monday noon and it reaches Emila on Wednesday, never knew Post Laju was that 'laju' (quick/fast). Emila really do take nice picture of the gift compared to mine posted earlier.

So, since now that you know what I've wrapped in the gift for Emila in my earlier post on Christmas Comes Early, be prepare for my December giveaway, "Season To Give". It is definitely another set of gift and I better go prepare it as time is running short!

Hope to see your participation in December on "Season To Give" giveaway ;)

Quaratine (Lousy Movie)

On Monday after class my students wanted to go and catch a movie. Some of us were quite keen on watching Quarantine, as we saw the movie preview it was quite interesting to watch since now there is nothing much in the cinema to watch.

We were so keen till we actually went online to book for 12 tickets and only 9 of us went for the movie. We were almost late, but in fact we were late to collect the tickets so ended up queuing for the tickets. Since it is Monday, not much people where actually queuing to buy tickets.

Finally got out tickets and went into the cinema and waited eagerly for the movie to start. Finally the movie start and it is about this female presenter for her TV program on a night shift with the fire fighter department. It was so boring in the beginning that it's practically talking, talking and more talking. You can hear the camera man but hardly see his face because the whole movie is through the cameraman's camera.

Second half of the movie would be in the big old apartment where they found out about this so called zombie like resident. After that the rest is all the same, nothing hype, dead boring with zombie movie in the building as they run for their lives and not get bitten. Worst part was, all you can hear is that stupid presenter keep talking and scream. At the end of the show where it is suppose to be the most hype part, you get so pissed off with the woman's voice keep screaming and yelling. And the best part was, everyone died except the zombies, I just wasted RM8 to watch a worst then B grade movie.

I leave you with the movie preview that attract most of us. And that is all to the movie, the rest are all rubbish!!! Enjoy!

Tag, Tag, Tag

I've been tagged by Yoon See on Nov. 22, 2008

A. Attached or single? single
B. Best friend? um...too many to be mentioned, I guess they know who they are :)
C. Cake or pie? cake
D. Day of choice? everyday
E. Essential item? my car
F. Favorite color? blue
G. Gummy bears or worms? gummy bears
H. Hometown? Gopeng, Perak
I. Favorite indulgence? ice cream
J. January or July? January
K. Kids? none
L. Life isn't complete without? money
M. Marriage date? single, so how would there be a marriage date?
N. Number of magazine subscriptions? none, buy off the shelves
O. Oranges or apples? apples
P. Phobias? alone
Q. Quotes? "there is always sadness, in order for you to feel true happiness"
R. Reasons to smile? to cheer others
S. Season of choice? love all seasons
T. Tag 10 people. Lek Wei, Wei Khean, Cindy, Kelly, Spiff, Keith, Anny, Yumi,
Marzie & Nihcia
U. Unknown fact about me? yet to find out
V. Vegetable? love them all
W. Worst habit? curse too much when driving
X. X-ray or ultrasound? x-ray
Y. Your favorite foods? anything edible
Z. Zodiac sign? pisces

I've been tagged again by Yoon See on Nov. 24, 2008

The age you'll be on your next birthday 34
Place you want to travel to Japan & Europe
Your favorite place aesthetic places
Your favorite food practically anything edible
Your favorite pet my dog and cats
Favorite color combination blue and black
Favorite piece of clothing smart casual
Your all time favorite song have you ever by brandy
Favorite TV shows one million star (taiwan program) and Heros
First name of your significant other/crush none
Which town do you live in Petaling Jaya
Your screen name/nickname ken
Your first job cashier, cook & waiter at white castle when I was in form 3
Your dream job to own a chain of F&B outlet
One bad habit that you have can't live without internet
Worst fear die before my dreams been lived
Things you'd like to do before you die traveled the world
The 1st thing you'll buy if you get $1,000,000 properties, properties, properties

On the same day Cindy, tagged me with another sets of Q&A
He/she have to come up with 7 interesting or random facts about them self and then tag 7 other people to do the same.

