Hot Hot Hot

Hello!!!  It's been awhile I blogged, I have been busy doing my things and searching for a job.  And to my surprise, I was indirectly jobless for about 6 months.  I desperately need a job soon and I've tried sending out mails over mails to companies and seems like there is no respond.
Besides all the bad signs, the other thing that worries me was the weather.  Is the weather going to stay this hot for the rest of our lives as the climate has change as predicted by those environmentalist?  I did went for a seminar about the environment, if we don't take care of our mother earth, within 6 years earth is not a livable place.
Today as I step out of my house I could smell ash in the air and it seems like some forest caught fire and it is going to be in the newspaper soon without a doubt.  I wonder when is the rain going to come and bring us showers of blessings.  It has been raining on and off but it was only for the merely 5 to 10 minutes and soon the streets are dried up like as though it did not rain.
Anyway, I'll be busy to blog for the time being, will definitely keep everyone updated and thanks for dropping by I am very glad and appreciate it.  Thank you.

Salad For Lunch

It is Friday and was kind of relax since weekend is just around the corner.  It has been awhile I make salad, and finally decided to make salad for lunch before my best friend and I head out to meet suppliers.
I have no idea why I alway make extra big bowl of salad.  I guess when you have guess to come over to dine, it is human nature that we prepare extra instead of the right amount which is definitely more than enough.  The last time I make salad was actually last year, which I always prepare fresh salad in office during lunch.
What I love about salad, it is definitely easy to prepare and healthy I guess and you can just buy whatever vegetable you love to make your very own salad, like what I did with my own salad.

Capsicum (any colours, I prefer yellow)
Cherry Tomato
Eggs (hard boil)
Ham (boil till cook)
Crouton (cut cube whole meal bread, toast till crunchy)
Salad dressing of your choice

Romantic or Practical?

I can't remember whether it was last year or this year that a guy proposed to the girlfriend on a big billboard by the highway and cost him about RM40k for that billboard.  Come to think if it, I think it is romantic but I would rather have that RM40k spent on me, if I'm the girl, what do you think?
Just about that time I have a friend who spent RM50k+ on a diamond ring and the stone is hugh!  First time I saw such a hugh dimond and it was just to proposed to the girl friend.  So when I saw the newspaper that the guy spend RM40k for that billboard, I told myself if I'm the girl I would rather have the RM40k diamond right? Then that one moment billboard.
I guess in the end it still up to the girl, which one would she prefer, something romantic for that moment or something practical that last a lifetime.  I wonder?  But I think I know the answer, most woman loved to be romantic and fancied during special occasions.  This is going to make the guys vomit out a lot of cash and makes the business people very happy.  I still vote for practicality!!! How about you girls and guys?

1 Year Ago

I hope that all the victims are as strong as Chen Jian to live their lives to the fullest even though the earthquake has taken many premises and lives away. All these comics I've posted are base on true stories. 

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1 Year Ago


I have been busy with lately, helping my friend and haven't really got the time to update my blog.  There are a lot of things I would like to share and I kept it in my head for too long and it seems like it is slowly vanishing.
But one thing that comes to my mind late was, "What am I doing?  What have I done?  I'm already in my mid 30's and I don think I have achieve anything great in life!"  compared to some who is younger than me who have their own car and house.  What do I have?  Nothing, but full of debts.
I have gone through this hardship once and I have no idea why I am falling back into the same trap again.  Haven't I learned my lession?  The last lesson was a hard fall and I have no idea why am I back in it.  I better find ways to get through it soon before it is too late and fall future.
Why is human so stubborn, knowing the things they do are wrong and yet still want to do it or knowing it is a trap and yet still want to walk into it.  I wonder is that call stupidity or blindness of the heart.  Sometimes after learning from the mistake and yet still make it again, I guess that is too human of us.

