This is no ordinary gathering and I'm sure it is going to hit the 7pm news on TV today and the news stand for tomorrow papers. It is the HINDRAF (Hindu Rights Action Force) gathered right outside the DAP office right in the neighborhood.

I don't really blog anything political and just just leave you with some of the photos of the gathering which brings even the police force are here. I guess I am faster then the 7pm news......

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Getting Closer

The day of my long awaited online store is almost complete and will be launching very soon. My friends and I have put a lot of time and afford into this project to make it come true and now the fruit of our labor is almost complete. And be sure to drop by and see what we have for everyone.
By the way, check in tomorrow for I will be having a contest, for more details. Stay tune....

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We Are The World

we are the world dollies

Blog Widget by LinkWithinA blogger friend started this We Are The World tag when she came across this game to name the original artistes who sang the song We Are The World. Sorry to say I was kind of young to remember the names of the artistes so I will leave it to those who are good at it by click here to play there game.
And with the game, she was inspired to gather as many bloggers as possible into a single list and not I'm taking my part.

*Start Copy Here*

You do not have to be tagged to play along. The game is simply and so are the rules.

1. Copy from *Start Copy Here* through *End Copy Here*
2. Add your site(s) to the list. Just be sure to post at each site you add.
3. Tag as many bloggers as you like so the list keeps on growing.
4 Let me know your blog's name and url by leaving me a comment HERE. I will add you to the master list
5. Come back and copy the master list back to your site often. This process wil allow late-comers to get as much link benefit as the first ones in.

We Are The World Bloggers Master List:
1. Emila Yusof 2. The Other Side of Emila 3. Mariuca 4. Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery 5. Meow Diaries 11. Unlisted One 7. Spiff, the Spaceman 8. My Sweet Escape 9. Nota Nurul 10. Life’s Tapestry 11. Spontaneous Insignificancy 12. LadyJava 13. Miss Igorota 14. AnnyBoo 15. Yoon See 16. Jia’s Life 17. Nessa’s Mumblings 18. Also Mommy 19. The Walk of Life 20.Pretty Firefly 21. Untouchable EARTH 22. Baterya 23. Comedy Plus 24. Bain Cardin 25. Strawberry Milkshake 26. Turn-U-Off 27. Jom Heboh Di Sini 28. Notes by Marvic 29. Memoir Mez30.Origena 31.Walking Newspaper 32. Nurul Aqilah 33. Bluedreamer 34. Breaking the Boundaries 35. Life According to Me 36. A Great Pleasure 37. Time Goes By 38. Kancing itu Butang 39. In my Kitchen 41. Fyzal’s Territory 40. Wiggy’s World 40. A Simple Life 41. A Taxi Ride 42. Single Life of Me 43. Little Bits of Info 44. Ode to Adrienne 45. KMP 46. Mommy’s Little Corner 47. Wondermom 48. Tom’s Place 4 Well Whatever 49. Empty Streets 50.You’re next!

*End Copy Here*

I Need A Home

The day after my Bangkok trip, early morning my mom came back after her morning walk with the neighboring housewives and says there is a kitten in the drain. So i followed her to see the kitten and to my surprise the little kitten is still alive in the wet drain and I seriously don't know how it got there as the location of the kitten is quite hard to reach and besides that the water would have drown the kitten before it reach that part of the drain.
My mom holding a stick and I was holding a dust pan, as my mom try to push the kitten to the dust pan and I am suppose to catch it before it fall to to the deeper part of the drain. Thank goodness it did not took us long to rescue the kitten and brought it back to clean and feed the kitten. The kitten where so small, about the size of my 2 palm put togather and before I could post it up here to ask for adoption my dad actually give it to a part-time cleaner who wanted the kitten.
All I can hope for now is, hope the little kitten have a good live. So anyone wanted cats or kitten please do let me know, at least next time when there is kitten I know who to look for before we crack our head how to handle the kitten.

Michael Jackson Is Dead, His Music Live.

OK I think it is the most talk about news this year and probably as much talked about as 911 incident, back in 2001 is the death of a King, Icon, Legend and some even call him god, Michael Jackson. Since now the wave of MJ is on the rise, I'm going to leave you a link to download his Michael Jackson The Ultimate Collection comes in 4 disc.