1. very impatient on the road and curse too much.

2. love to listen to music and sing along to it.
3. love to mingle around
4. love to cook for friends when i'm in the mood for cooking
5. love to talk and of course a good listener too
6. love going through books and internet for ideas
7. love anything that is interesting and beautiful

Tag 7 Friends: Lek Wei, Wei Khean, Emila, Kelly, Keith, Anny, & Yumi

here is the set of rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post the rules
2. Post 7 random facts about yourself
3. Tag 7 friends at the end of your post and link to them
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Self Praise Is No Praise

I wonder do you have such people in your life. I'm sure these kind of people do come around and they never die off. But how do you actually handle these kind of people?

I came across this kind of people recently and I seriously don't know how to handle it and it makes me feel irritated by every word that comes out of his mouth and makes me think very shallow of him. Everybody has their own story of success and fame, but it is only temporary unless you are some superstar. How could one actually talk about the same story over and over again on how much he is being paid for a job and anything less, he would take it. Seriously such opportunity does not come that often. Once you get a high paying job does not mean you will always get something similar or higher the next time. But yet he could actually boast about it over and over again just of that one job.

How do you actually consider as beautiful or handsome? The world actually has a standard for it, when everyone agrees on the same thing means it is true. So when a nice photograph is being taking and no doubt about it the main talent was actually a bit fat to the "world standard" but some how the main talent could not accept the fact that he is fat. He would deny the fact he is fat and says that he has trained very hard and the muscle is very define. Somehow I just wonder why would one be so proud of himself and denies what the world sees.

Now all I can do is to sit there and listen to him boast how good he is, how well he did. But at times I just could not take it and I just walk away or even show my face of dissatisfaction. Sometimes I just feel like telling him off. But the best part is, he can't even take people's comment about him and he totally thinks we are wrong. ~sign~ can't be help but to stay away from him.

The Awarding Continues.

I received this Arte Y Pico in three different occasion. November, 18 2008 from Yoon See (Greener Pasture-Pinnacles and crowns...), November, 21 2008 from Emila (Emila Illustrated Blog-Awards for me and you too), November, 22 2008 from Cindy (Cindy's Crafty Bites-First Award-"Arte Y Pico"). It seems like this award comes with a bunch of rule with it, and now I present you the rules for Arte Y Pico Award listed as below:-

1. Show the award.
2. The name of the person who gave it to you and a link back to their blog.
3. Pick 5 blogs you think deserve this award for: creativity, design, interesting material and their contribution/participation to the blog community.
4. List the author's name and link to their blog.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those their selected. Link back to the original Arte Y Pico blog, so all will know the origin of the award.

Now I'm passing this awared to Lek Wei (Mytery Zone) - for trying very his best to blog
Wei Khean (Life A Series of Fireworks) - for updating us about his working life in Bangkok and Thailand itself.
Anny (All I Wanna Do Is P...) - for being such great animal lover.
Nessa (Mumblings) - for updating me with some of the TV program as I hardly watch TV nowadays. 豪少 (豪の心乐园) - I like the way he express himself.

And this I love your blog was given to me by Emila (Emila Illustrated Blog) on November, 21 2008, shared among the people in her blogroll. Then again this award comes with its own set of rules as listed below :-

1. The nominated is allowed to put the picture on their blogs.
2. Link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate seven other people and link to them.
4. Leave a message on those people’s blog to make them aware that they’re nominated.

Now I'm passing this awared to

Lek Wei (Mytery Zone) - for trying very his best to blog
Wei Khean (Life A Series of Fireworks) - for updating us about his working life in Bangkok and Thailand itself.
Anny (All I Wanna Do Is P...) - for being such great animal lover.
Nessa (Mumblings) - for updating me with some of the TV program as I hardly watch TV nowadays.
豪少 (豪の心乐园) - I like the way he express himself.
Phirence (废人滩) - I like the way he writes with deep thoughts and meaning at times.
Yoon See (Greener Pasture) - for her wonderful spirit towards life and work.

