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Essential Oils pt.2

As promised, the continuation of the previous list.
  • Mandarin ~ A sweet, light, and tangy fragrance. Helps calm and soothe nerves, muscle cramps, and spasms. Is also used as a digestive aid and is commonly found in soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, and colognes.
  • Orange ~ Balances and uplifts emotions. Has antispasmodic and regenerative properties. Useful in skin care products. [CAUTION: This oil increases sensitivity to the sun. Do not use it if you will be spending considerable time outdoors]
  • Patchouli ~ An earthy scent used in personal fragrances, baths, and hair care products. Good for dry skin. Has antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, and fungicidal properties.
  • Peppermint ~ Helpful for headaches, congestion, fatigue, fever, indigestion, muscle soreness, sinus problems and stomach problems. An antiseptic, antispasmodic, mental stimulant, and regenerative. Good for use in oral care products
  • Pine ~ An antiseptic, antiviral, expectorant, restorative, and stimulant. Helps to clear the mind.
  • Rose ~ An antidepressant, antiseptic, and tonic astringent. Also a mild sedative. Good for female complaints impotence, insomnia, and nervousness. Used in skin care products.
  • Rosemany ~ An analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, and mental stimulant. Enhances circulation. Helpful in cellulite, dandruff, hair loss, memory problems, headache, and sore muscles. Used in hair care products like conditioner and shine enhancer. [CAUTION: If irritation occurs, discontinue use. Do not use directly on the skin without diluting. Do not use if you have epilepsy.]
  • Rosewood ~ An antiseptic and regenerative. Calms and helps restore emotional balance. Good for anxiety, cellular regeneration, depression, headaches, nausea, PMS, and tension. Good in facial or massage oils.
  • Sandalwood ~ An antidepressant, antiseptic, expectorant, aphrodisiac, and skin moisurizer. Good for bronchitis; it is soothing for both mind and body. Good in skin care blends.
  • Tea tree ~ A potent anti-infective, andti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, expectorant, fungicide, and parasiticle. Good for athlete's foot, branchial congestion, dandruff, insect bites, ringworm, and yeast infections.
  • Thyme ~ An antiseptic antispasmodic, and expectorant. Calming.
  • Vanila ~ Mainly used as a fragrant scent for the bath and body. Used in skin care products.
  • Yarrow ~ An anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. Improves digestion and lowers blood pressure.
  • Ylang ylang ~ An antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, and calming sedative. Lifts mood, eases anxiety, reduces stress, normalizes the heartbeat, and lowers blood pressure. Good for frigidity, high blood pressure and impotence.
That is all for some of the common essential oils and half of them are sold in the shop I am working in. And personally I like the Tea Tree smell, I was actually introduce to Tea Tree when I was doing my facial on the cooling mask that has Tea Tree in it. After that I fell in love with the scent. Everybody have different preference and when you find the right scent it actually do calms you down and feel relax. What is your scent?
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Essential Oils pt.1

Essential oils has been made popular few years back when aroma therapy was introduced in spas. These essential oils are made from the volatile and highly fragrant part of the plant. It is believe to have healing powers alternative to normal medical cure. Essential oils quickly penetrate the body through the skin and the respiratory tract, and they enter and leave the body without leaving any toxins behind. Some many not apply directly to the skin as it might burn so please do consult before using it directly on the skin.