Disk 1
01. I Want You Back
02. ABC
03. I'll Be There
04. Got To Be There
05. I Want To Be Where You Are
06. Ben
07. Dancing Machine (Single Version)
08. Enjoy Yourself
09. Ease On Down The Road
10. You Cant Win
11. Shake A Body
12. Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)(Single Edit)
13. Dont Stop Til You Get Enough
14. Rock With You
15. Off The Wall
16. She's Out Of My Life
17. Sunset Drive (Demo Version)
18. Lovely One
19. This Place Hotel

click here to download

Disk 2
01. Wanna Be Startin Something
02. The Girl Is Mine
03. Thriller
04. Beat It
05. Billie Jean
06. P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)(Demo Version)
07. Someone In The Dark
08. State Of Shock
09. Scared Of The Moon (Demo Version)
10. We Are The World (Demo Version)
11. We Are Here To Change The World (Demo Version)

click here to download

Disk 3
01. Bad
02. The Way You Make Me Feel
03. Man In The Mirror
04. I Just Cant Stop Loving You
05. Dirty Diana
06. Smooth Criminal
07. Cheater (Demo Version)
08. Dangerous
09. Monkey Business
10. Jam
11. Remember The Time
12. Black Or White
13. Who Is It
14. Someone Put Your Hand Out

click here to download

Disk 4
01. You Are Not Alone
02. Stranger In Moscow
03. Childhood
04. On The Line
05. Blood On The Dance Floor
06. Fall Again (Demo Version)
07. In The Back
08. Unbreakable
09. You Rock My World
10. Butterflies
11. Beautiful Girl (Demo Version)
12. The Way You Love Me
13. We've Had Enough

click here to download

(note: I don't know how long these songs are going to be available for download from the link, so far disc 1 and 4 still able to download)

Text To Speech....

Need a translator? I found one that is good enough for me. As most of you know I do speaks Mandarin but somehow I don't read and write them, so it is quite troublesome for me to read chinese blogs as I only know a handful of chinese words and that is all.

If possible, I do not want to trouble my friends to read it out for me, as I know sometimes it is quite annoying. And finally I found something that helps me to read all the chinese blogs for me, it is call "Text To Speech" and all you got to do is cut paste the words into the box and select the language to be read. It is as simple as ABC, but bear in mind that it is a computer reading it, so don't expect it to be read like normal human being.
This amazing website reads in few languagues like English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. Besides that, it also help to translate any languague to type to any language you want. But how accurate is it? Not so because it seems to direct translate what you type to other language and it sounds weird after translate to other language and the meaning totally different.

Tag Dalam Bahasa Melayu

Baru balik dari Bangkok dah kena tag dari Khemy, yang bagus sekali yalah...pertama kali aku kena tag dalam Bahasa Melayu...biar aku cuba bahasa Melayu aku ada basi ke tak...
  1. Bekas kekasih saya adalah: tak ado
  2. Saya tengah mendengar: kesunyian
  3. Mungkin saya patut: tidur
  4. Saya suka: barang yang cantik
  5. Sahabat-sahabat baik saya: melambak tapi ada siapo yang ado hati tak tau la
  6. Saya tak paham: buat apo sampoi sekarang pun tak dapat kerja
  7. Saya kehilangan: kerja
  8. Ramai yang berkata: lepas hujan datanglah matahari...tapi sekarang awan banyak matahari pun hilang.
  9. Makna nama saya: ken = can = boleh
  10. Cinta itu adalah: satu keseksaan (if there is such word, I wonder)
  11. Di suatu tempat, seseorang sedang: manalah I tau apo dia sedang buat?
  12. Saya akan cuba: dapat kerja sebelum akhir bulan ni.
  13. Ayah SELAMANYA membawa maksud: tunggu sahaja lah.
  14. Telefon bimbit saya: Sony Ericsson
  15. Bila saya terjaga dari tidur: tidur balik la..
  16. Saya paling meluat apabila: orang yang suka "gossip" belakang kau.
  17. Pesta/parti adalah: sesuatu dah lama menjauhi dari saya.
  18. Haiwan yang paling comel yang saya pernah temui ialah: ala...semua anak kucing dan anak anjing pun comel la...
  19. Peringat umar yang paling menyeronokkan bagi saya ialah: sekarang kut.
  20. Hari ini: bosan
  21. Malam ini saya akan: tidurlah apo lagi?
  22. Esok pula saya akan: tak tau lagi...esok baru tengok nak buat apo.
  23. Saya betul-betul inginkan: duit banyak-banyak...melambak...
  24. Ketika anda lihat wajah anda di hadapan cermin pagi ini: aku perlu botox!
  25. Pusat membeli-belah atau arked permainan: dua-dua pun nak, boleh?
  26. Makanan Barat atau Jepun: semua pun gasak.
  27. Bilik yang terang atau gelap: tengok la masa and buat apo......
  28. Makanan segera adalah: untuk dimakan segera?
  29. Ayat terakhir yang anda katakan pada seseorang? bye bye
Tag 2
  1. Apakah perasaan anda sekarang? Ada sikit suka hati ada juga susah hati
  2. Saya nak makan? Baru je makan nasi lemak kat mamak
  3. Saya tak suka? Kena tipu dari kawan karib
  4. Impian saya? Jadi orang kaya...ha...
  5. Haiwan yang saya tak suka? Manusia...boleh tak?
  6. Saya harapkan? saya dapat kerja dengan cepat. kocek dah kering kontang
  7. Jika boleh putarkan masa? jangan ambil kad kredit...jahanam sekarang... =(
  8. Saya pada 10 tahun yang akan datang? jelas semua hutang aku.
  9. Handphone saya adalah sebuah? alat komunikasi la apo lagi.
  10. Saya pernah bercinta sebanyak? 2 atau tak de...dah lupa.
  11. Kawan-kawan saya? ada yang gila, ada yang baik, ada yang diam, semua jenis pun ada la.
  12. Pernah dikhianati? Siapo tak pernah?
  13. Apa yang hendak anda lakukan terhadap orang yang mengkhianati anda? Apo pun tak nak buat...Tuhan akan lakukan...jimat tenaga....
  14. Siapa yang anda nak Tag? Orang Angkasa (spiff), Nessa & Diya
Akhirnya dah habis, puas aku buat tag ni. Satu hari nak buat tag ni...susah betul...