Lastly I've create this awards just for my three lovely bloggers that I think, their love for art is never ending. Emila, Yoon See & Cindy. All three of them have their own styles and ways in the world of art that makes this world more cheerful with colours and beautiful images and crafts.

I also have my very simple set of rules ;)

1. Show the award in your blog.
2. Link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate three(3) other artistic people and link to them.
4. Leave a message on their blog to make them aware that they’ve being nominated.

Christmas Comes Early

This present is going to be on its way to Emila Yusof (Emila's Illustrated Blog) on Monday. It is a token of appreciation and thank you gift for helping me to put together my entirely new blog layout and design. Without her help, all my design would not come to life.

I wanted to thank her a long time, but was thinking what to give her as present? Finally, I did something for her and hope she likes it.

Besides that, remember I did mention that I'm going to have a giveaway contest in December since it's Christmas month. All I can say I'm in the process preparing the gift and the contest criteria. Stay tune for more info about the contest. Just one tip to get you started, the contest is only for bloggers and if you are not one now, get started!

High End Crates for Pets

Travel Dog's House

Here are some of the better crates compare to the earlier post which Spiff, The Spaceman says it looks like tudung saji (cover for food). Now what you see here are definitely crates that are probably the Louis Vuitton status compare to the bird cage like crates. Any rich dog lovers might just get one of these crates for their lovely, adorable pets. At times I just wish I'm the pet to these rich owners, their lives are like princes and princesses.

Good Life

Transparent Dog's House

Temple Dog's House

Nomad Dog's House

Doooog's House

To find out more about these high end crates, can take a look at them at Dog is a god.

Pack Of Stray Dogs

It just happen in the wee hours in the morning about 1am as I was watching One Million Star, the singing competition. I suddenly heard dogs barking and like fighting just right behind my house. I quickly went to the back of my house and open the wooden back door and saw a bunch of dogs were actually got my cat cornered. I was shouting to chase away the dogs while I open the door. Lucky the dogs ran away after I went out. Then I saw my cat come to me unharmed, thank goodness he is OK.

At times, I wonder where these pack of stray dogs came from, last time when I use to stay upstairs and I witness this incident that these pack of dogs actually attack the cute little bunnies that my cousin rare in the garden. When I look down from the balcony and one of the dogs actually look at me with a fierce looking scary eyes. I would still remember the image and it is almost evil like stare, that really send chill to my bone. Ever since then I actually had some phobia approaching a pack of dogs. You will never know that they might just attack you too.

These pack of stray dogs just come and go, untraceable. Have you ever wonder, where would their hide out be? Dogs are cute but not when you see a pack of ferocious dogs, that is an ugly site almost evil to me. They just attack whatever that comes in their way be it dogs, cat or probably people, how scary.

Thank goodness Grey were unharm.

Crate For Your Pet

As usual, surf the net for ideas and information and I came across this uniquely wonderful crate for your pet. To all animal lovers you can visit this site call GO!PETDESIGN. There are a list of products that they sell from crates to beds to toys and other accessories. There is not much choice in each categories though but I think the products are in good enough for your pet. There is even a column that help you to train your dog to use the crate, I find it quite useful.

This crate comes in five different colours, black, white, silver, bronze and gold. So far this is the only crate on sale and hopefully in near future there will be more products to be introduce. So that all the animal lovers could enjoy it as much as their pets.

There is one more thing I like about the website, is the main page with a cute puppy keep staring at the crate that he wanted so much. Check it out yourself!

this cute puppy actually moves

Vitas vs Crowd Lu

As I mention earlier in my post on Crowd Lu Guang Zhong [盧廣仲] is the Taiwanese version Vitas. I wonder how many of you have heard of Vitas, and who is Vitas? Just a brief introduction of Vitas

Vitas was born Vitaliy Vladasovich Grachov on February 19, 1981 in Latvia. He first appeared in Russia in December 2000 with his hit Opera #2, which was notable for use of Vitas' surprisingly high-pitched and energetic countertenor voice.

