The Art of Changing Faces

Have anyone seen this art of changing face in China? It’s really amazing how the person changes the mask in just a few seconds. And each mask shows different emotions and practically all kind emotions you can think of. And it seems like this art of changing face it’s dying. But to what I think the art maybe dying but it seems like we as living being are really good in this art of changing face without noticing that we’re born with such talent.

I guess it’s reality that some are really good and some are bad in using such art. But no doubt everyone has this talent of changing face. To what I think this all born with, and it’s a matter of time you learn to manipulate and explore this art of changing face and manifest to the highest level that no one knows you have such skillful art. Is this are good or bad? Again it really depends on how you use this art. But how could one changes its face so fast? From awhile ago everything that is sweet and nice to something bitter and disastrous. It’s like as though I’m living in a surreal world, not knowing which is real and which is not?

At times I think to myself do I to that to my friends? Because I’ve been going through this surreal experience with people I know in my walk of life. It really hurts me to know that someone close to you do such things to you and it just makes you wonder is it intentional or it’s just merely the unconscious side of their mind take effect? But if someone that’s close to you would he/she do such a thing in the first place? To actually hurt a close friend or actually he/she has no idea the damage he/she has cause to oneself? But I guess it’s too subjective to judge a person base on the skillful art of changing face. Do I actually practice the art of changing face? I guess I do as well. In order to protect ourselves from those who try to harm us. But to what extend? To the extend, that you hurt your friends and yourself? I guess that is going to be a painful experience. But can we grow out of this painful experience? That is really up to the victim and ??? to solve the matter.

In the first place how did we ever come across such art? Is it through the people that we know and learn from them or we’re just so talented that we’re born with it? I do believe season change but it changes gradually and smoothly when the time comes. But the art of changing face it’s so fast, that we can’t even gasps what is to happen and be prepared for it. Do we want to use such art on our close ones? Yet in China this skillful art of changing face it’s dying and people are trying to learn it before it extinct. And yet here I am hoping such disastrous art just dies of from oneself. What do you think?

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