To some people this is a special day but not for me. To me it's just another ordinary day which too many things has happen in the past and fall so hard on my faca and got back up and live my ordinary life. Through out this process I've lost some and gain some. I've gain a lot of experience and how to live my life to the fullest and do not act foolishly and I've lost a dear friend who's close to my heart. That's the greatest regret up to date. I wish that things were better and I wish I could turn back time, but that's impossible I guess there's nobody in this world could do such a thing and only God knows.

Now I'm happy yet still sad over losing this close friend of mine, yet I need to be strong and tell my friend that no matter how, I'm still going to stand strong and not be bother over this matter. I guess there are just too many misunderstood between the both of us and there are still a lot of loose end. I wish that one day all the loose end meets and problems solve. By the looks of it, I guess it's impossible as I'm trying very hard to get in contact but it seems impossible. I'm still praying these day would come and the bright sunlight at this end of the long dark tunnel would been seen.

I guess through this experience I've changed a lot, if not I would still be bitter about the experience and doing silly things. But yet I'm not, I just live my life as it is and slowly picking up pieces that I've lost along the way. It's a long and hard process and I'm totally not complaining about it as I just don't want to lose this friend over matters that are not solve. I totally find it not fair to me and I've been left in the dark not knowing what I did wrong to deserve it. Yet I'm looking at the brighter side to be patiently waiting that one fine day the answers would come, though it's impossible, I'm not giving up that easily. I do hope that next time when I look back and I've no regret about it and problems solve.

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