Somehow his type of music don't really appeal to me, not that it is bad just not my cup of tea I guess. Somehow it just release certain aura that I don't feel easy with when listening to his songs, that is just my personal opinion.

There is the MV of Vitas singing Opera 2 and of course the imitator Crowd Lu Guang Zhong [盧廣仲] singing his version of Opera 2. Hope their singing did not shattered any glasses when you are watching their MV.


Raining Cats and Dogs

It has been raining cats and dogs recently, and for the past few days I heard kitten keep meowing away. I was searching for it and trying to find out where it came from, I was keep looking on the ground and to my surprise the kitten were in my neighbor's awning. First attempt to get it down failed. As the awning stretches quite far apart, as I were to stand at one end the kitten will run to the other end. After that I had things to do and left and settle my things but I've not stop thinking how to get the kitten down from the awning.

Finally, the only way to get the kitten down is to push it down as it is impossible to catch it, since I thought cats have nine (9) lives. But of course I would have a basket below it to catch the kitten with a net basket. After my first attempt it was raining cats and dogs, the poor kitten were all wet on top of the awning and no where to hide. First thing in the morning I look the ladder to my neighbor's house and set it in the middle of the awning and start trapping the kitten to either end and finally push it of the edge while my dad will wait with the basket to catch the kitten. Yay! It was a success and the cat flee the scene in split seconds.

This is one of the stray cats that always come to my house when meal is served. This is my favorite as he always follow me and always around the back alley. We call him Grey as his fur is grey in color. We don't really name the cats as they always come and go and there are too many to be named. We just give nick like, Black & White, Big Eyes, Ms Noisy, Blackie & Sick. Name them by their characteristic. My parents are so free to buy fishes and fried for them to eat, where I just feed them cat biskuit, fast and clean.

My dog, Jojo. Cute but ferocious, always warn my friend not to touch him even though he looks cute and small. He has been with us for about 10 years, getting fat, old and clumsy but yet still so ferocious but whenever raining especially when there is lighting, he will run for his live to hide. No matter how to call he will just hide there and not move a single muscle in his body. And somehow my dog has this little cat character in him, he likes to rub his body against your legs just like the cat. I wonder why?

Yay! Additional members to my brother's family, Simba & Lola, both Cocker Spaniel. They were here since last week and I did not have time to pay them a visit as I was busy with my work besides that I only visit them when my brother and wife are not around. By the way, my brother just live upstairs from my parents house.

Both are still very young (4 months old) and very playful, always left alone when my brother and wife goes to work and that is the time I'll pay them a visit and play with them for awhile.

24 Festive Chinese Drum (二十四节令鼓)

It was as early as 630 I left home to pick up a friend from Kelana Jaya LRT station and meet up three more of my students at their rented home. That was not all of it, I've to reach Klang and meet up another five more of my students to go for this Chinese Drum session.

How this came about? One of my students actually asked whether anyone interested in playing the Chinese Drum, and there is Chinese Drum Society in Klang is giving a free session on how to play the Chinese Drum and after the session each one will be presented with a certificate. A few of us are interested and I think it's a good experience too, why not? By the way some Chinese Society and Rakan Muda is the main organiser for this curriculum.

OK, back to the drum session. It is suppose to start by 0830, as usual the Malaysian timing 0900 finally it begins with a warm up. After warming, finally the lesson begins with a short introduction of the crew member and the drum. The drump is made from buffalo skin and every part of the drum produce different kind of sound, from the dried stretch outer skin, to the pinned area, to the outer drum and finally the center of the drum. All gives out different sound effect.