Unforgetable Bangkok Trip

Yes, I'm back from Bangkok, Thailand. It was a great trip, tired but it is totally worth it. This was my third time to Bangkok and it still quite new to me simply because, my first trip was in 2006 with my mom to visit my brother and wife in Bangkok. Over, my brother and wife are tour guide and just follow wherever they bring.
My second trip was with a bunch of close friends from Singapore and Malaysia and they have been there many times so again, just follow the group and didn't really observe the directions and finally this time and a tour guide to my friend. Holding the map and walk around town to find back the places I have been to and bring my friend to shop as well, it was totally a whole new experience.
I guess now, I'm quite well verse with the Bangkok town, so anyone need a tour guide and don't mind paying for my flight ticket, can always leave me a note. ~LOL~
Leave you with some of the photos I have taken from this trip.

Business & Leisure Trip....

OK, by the time this post being release, I am on my way to Bangkok for business and leisure trip. I'll be back very soon to update my blog, just to keep you update a little more on my online store Living Tapestry with some image of what I have taken last weekend.

Stay tune for more......

Uplifting Award

Just found out that I got an award when I was MIA-ing. The award was given to me by Yoon See, and to my surprise there is no rules that comes with the award and I can give it to as many people I wanted to or as few people I wanted to (this is what I like).

For this particular award I would like to pass it to Phirence ((废人· 滩)) my best buddy who has gone through a lot with me and probably I never express this to him, I always love reading his blog and the way he writes about life and how he express it in a different ways. Sometimes I do wish I could write like him but the only problem is I don't read and write chinese and I will have to get my personal helper to read it out for me.

Another person is Jimmie Leen, but unfortunely he actually stopped blogging and closed his blogs. He do writes in chinese too. I have no idea why, they can express it so well in chinese with those flowery words and makes you ponder about life.

Phirence and Jimmie this is for you both and please don't stop writing what your heart felt and I will always be your number one fan. I may not leave any comments but it does not mean I have not been there. It is all in my heart....