As for aroma therapy, different scent have different effect on people. The famous relaxing therapy for relaxing is non other than Lavender. So now I'm going to list down a few of the more comman essential oils and their
  • Bergamot ~ A balancing oil. Lifts melancholy and depression
  • Cedarwood ~ An antiseptic, astringent, expectoran, and sedative. Normalises sweat gland function. Good for bronchial problems and useful for controlling mold and mildew.
  • Chamomile ~ An analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic. Excellent for headaches (apply as a compress to head). Good in baths, hair rinse, and massage oil.
  • Cinnamon bark ~ Useful for scent enhancement in the home or office. Makes a good air freshener and is also antifungal.
  • Clary sage ~ A very aromatic oil that is enjoyed by both men and women. An antidepressant, anxiety reducer, anti-inflammantory, antispasmodic, and aphrodisiac. Helps to conteract insomnia. Good used in skin and hair care products. [CAUTION: Should not be used in the first months of pregnancy]
  • Cypress ~ An astrigent, antiseptic, antispasmodic, and deodorant. Constricts the blood vessels. Repels fleas. Reduces coughing and excessive perspiration.
  • Eucalyptus ~ An antiseptic, antiviral, chest rub, decongestant, disinfectant, and expectorant. Reduces fever. Used as an ointment for muscular aches and pains. Good for repelling insects, and for use on insect bites or stings. Has a normalizing, balancing effect.
  • Fankincense ~ An anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative, and expectorant. Promotes cellular regeneration. Good for cleansing and purifying the home. Helpful for bronchitis.
  • Geranium ~ An antidepressant, antidiabetic, antiseptic, hormone balancer, and insect repellent. A normalizing and balancing, mildly sedating oil god for PMS, nervous tension, skin concerns, and neuralgia. Good as a bath additive.
  • Grapefruit ~ Reduces appetite; useful in treating obesity. Balances moods, relieves depression, cleanses the body of toxins, reduces water retention, and cleanses and detoxifies the skin. Useful in baths, skin care products, and colognes.
  • Hyssop ~ An antiseptic and tonic. Useful for cleansing and detoxifying. Stimulates the respiratory system. Good for bronchitis as it helps clear the lungs of congestion. [CAUTION: Do not use if you have epilepsy or other seizure disorder]
  • Jasmin ~ An antidepressant, antiseptic, and sedative. Useful for anziety,, emotional imbalances, frigitity, and impotence. Benefits scalp and skin.
  • Juniper ~ An antiseptic, detoxifier, diuretic, and internal cleanser. Helps rid the body of toxins and parasites, reduces spasms, improves arthritis, and reduces cellulite. [CAUTION: Do not use during pregnancy. Do not use if you have kidney problem]
  • Lavender ~ Useful as an antiseptic and for imporving immune system function, calming and normalizing the body, fighting bacterial and fungal infection, easing depression, and reducing inflammation. good for acne, burns, eczema, skin healing, sleep disorders, and stress.
  • Lemon ~ An antiseptic, astringent, and inhibitor of bacterial growth. Helps to increase the body's defense against infections. Good for varicose veins, stomach ulcers, anxiety, depression, and digestive disorders. Emulsifies and disperses grease and oil. Helpful in cleaning products and hair rinses and for wound cleansing.
  • Linden ~ A calming, sedating, and soothing tonic. Moisterizing for the skin.
to be continue....

15 Malaysia

I was introduce to it by a friend which I have no idea what was it all about. It is all about 15 short films produce by Malaysian and feature some of our local well-known actors, musicians and on top of that some political figures as well and I think this is a very cool project and should probably have more in the near future because I believe Malaysia do have a lot of talented people who can produce good stuff.
You can find all 15 short film at 15MALAYSIA and feel free to download anything to help spread the word, give your most sincere comments in any language you like, how rude or how nice is never a problem and of course not all 15 short films were updated on the website yet and hopefully all are up so that we can really see and comments on these short films.
All these 15 short films were produced and presented in many different ways, some funny, some sad, some just leave you pondering but all could somehow or rather relate to us in some point of our life.

Love Thyself

Have you been treating yourself lately? What do you do to love yourself? Do you make yourself look the best you could just for others to see? Is that loving yourself?