We learned a few different types of drum beat, unfortunately the instructor speaks mandarin and some of the words I don't quite get it. All I remember was the beat and of course every different beat has a name to it. It is really interesting how one simple drum like that could produce infinity beats. The lesson ends with a big at about 1230, because the final performance is by our sensei (master), the three young boys. They are probably in their early teens, very talented.

After all the practice, lunch is serve. It is about time because I think my stomach is making more noise then the drum. As we did not take our breakfast because it was too early for us to take our breakfast. It was just a simple McD set for lunch, but when you are hungry, anything goes. As you can below are a bunch of my students from different semester and one of my friend, Lek Wei another blogger. (I wonder what is he going to blog about this experience)

Since we are in Klang, one thing is on our mind, Bak Kut Teh! Since it is famous in Klang why not make a trip to the restaurant for a Bak Kut Teh. But it was really nothing to shout about, the only thing that was nice is the dried Bak Kut Teh, others were just "so so" only. We already got what we wanted, it is time to go home. I'm sure everyone were so tired after the morning session of four (4) hours of Chinese Drum session.

It was really a great experience for me to share it amoung my friend and students. You guys are the best!!! Hugs & Kisses for all of you!

Rest In Peace Ivy Lee (黎礎寧)

Friday, November 2008: 黎礎寧 a.k.a Ivy Lee second runner up for One Million Star Season 3 has committed suicide. The reason for doing so? LOVE. It is really a waste that Ivy has chose to end her life in such manner. During the whole One Million Star Season 3 she was one of the participant that I loved besides the winner and 1st runner up.

It seems like her album will be launch next year, but I guess she won't be able to see how well her album did.

Why do LOVE has such powerful influence in everyone of us. LOVE causes all kinds of emotions and actions that we take, be it consciously or unconsciously. LOVE can just over take every part of our body and do crazy things, and seems like LOVE has a brain by itself.

Love gives,
Love takes.
Love is everything,
That always leave us to think.

I'm going to leave you with one of her best performance in One Million Star, singing Christina Aguilera - Save Me From Myself.

The Sound of Music

Music has always been in and around our lives, whether we are happy or sad we still listen to music to keep us company. Finally I've started to sort out my thousands over mp3s into folders by artiste and albums. I use to have them jumble up in one folder but as my mp3s grow, I need to sort them out if not I could not locate specific mp3 I wanted. All the small images you see are the album covers for my mp3s and these are only just half of them only, I could not imagine if I were to put all of them up.

Music seems to be in everyone lives, I listen to them when I'm alone doing my work or even when I'm driving from one place to another. Music makes me happy and at times music makes me cry hard when something happens. Music does bring back certain memories from the past be it good or bad.

The only memorable memory I had related to music was the movie The Sound of Music. I love that movie so much that I would not get bored watching it a few times. One fine day when I was about 11 years old, as I was crossing the road to go and rent my favorite movie The Sound of Music, I got hit by a car and ended up flying 8 shop-houses away. With God's grace I'm still alive with only few scratches at my knees, toe and eye brow. When for x-ray, no bones were broken and no fracture too. Up till now, I still love watching The Sound of Music.

Crowd Lu Guang Zhong [盧廣仲]

What is your first impression when you look at the picture? A nerd? That would be my answer. But to my surprise, he is one of those singer songwriter which is quite well known in his homeland, Taiwan. He is Crowd Lu Guang Zhong 盧廣仲, despite his unique look, he seriously can sing.

How I know about him? Through a friend who seems to have common interest in watching One Million Stars, a singing competition in Taiwan and it is as famous as American Idols, with a panel of judges who gives constructive comments to the participants on how to improve their singing skills.

Crowd Lu Guang Zhong 盧廣仲 appear in One Million Stars (season 3) as special guest appearance to sing with one of the participant. Just so happen I lost one of the episode and that was the episode he appear. Just recently my friend Lek Wei introduce Crowd Lu Guang Zhong 盧廣仲 to me and you can drop by his blog and watch another MV called 100 Types Of Activities.