I have bought my tickets to Bangkok early this year with my buddy Lek Wei, primary to visit another buddy of mine, Phirence who is suppose to work there but ended up he is working back in Malaysia. What really concerns me is very obvious, influenza A(H1N1) that is happening globally and seems like Thailand's case of the pedemic has been increased. But I have been waiting for this trip for such a long long time and I don't wish it just goes down the drain just like that.
So, before my friend and I go travel, we have been checking out informations about it, whether it is save to travel and extra precaution
WHO (World Health Organisation) does gives a lot of information about this pedemic which I think it is useful for everyone and I do encourage that everyone should take a look and have a better idea on how to protect yourself against the pedemic. Of course there are a few questions that I need an answer and I found it in WHO website.
Is it safe to travel? So, what would your answer be? check out the answer here.
What can I do to protect myself from catching influenza A(H1N1)? click here to find out more and of course there are other Q&A which I think it is quite relevant and useful for us.
And you can download the Internation Health Regulations (2005) here. It comes in few languages so do check it out.
So, I will be away for the weekends and I need all your blessings and prayers for my friend, Lek Wei and I to be safe.
(ps. Lek Wei If you don't want to go and if there are too many people worried about you, you can tell me to cancel it and you know my answer.)

if only....

If only
I were younger.
If only
I were your lover.
If only
I could take care of you forever.
If only
I can be with you day and night.
If only

An Award

It has been a very long long time I received an award. And I seriouly totally forgotten and besides that I was not been blogging and active in blog hopping for awhile. I was rather busy and mostly lazy, just slack off with no ideas and inspiration to do it.
But this is the only successful thing I have done so far, blogging for 1 year non-stop, which I think it is an achievement. But of course I won't just settle for this only. There are more I would like to do.
Anyway really thank Marvic for giving me this first award after my MIA for days, weeks and months. Again like any other award, there are simple rules to it.

The rules to the award.
1. The winner can put the logo on his/her awesome blog
2. Link the person you received the award from
3. Nominate at least 7 others blogs
4. Put links on those blogs on your
5. Leave a message on the blogs of those you've nominated

So now I'm going to pass the awards to.

Lek Wei ((-Mystery Zone-))
Phirence ((废人· 滩))
Emila ((Emila Illustrated Blog))
Anny ((all i wanna do is p...))
Nessa ((Mumblings))
Yoon See ((Greener Pasture))
Cindy ((Cindy's Crafty Bites))

Morning Garden

Just borrowed a camera from Phirence and got up early while waiting for Lek Wei over for breakfast and work. While waiting, since there are so many things happening in the garden, so I took the camera to take some pictures while waiting.

I have this bunch of cats and kittens and dog in my garden and of course many many plants too. It is a jungle out there....LOL...

don't know what is it call but I know chinese people love them

nanas that bear fruit once a year

our national flower

my stray cat nick "PR" (permanent resident)

my dog Jojo

my stray cat nick "big eye"

"big eye" name yet

another "big eye" babies...also no name yet


Enough of broken heart
Keep getting hurt

Weak heart
Emotions falling apart
In pain

Living Tapestry

Here is something to expect from my online store, Living Tapestry which will try to open as soon as possible as the date has not been fix yet with my business partners. Minor adjustments and a few more things to settle before a full flesh store to open.

As the day is getting closer the more things needed to be done. Since is a small online store, everything seems to be done by ourself. Even the photo shoot of the products and some throw cushion in some room settings like the one I put up here. How I wish there is a profession photographer to do it and all I do is to direct and set up the place for photo shooting. But I guess for now it is impossible and testing my photography skills.

I do like taking pictures but not so pro which I am trying very hard to be one and hope to get those nice camera in the future. So please be patient with my online store which will be opening very soon and the date will be release stay tune...


SOHO (Small Office Home Office), that would be my working area in my own bedroom itself, it is kind of messy and it is really hard to maintain a bedroom and work area all nice and neat.
The past 6 months I spend most of my time here, work and sleep all in the same small room.  Thank goodness I am not claustrophobic if not I would probably gone insane. I practically eat, sleep, watch movie and work (sewing & on my laptop) all in this (9' -10" x 12' -4") room.  Lucky there is no pantry in my beedroom, if not probably I will even do my cooking here too...LOL..
I guess for the past few months I have been spending extra extra time in my bedroom be it work or sleep.  If I have an air-con in my bedroom probably I would stay in and not leave at all since the weather is freaking hot and hazy out there.
I wish I could have another room just for me to work and not in my bedroom where I can sleep comfortablely....

Zee Avi

Heard of this name, Zee Avi?  Yes or No, I guess it doesn't matter because now I am going to introduce her to you.  Don't really know much about her but it seems like she is a Malaysian and releasing her debut album in the United States of America.  I thought what so special about her, that she get to release album in the US and I did some digging in youtube and found some videos of her.
When she open her mouth to sing, she just took my breathe away, not much young people could sing like the way she does.  Listen to this first song call "kantoi" it may sound funny but the song has a funny lyrics and a catchy tune.  After that listen to the second MTV call "Bitter Heart" nice song.
To find out more about her you can go to her official website to find out more about and where is she doing to perform in the US.