Restaurant City

Few weeks back, I was totally addicted to this game call Restaurant City in Facebook.  It is quite similar to SIM City but this one only about restaurant.  What can you do in a restaurant?  Pretty much, like food you serve, decorations, and employees.
With Restaurant City you need people to run the shop i.e. Cook & Waiter, without them your shop won't earn enough money for you to buy things to decorate up your shop, as you see in figure 1.1 is a plain interior as you play and earn money you get to decorate it in figure 1.2.
(figure 1.1)

(figure 1.2)
Like normal any other game you need to level up, in order to make your shop bigger and more employment to run the restaurant.  Besides that you need to feed your employee, if not the energy level will gradually reduce and if it reached zero you can see that they are all fainted on the floor and not work.  As work stopped, no income, no deco...LOL
Besides the interior, you get to deco the exterior as well.  Of course it is going to cost you money again.  In this game it is all about money, without it your shop is just a plain shop.  As you can see in figure 2.1 is the plain exterior and figure 2.2 is a much decorated exterior.
(figure 2.1)

(figure 2.2)
I have already max out my shop and just play to probably level up every single recipy in my menu if possible which I think it is quite impossible.  How to level up the menu, you have a bunch of ingredients like, chocolate, carrots, chicken and etc. each day you get a free ingredient and a Q&A session, once you answer correctly you a ingredient.  With this ingredient you can level up ur dish (max level 10).
It is quite fun and I guess I am at the end of my game and look for new game in Facebook.

Doing The Right Things Ended Up Wrong

Just recently as I was driving and the usual thing I would listen to the chinese radio for that particular hour.  Somehow the topic was quite interesting, it was talking about "have you ever did something good but ended up bad".
A woman shared her side of the story and she blame herself for being nice.  This was how the story goes...., as she was driving near a primary school, she stopped at the zibra crossing for a child to pass (since it is zebra crossing, pedestrian have the rights and cars should stop).  As the child crossed the road a motorcycle just speed across and hit the child who crossed the road.  After few years now she still visit the child on and off because now the child is physically challenged now after the accident.  She blamed herself for stopping and let the child cross, if she did not stop the child would not cross and the accident would not happen.
I'm sure there are times we tried so hard to help people but ended up doing the wrong thing.  Sometimes when a begger begs for money, what should we do?  If we give, we're generous but we do not know where the offering goes to?  To buy food or to buy drugs?  But if we don't give, it makes us like some bad guy.  If we give, we might not do the right thing, it is just so hard to deal with it.  But one thing I learned from my aunt was, when a begger begs for money, my aunt would pack some food for the begger instead of giving him/her the money.  She did her deeds in a different ways and yet might just be a good way instead of giving money.  Don't you agree?

Maid from Hell

Everyone was talking about this crazy maid and I am sure there are more of these incidents that happen in our local scene.  Who should we blame about the maid we have in our home?  I do came across some really good maid and of course some irresponsible maid too.

I remember when I was in my teens I have this twins friend whos parents work illegally in the US and left them here with two other brothers (one elder and one younger all still schooling) with a Filipino maid.  She take care of them very well and treat them as her own child.  Never thought that would happen but she really took care of them until all of them migrate to US.
The other incident happen to my friend, both he and his wife needs to work and left his baby son with the maid at home.  She only worked for less than 3 months, when my friend reached home after work to found the maid went missing and left his son alone at home.  How dangerous that could be leaving a baby home alone.
Sometimes I just wonder how do we know we have the right maid?  Looks can be deceiving, they can smile with you all day but do whatever behind your back you will never know.  Like what you see in the video the parents were getting suspious over the bruises on the daugher and set up a hidden camera to capture what is happening at home.  And it was really a shocking video to discover, how come one treat a child that way?  It is life we are talking about, with feelings and emotions.  The maid is totally inhuman.

It's Summer Time; It's Movie Time

Everybody knows when summber comes all the major movies will be release during this time of the year.  I have been waiting for this time of the year for a long time, for the movies not the hot weather that can kill me with heat stroke.
Currently these are the few movies I would like to catch in the cinema.  Hopefully the movies are not a big failure.

I have watched this and it was just alright but at least it is so much better than Watchmen, such a disappointment.  There are quite a number of superheroes in this movie did not really have a chance to really showed off their powers.  I wonder what is X-Men going to come up next?  On Storm?  Or Gene Grey?  I guess all the X-Men die hard fans will have to wait and see what is next.

Been waiting for this movie for ages!  Growing up watching this movie when I was in my teens I guess.  If you search on youtube I am sure you can fine this cartoon and you can tell how old this cartoon were and it was really one of the happening cartoon around during that time.  I guess there were not much choice then.