Lets enjoy his MV called I Want To Spend Extravagantly

盧廣仲 - 好想要揮霍

Malaysian Timing

Living as Malaysian has always been my pleasure but having to tolerate Malaysian timing is always a big NO! Up till now, I've always try to make it on time or early for every appointment be it friends, colleagues or clients.

After so many years, there are times that I'm totally use to waiting, but there are times I'm totally irritated by it. Of course, I don't claim that I'm always perfect on time or even early. But as a responsible person, I would contact the person who I'm suppose to meet that I would be late and for how long it would take me to reach. I know how it feels to wait and wait and not knowing what to do during the time while waiting. At least inform the person how long it takes, so that he/she would find other things to do while waiting, this is just simple ethic that one should know.

I serious wonder what happen to this simple ethic among us, it seems like it has totally vanish from their daily lives. There was once, I went for an interview and I waited more then half an hour for the interview, in the end I left the place without an interview. Reason I left was, firstly they don't respect me as a person, second is that the interviewer saw me sitting there waiting but he went out to smoke with his colleagues knowing he is already late for the interview. I don't wish to work for a company that don't have simple ethics to just apologize for being late and inform me how long more I will have to wait. I even went there early to fill in the forms and yet he don't show any respect for me.

6 Months Ago

Has everyone forgotten what happen 6 months ago?

The Awakening

The Awakening - Realization to our Fullest Potential was the name given for their performance in Malaysia, as it is Thousand Handed Goddess of Mercy in China and other places. By the time I realize about the performance it is already too late, as they performed on the 8th and 9th of November at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center with the affordable price ticket selling at RM20 by the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe. Proceeds from the ticket sales will go to support the three community centres of the Amriteswari Foundation of Malaysia in Puchong, Semenyih and Penang as well as for further construction and facilities.

Have you wonder why they are called the China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe? For your information, all the performer are deaf and mute yet they can move so gracefully in accordance with the music. They also performed at the Paralympics Beijing 2008 opening.

To me these performer have such strong will power, with their imperfection yet they never give up with what they believe in and pursuit with sheer determination. Tai Lihua, the lead performer was a normal child but when aged 2 she had fever and lost her ability to hear, at the tender age of 7 she was introduced to performing art and fell in love with and never give up pursuing her dreams.

With sheer determination and will power, anything is possible. Hope you enjoy the video.

Wonderful Hands

This is such a wonderful commercial, it shows how amazing things can be done with just our hands to create amazing shadow play. You might think this is probably some computer graphic effect, but let me tell you, it is possible to be done. as I will be leaving you another video on how the shadow play is being done live. Hope you enjoy these video as much as I did.

Ads That Goes Wrong

While driving, I always take some time to look at some billboard ads, as they are so big that it really catch your attention. Some ads are really worth giving praise and some I wonder why it made it through and out on these big billboards.

There is this ads from Kurnia at the Damansara interchange, it is quite contradiction to me as you can see the big text that reads "Jangan SMS ketika memandu" which mean "Do not SMS while driving" in English. But if you look in detail, the mother and child are busy talking as well. Then why not put "Jangan bersembang bila melalu lintas" which means "Do not busy chatting away while crossing" in English. I'm sure they can produce better ads then an ad that contradict each other.

Sometimes I found these ads entertaining as it really didn't bring out the meaning it meant to be. As I remembered there was a printer ads at the Kerinchi flyover along Federal Highway. The use of language are so good, with a big slogan that reads "Pencetakkan tanpa jam". At times I wonder is that in English or Malay? If you were to fully read it in Malays, it is suppose to be "Printing without clock". The word "jam" in Malay language means "clock", but they mixed up all the language in the ads and I find it hilarious and totally unprofessional as an Advertising company.

I'll share more funny ads if I find any, and probably list them down to the "Hall of Lame".

Domo Arigato (Thank You Very Much)

Just recently I receive another award, "I Wuv Your Blog" and this time is from another blogger friend Yoon See. As you can find her link under my Artistic Thread.