Chilled Oreo Cheesecake

Two weeks ago I made an Oreo Cheesecake and it was not really that successful as it was too jelly like and way too small.  And I have decided to redo it change the recipe a bit here and there, and this time finally it look like an edible Chill Oreo Cheesecake.
Before I did this I did make another Baked Boston Cheesecake and I did not manage to take photos of it.  I guess I might just make it one more time just to take photos of it and of course enjoy the cheesecake as well.  Since I've not been working so I just stay at home and make dessert and who knows maybe in the future I will have a shop of my own selling desserts...LOL...
Anyway I am satisfied with this Chilled Oreo Cheesecake, will definitely do a much better one the next round as I still need to fine tune the recipe to make it taste the best.
Um....enjoying the cheesecake while I am blogging....and wondering what dessert to do next?  Some suggested brownies...but I feel like doing the carrot cake with the cream cheese topping...em..yummy..

Smile & Thank

Sometimes just a simple smile and a sincere "Thank You" would make the day seems right.  I am sure we pass through toll day in day out and I do met up with some toll attendant who smiles and say "thank you", it just makes me feel at ease even when I am not feel too happy.  But of course you can find the most rude attendant who show you the face that you killed their whole family.
I learn from a friend who says thank you everytime he gets his change from the toll and now I do practice it myself and I feel happy about it.  I think it does not hurt or used too much energy just to say "Thank you".  When I was in Taiwan, the people there are so friendly compared to the ones I see here in my own country.  Be it 7-Eleven or big shopping malls the staff always serves you with a smile and always greet "Welcome" when you enter and "Thank you" when you leave whether you buy anything or not.  I do know for a fact that Malaysians sales tend to have those kind of look at you when you enter a store, they look at you from head to toe and start judging whether you have the money to buy or not, that is what I hate most.
But yesterday when I was shopping at Tiffany & Co. the staff there were marvelous.  I just dress as casual as usual and walk in to help my friend to get a birthday present.  Of course my friend gave me bunch of image to see and check out the price.  And I showed all the image and the Sales Rep. actually took all the items for me to choose no question ask.  Even I said I will come back after my lunch and the Sales actually waited for me to come back with a smile.  This is what I call service and I guess only big companies are able to give such services compare to those "wanna be" stores.

Problems, Problems, Problems

I wonder does any other blogspot, blogger faces the same problem like I do?  I can't seems to upload photo.  Everytime I upload it crash and close my Google Chrome or Firefox.
I need to know what is happening and does anyone face the same problem like I do :'(

To Marry Or Not?

I have a lot of friends getting married and of course some already married with kids. In the process of getting married is never a simple task. To me to marry the one you love is practically marrying the whole family. In order to have a happily married life the hardest thing is to get right with your in-law, especially the mother-in-law, that is the hardest part. Once you pass the test I think everything else is an easy task.
But why is it that hard to get married to the one I love? Can't we just be happily married and move away but it is not that easy. No matter how it is still his/her parents. We can't please everyone and should be give up our happy married life over to those pain in the ass parents? This is a hard choice to make and once you did something wrong, it seems like they label you as "wrong" all the times. Marriage is between the two of us but yet we can't ignore the family members too.
Sometimes when you can't handle is the mother-in-law you are till on a save ground but the whole in-law seems to go against you, that would be a mission impossible and almost a suicidal game you are playing. And the worst is when you fell in love with someone who always listen to their parents who don't have their own opinion but yet you are deeply in love with him/her. It is hard for him/her to choose and it is hard too for the other side to stay togather or to be apart....
One of life difficult is never easy to break up with someone you love over something else...worth it? I am searching for the answer too...


With these image and simple words, it speaks all. These are the things, once it is out, it will never come back.
Be wise and choose what you say to one another.
Do not waste the little time we have, be fruitful the the works we do.

Hazy Days

With the constant heat wave, no doubt forest fire is on the rise. Just few weeks back I could already smell the burn ashes smell in the air and I guess it is slowly moving towards our country. Back in August, 2005 Malaysia has the worst hit of haze and I could barely see the house opposite of mine.
Now it is back and thank goodness it is still not as bad as what you see in the photo. But just this morning I took this photo and the sun has already been covered, and these past few days the sky seems cloudy. Hopefully with the heat wave on the rise the haze are kept at bay. These few days is going to be gloomy days.


