worst day of the week. WEDNESDAY

It's another day and yet my work is still not done. The best part was I actually felt asleep until this morning. Friends laugh at me for still staying in this company knowing that I'm those who can't stay long in a company especially those who don't treat their staff well. My friend thought that they might have poison me or cast a spell on me cause I've been working late and work during weekends and yet have not heard any complains about it.

Deep in my mind I've wanted to leave this place when I found out that I need to work on Saturday and yet almost full day. But then after staying I knew all these new colleague who eventually become friends and the thought of leaving just disappear. Somehow the thought resurface again just few weeks back and since yesterday incident the more so I wanted to leave. After talking to most of my friends. I guess in this line of work that I'm it we're always in the losing end and the employer always win. I'm just sad that I've not taken up something that's money making instead of my interest. Nowadays I keep advice my young friends, doing something you like wouldn't get you anyway but do something that makes money will get you somewhere you want in the future. Make your choice right!!! The choice is always in our hand. I think I better go and prepare myself for work another day has begun and another rushing day that I've to go thru.

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