Courageous China

Ever since the 512 incident in China, I’ve learnt a lot from all these people and find that what has almost extinct resurface. There are so many stories that touch my heart which I’m going to share with you.

Story 1
When the earthquake started this young girl without hesitation just leap off from her classroom that is 3 meters above ground level to safety. With her quick thinking she is save but not for her classmates who is unfortunately buried in the rumble. The ugly site of the rumble makes her fell sad but made her stronger to live her life and not to disappoint those who has buried beneath the rumble.

Story 2
This next story is about this courageous teacher and a young boy who went in and out of the rumbling building to save as many students as possible. The teacher when in for the last time to look for his own children but unfortunately got buried in, when the building finally caved in. The young boy lived to tell the story of his courageous teacher.

Story 3
Youngest survival about 3 months old, found in the rumble together in the arms of his mother who’s in the protective possible while he’s still sucking from his mother’s nipple. But unfortunately the mother didn’t survived. This proves how great and selfless the mother was to actually let the baby live by giving her milk in a situation like that knowing she might not survive it.

Story 4
This little girl who is in the darkness of the rumble never stops singing even though she’s in fear. Singing keeps her company and thanks to her singing the worker found her in the rumble and rescues her.

Story 5
This policewoman who just gave birth to a baby and still breast feeding her own baby has been a mother to many other infants as well. Since she’s still breast feeding, the milk never stop producing and she takes this opportunity to feed other babies who bas lost their mothers.

Story 6
A handsome young man when berserk looking for his girlfriend after the earthquake strike. When he finally located his girlfriend, he stayed by her side for four days and four nights while waiting for the rescue team to get her out of the rumble. This is to show how great is this handsome young man loves for his girlfriend.

Story 7
The headmaster of this school never fails to make the whole school to practice the emergency routine once a week. To some of the students it’s a waste of time, to some students it is totally funny. On the day when the earthquake happens, so happen the headmaster was out for an appointment. When he heard the news about the earthquake, he quickly rushed back to the school and to his surprise. He lost none of his fellow teachers and students, thanks to his persistent of the practice. All are saved.

I think I tell enough stories here. Each of these stories really brought tears to my eyes. These are some of the stories I know and I’m sure there are more touching stories which are untold. With this 512 incident I find that people from China are getting closer then ever before, strangers become friends. I guess it’s not just in China people are getting closer but all around the world as well. As I saw there are doctors from other countries flew there once they heard the news of the earthquake. At time I just wish that everyone can be closer like friends and families naturally and not when trouble comes only we are friends and families. I guess something has to start somewhere and let make this a memorable day that the world has united.

I wish China will be stronger from this 512 incident and not let this affect you to press forward to build a brighter future.

"I Wish My Parents Were Animals"

This is one of the most interesting slogans I came across so far. I’m pretty sure you must be thinking “What kind of a slogan is this?” It’s a child abuse campaign slogan. It’s actually very direct and effective way to tell the world from a child’s innocence point of view.

Think of the animal kingdom. Lioness and the cubs, lioness work together to protect of each others cubs. Elephant always protect their young ones from being attack by others. Even crocodiles take care of their young ones, by carrying them into the river with their mouth. No matter how savage the animals could be yet they still take cares of their young ones. This is actually basic instinct of every animal species, to take care of their young ones. But what happen to the human species? The most intellectual of them all! What happen to their basic instinct to take care and protect their young ones? Whenever I see news regarding child being abuse, it just makes me wonder what has the world comes to? It just makes me feel that we, human beings are more savage than the animals we see on national geographic. I don’t see tigers eating their own cubs. I don’t see chimpanzees hitting their babies till they bleed, which is closest to our human species.

How could someone actually put a cigarette butt to a child’s skin? How could someone hit a child till their brain damage? How could someone kick a child till they bleed internally? No matter how annoying a child could be, they don’t deserve it. If you think this is annoying? Why would you want a child in the first place? How a child grows it actually how the parents teach them? If you teach your child the right way, how annoying could a child be unless you, yourself brought the child up in the wrong manner. I strongly believe, no matter how bad a child acts, they don’t deserve to be torture to the stage where it almost cost their lives.

Please be more human
Than the animals from the savage land.
Before your child thinks
That the animals are the better clan.