I have been chasing Star Trek TV series until the female commander took over and I have stopped because I was busy with work, not that I am racist.  Been watching all the movies as well and finally they change the whole new crew but what I am interested the most was actually Mr. Spock played by Zachary Quinto who is the villant Syler in Heroes TV series.  Seriously he do look like the old Mr. Spock.

I never thought the part two is going to be out that soon.  Saw the preview and totally love it, I guess probably I grew up with transformer and more attached to it like G.I. Joe.  Somehow a lot of character have changed and new ones are introduce.  Some they use the same name but after transform it was not the same as the cartoon.  Somehow I am still able to accept it compared to Dragonball.  I wonder why?

Um...Somehow I am not so keen about this movie, I have no idea why?  But I'm sure it is as interesting as the rest of the movie.  I shall go to the movie and see for myself whether I am right or wrong about my intuition.

This is going to be very interesting but will release in October, not that soon.  One of Japan most famous anime and now in full CG.  I will definitely make myself go and watch this in the cinema without a doubt.

Check out their official website to judge for yourself. 

Epidemic Strikes Again

What we see everyday that hits the front page of every newspaper is all about "Swine Flu" or a.k.a. H1N1 a new strain of influenza A virus.  I still remember back in November 2002, when SARS first strike, it was in every major news be in on TV, radio, internet and papers.  It create a world panic state and it took few months to settle it and few thousands have died.
And recently "Swine Flu" is on the rise, though the figure of death is still low but I believe prevention is better than cure.  Some people take likely over the matters and some are over reacting over it.  What should be done to contain this new strain of virus originated from Mexico?
This morning as I was driving back home and was listening to the radio and it was all about H1N1 and as I listen I think it is quite serious and actions should be done to stopped from spreading.  When they found out a Mexican tourist staying in a hotel in Hong Kong has the virus, actions were taken and start back tracing to prevent the virus from spreading, the chain reaction were quite serious.  The plane the man took has some taiwanese passenger and now they are trying to locates these people to make sure the right actions to be taken before it gets worst.
The new strain of virus are air-bourne and can you imagine how a chain reaction can cause the whole world into panic state.  To me SARS was more than enough and now with this H1N1, hopefully with the SARS experience, actions to prevent it from spreading are better equip in times like this.  The world is doing to hit with depression and now with this epidemic, it is going to be very bad to the economics, I pray everything is going to be alright very soon.

Working for Myself

Though it was labour day, I was busy working.  Working for my own Living Tapestry in sourcing more fabric suppliers with my business partners.  I'm really bless that I found a dream team working togather to make Living Tapestry slowly coming to life.
Ever since I started to work in a office environment on 9 to 6 job, I hardly have time to concentrate on my Living Tapestry as I am dead tired after a long day in the office and all the hassle of taking a few public transport to reach my destination.  Since now I quit my 9 to 6 job, I better concentrate more on Living Tapestry and try to push it to open in June.  Still keeping my finger crossed as I have not been able to open in May itself.
In the process of having Living Tapestry an online store to open, I have learned a lot from everyone who have involved and have helped me.  I have never stopped learning and I love to learn all these new things and broaden my knowledge.
Besides concentrating in Living Tapestry, I still need to look for a job to keep me sustain in times like this.  Living Tapestry is just a very small business and my interest but of course I would love to stay full time n focus in it but I guess financially I am not able for now.  But hopefully this baby will grow into a full flesh online business.

Happy Labour Day!!!

It's Labour Day and it's going to holiday and I'm going to have a long long holiday till I get my next job. Finally left the place, away from the "monster" and back to job seeking again. I did went for a few interview before I left the place and all give the same old answer, "We will get back to you". When that word is out, in my mind "slim chance". But it is alright, I have not give up hope in searching for a new job.
Meanwhile I can concentrate on Living Tapestry the company that sells throw cushion which I would like to launch 1st May, 2009 but due to my busy week working on a 9 to 6 job everything just got caught up and held up. I am still trying to push it to open very very soon.
By the way I have not been blogging that often too ever since I started working. And when I login my blogspot, there seems to make some changes to the page and I can't seems to do a lot of things with my new post. I wonder what really happen in between the time I went MIA. Now I can't select the fonts I wanted, the size I wanted and even align left, right or centre, all these command tab just went missing and I wonder what really happened?
Anyway I'm back to blog as usual the daily stuff whenever possible. I have no intention of stopping. Do come by whenever possible...glad to be back!!!

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