And now I guess it is about time for me to return something back to my fellow bloggers which I known them randomly through blogging and of course to my friends as well. I've taken some time off to design something specially for you, with my initial KO - Ken Ong/Knock Out.

And now I'm presenting this award to:
Emila (Emila Illustrated Blog) - thank you for everything
Yoon See (Greener Pasture) - thank you for your comments
Mariuca a.k.a Marzie (Wishing On A Falling Star) - thank you for making me laugh @ Emila's blog
Nessa (Mumblings) - thank you for ......just being around :)
Anny (all i wanna do is p...) - thank you for all the nice pix and info about animals
Wei Khean (Life Is A Series of Fireworks) - thank you for being a faithful fan
Lek Wei (Mystery Zone) - thank you for being another faithful fan too
last but not least my buddy Phirence (废人· 滩) - thank you for the good and bad times togather
And of course I would like to thank all my students who has been dropping by, you know who you are and your comments are much appreciated and it gives me more reason to post more things for your reading pleasure.

Altering Fate

Both my friend and I had nothing to do after lunch, so we decided to catch a movie called "The Coffin". The reason for watching it because my friend wanted to see Karen Mok as she is one of the main actress in this Thailand horror movie.

Basically the story is about how you can change your fate by lying in the coffin and some ritual will be perform to it. Once the ritual is done, all bad curse bad will be removed but somehow it will transfer to the one that is close to your heart, family members or loved ones, and these people will eventually haunt you. The cycle of life has been interrupted, in order to restore the circle of life, one has to undo the ritual again.

To be frank, this is one of those not so scary ghost story I have watched so far compare to other great ghost movie from Thailand. But what really caught my attention was, would you actually do anything to alter your fate, to cheat death? God already has a plan for everyone of us, by altering your fate will it alter everything in your life as well? What are the circumstances that we have to face after the alteration? Are we ready to face the challenges that comes our way?


As I as searching for ideas and inspiration on my blog make over, I came across this website call Royal Design Studio that actually gives a very detail information about stencil from A-Z. Images to look at, how to stencil and free stencil template as well. It takes a lot of patient to do a very nice stencil. Hope that this site do help you understand more about stencil and built some interest in doing your own stencil.

Have fun with the website and creating your own stencils.


All the dress shown are by Keith Kee Couture

This is one of the biggest fashion show I am involved in so far and it is for Style Wedding, Glamour Bash which involve our very talented local Couture & Wedding dress Designers
Keith Kee and Carven Ong. I'm very honoured that I'm a part of this wonderful event.

The day starts as early as 8am but I was early as I don't like people to wait for me. While I sat at the Mahkota Ballroom, Istana Hotel the beautiful models slowly show up. Once my employer, Mr. Benjamin Toong from Runway Productions show up, the work begins.

The models rehearse one round on the stage with the music as I make sure the models where in queue who is suppose to be out next. Once the practice is done, break time for the models to have their breakfast while waiting for the hair dresser and make up artist to show up. I'll make sure all the models are ready to get their hair and make up done and know where all the models would be.

As the time draw closer, I get more nervous as I did not do a good job in the previous fashion shows. Since this is a much bigger event, it is nerve wracking for me. As the emcee starts to announce "Let the show begins" all I got to do is concentrate and listen for the queue. Somehow the walkie-talkie between me and my boss has problem, there were some hick-ups. But overall the show went well, nothing major mistake except for one part where the models went out without the music.

This is actually another life experience for me that I would never dreamt that I would be involved in the fashion industry. Thank you Benjamin Toong from Runway Productions for giving such great opportunity.

All you beautiful people out there, be it pretty girls or handsome guys, if you're interested to be in the fashion industry or appear in some print ads or TV commercial (tvc) and of course, for those of you who need models and talents please contact as shown below.

Benjamin Toong
tel: 012 4830 677

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