Bowl of Salad

At time I wish life is as simple as a bowl of salad you see every time. But as you know salad, has a lot of different type? Fruit salad, pasta salad, garden salad and etc all has their own characteristic. I guess in order to make a good bowl of salad it’s never an easy job. Everything needs to compliments each other. If not, I guess it’s going to be something out of the world. To make a good salad I guess the dressing it’s very important to compliments the whole lot more other ingredients as well. It’s just like our life, some dressing to spice up our life and some whole lot more friends and a little foe to compliments it, to have the perfect balance of life.

Whenever I’m making a bowl of salad it does brings back a lot of memories, some sweet, some not so sweet as well. But in each process of making the salad, I’m enjoying it. Keep on thinking how to improve it or what else to add in order to look good and taste great as well. I guess that goes the same for my life as well. Never stop thinking of how to improve it and spice it up with some laughter, everything sweet and nice, just like the recipe to make power puff girls. But of course without the super powers that they have.

Since we’re the one who’s picking the right ingredient to make the best salad we could. That should be the same for our lives as well, choose the right way to live our life, choose the right company, and choose the right path. The choice is in our hands, nobody can make the decision for you on how you should live your life but only opinions to help to ease the troubled mind.

All the best in making the best bowl of salad you could!

To Tell? Or Not To Tell?

Ever since the reality shows has been so popular, there is this question just pops-up. Do these contestants have the slightest ideal of what the competition is all about? I see that most of these people would actually make the fool out of themselves, in exchange for a few seconds of fame. Is that worth it? But I do praise these people who actually have the guts to make a fool of themselves realizing they don’t actually have the talent for it. I really rest my case for those who can’t accept the reality that they can’t sing and think they sing like angels. That not all, the worst is those people around them! These people actually praise and encourage them to join knowing it’s going to fail miserably.

This is where the question comes. Do you actually do the same if knowing he/she can’t make it big in the industries? Would you actually tell the truth to your friend and hurt his/her feeling just to save him/her from the embarrassment and not waste time dwelling in the hopes of becoming a star, singer or model, whatever you can think of. To be honest, I would! Because I love my friend and telling him/her the truth may just hurt his/her feeling for maybe days or weeks or most months. But having false hope not realizing the truth is even worst, don’t you think? And you’re practically lying to your friend who you think you cared about? You can call me mean or bitchy, whatever it is; I cared too much to let my friend to go through such hardship of the world. I maybe giving you harsh comments but when it comes to the world it’s even worst.

Just recently I came across a magazine. It’s more like for the hopeful to become a model. But so far I came across only a handful that can make it as a model but frankly speaking not a big one though. I’ve been doing my own investigations and speculations. It seems like any Tom, Dick & Harry can appear in the magazine just as long as you pay for it. And people around the industry have been giving such harsh comments about these people who appeared in the magazine. I refer these “people” because I don’t consider them as “models”. I guess first impression is very important, but the magazine does have an impact on us but not in a good way. People all around has been questioning with the qualities of the so called models appearing in the magazine. What really happened? Best of all the latest issues having the female models pose like playboy playmates. Are these so call models who want to make it big will be able to make it big with those poses? I wonder whether these people have actually seen fashion magazines like Harper Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Vogue and etc. These major magazines can give them a good idea on how to pose. But I wonder how come they are posing like playboy playmates. But you’re trying to make it big in the industry with that kind of pose. I would say, you never go far. High fashion poses looks artistic not pornographic; look sensual but not sleazy; with character not ???

What is the exact definition for models? What’s the difference between a models and event girls? I’m sure a lot of people would think event girls and models are the same. But seriously there are big differences between the both of them. It is very obvious the qualities and characters they portrays. Models promote fashion, event girls promote sex. That is just a public opinion. So I’m sure this is the very distinct difference between a model and event girls. Never put models the same level as event girls. I may not be from the modeling industry but there are a lot of people who is in and out of the industry giving such comments as well. I just wonder what happen to the qualities of becoming a model. And if becoming a model is that simple, I guess there wouldn’t be any more models around as we are all models too.

And again, I just wonder the friends and family of those people who appeared in the magazine, would actually support them yet knowing it’s not going to work out. Aren’t YOU telling a big lie to your beloved friend? Would you actually be the bad guy to tell him/her the truth? Or just let them be a Piscean, to dream day and night of becoming a model, and yet it will never come true.

Dreaming day and night,
That’s what I do most of the time.
Waking from the dream I might,
But when would be the right time?

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