Restaurant City: Daily Q&A

For those of you who are crazy over Restaurant City in Facebook and here are the answers to all the Question that will pop-up daily.

Q: To blanch a vegetable, means to?
A: Boil and Cool off quickly

Q: Agar is a gelatinous substance derived from what?
A: Seaweed

Q: Bechamel sauce is also known as…
A: White Sauce

Q: Caviar is made from?
A: Fish Egg

Q: What kind of pizza is chicago style?
A: Deep dish

Q: Calamari is fried?
A: Squid

Q: What is a Calzone?
A: A turnover made of pizza dough

Q: In which

restaurant would you typically find Calzone?
A: Italian

Q: Chilli is a?
A: Fruit

Q: Which of these chillies is the spiciest?
A: Naga jolokia pepper

Q: What is chinese gooseberry called in ancient time?
A: Kiwi

Q: What is chocolate bloom?
A: Cocoa fat or sugar

Q: Q: A crepe is typical a …?
A: Thinly cooked pancake

Q: Dim sum originated from which country?
A: China

Q: The chuck is found where on the cow?
A: Front

Q: Which continent produces the most cocoa?
A: Africa

Q: What is coconut?
A: Fruit

Q: Dulce de leche is prepared by heating…?
A: Sweetened Milk

Q: Which sauce used in Egg Benedicts?
A: Hollandaise sauce

Q: Where did Feta Cheese come from?
A: Greece

Q: The flank is found where on the cow?
A: Mid

Q: Foie gras is food

made from which part of an animal?
A: Liver

Q: In England, French Fries are called?
A: Chips

Q: To garnish a food means?
A: Add final touches

Q: Granny smith apples are?
A: Green

Q: Grapes grow on?
A: Vines

Q: The main ingredient in Guacamole is?
A: Avocado

Q: Where is the hamburger originaly from?
A: United states

Q: What is Hashi?
A: Chopsticks

Q: Honey comes from?
A: Bees

Q: What is

the main ingredient in Hummus?
A: Chickpeas

Q: Kimchi is a Korean dish made of fermented?
A: Vegetables

Q: What is Ketchup made of?
A: Tomatoes

Q: Lard is the fat obtained from which animal?
A: Pig

Q: Naan Bread is served with… ?
A: Indian Food

Q: Natto, a traditional Japanese food, is

made from fermented?
A: Soybeans

Q: New-York Style Pizzas are generally?
A: Thin crust

Q: The pizza originates from which country?
A: Italy

Q: To poach something means?
A: To cook in boiling water

Q: To Proof dough means to…
A: Allow it to rise

Q: Prunes are dried…?
A: Plums

Q: Raisins are dried…?
A: Grapes

Q: Ratatouille is?
A: A vegetarian dish

Q: What is

the main ingredient of ratatouille is?
A: Tomatoes


The main ingredient of Ratatouille is?
A: Tomatoes

Q: To refresh vegetables is….?
A: To immerse in COLD water

Q: What is the color of Rhubarb?
A: Red

Q: The rump is found where on the cow?
A: Back

Q: What is Saffron?
A: Spice

Q: Sauerkraut is

made from?
A: Fermented Cabbage

Q: To saute a dish, means to?
A: Fry quickly in hot pan

Q: The sirloin is found where on the cow?
A: Mid

Q: What is the most expensive spice in the world?
A: Saffron

Q: Which of the following spices is the most expensive (choices)?
A: Pure Vanilla

Q: Steak tartare is a meat dish

made from raw?
A: Beef

Q: What is Stracchino?
A: a fresh cheese from Italy

Q: In which

restaurant would you typically find sushi?
A: Japanese

Q: Where does taco orignate from?
A: Mexico

Q: In which

restaurant would you typically find tacos?
A: Mexican

Q: In which

restaurant would you typically find Tapas?
A: Spanish

Q: Tofu is made of …. ?
A: Soybean

Q: A tomato is a?
A: Fruit

Q: What color is Tuna meat?
A: Pink

Q: Where is Tuna from?
A: Salt Water

Q: The main

ingredients in Tzatziki are?
A: Yoghurt and Cucumber

Q: Venison is the meat from what animal?
A: Deer

Q: What is

the main ingredient of wasabi?
A: Horseradish

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