I am sure looking good is always a constant thing we human strive to be. Looking good for our love ones, looking good for the public to see. To look good is it all about the appearance? Would you actually sacrifice something in order to look good? I do know a person who actually go on extreme diet just to be thin, which has been causing a lot of problem in her stomach and yet she still could not be bothered. Yes, you may think you are still young but can you imagine when all problems will cause chain reactions and by the time you know it is too late to undo what you have done.
For you information she is very thin already to the public eyes but yet she still thinks she is fat and it is just impossible for us to change her mind set and it is just sad to know that is not accepting herself for who she is and is too concern with what the other people thinks of her. That is not the end of the story, I also find out that she is short sighted and she neither wear glasses nor contact lenses. She says it will make her eyes bulge after years of wearing a pair of glasses.
There are times I just wonder is she creating a time bomb for herself and she is slowly destroying herself from the inside out. There are only to ending to this destruction, either you die young or you live old but with a lot of sickness. I may sound cruel but if this continues it seems the ending would be predictable.
To all of you out there, please love your body and this is your only transport for the only soul you have to move around to be with the one you love. Without the body you are just nothing without it even you have a soul in it.

Living Tapestry Raya Promotion

Raya is just around the corner and Living Tapestry is doing their first ever online promotion just for this festive season. But bear in mind this promotion is only for cushion covers and applicable for online shopping, no discount if you where to purchase from any of the shops.

"So hurry and grab the cushion covers while stock last to spice up this coming Raya with style and statement."

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Everybody has a certain level of pride, but do you let it goes to your head? Lets take for an example, if you are graduated from overseas and come back and work as a waiter/waitress in some restaurant, and a friend saw you and message you to confirm whether it is you. Would deny or admit it is you who is working in that particular restaurant?

I have experience it first hand that someone actually denies it. To me, there is nothing to be ashame off, whether you are working as a waiter or cashier or whatever you can think off. Does the pride of someone can actually blind him/her? I always ask, does pride bring food to your dining table? Does pride pays your bill? Isn't the answer obvious? NO is definitely the answer.

I have been working as Interior Designers for years and now because of the economy setback, it is pretty hard for me to get a job, but doesn't mean I can't do other things to make a living. The pay is much lesser than my usual job but still, at least there is income. Of course the lifestyle would have to change in order to fit what I am earning now. I totally have no problem telling people that I am a Sales Promoter now. Because I believe pride is nothing and I believe there are bad times and good times, for now I maybe having bad times someday good times will come. I am still learning even though I am a Sales Promoter, stories and info you listen are lesson which you can't buy.

Pride is nothing, and now I totally not in contact with the friend who denies working in the restaurant. No point being friend with someone who look down on himself and had so much pride in him.

Daily Excercise

I am pretty sure most people already knows I'm working in Red Envelope in Ikano Power Centre and my daily routine would actually helps me do some excercise which I miss my gym for a long long time.
  • Walk to the LRT station from my house would actually take me 10-15 mins walk depending on my speed. With that I am already sweating by the time I reach the LRT station.
  • Reach the Kelana LRT station will have to walk down the stairs den out of the station then up the stairs to the pedestrian bridge across the road to wait for the free feeder bus by Ikea. (that would be another 5 mins excercise)
  • When I am at the shop, every Monday, Wednesday & Friday I would have to mop the floor (some hand excercise to squeeze the mop dry). Every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday will have to wipe the window display up and down (arm excercise). Which would take me another 10 mins
  • After work another 10-15 mins walk back home.
I wonder if I were to do this daily, would I actually grow thin which I wanted so much, as I feel I have put on some weight, expending horizontally. But I love eating, I guess it is about time I go back to my old diet that I manage to lost weight within 1 week. I guess my self-control button needs to keep it "ON" for the time being. If not I would be munching food in between meals. And carb diet is essential, which I have tried and it is quite effective.

I shall loose some weight by end of the month and feed good and confident about myself!!! Anybody want to join me in loosing weight and be the "Biggest Loser"!!!
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Big Bang - ガラガラ GO!!

BigBang is back and this is one of the Japan mini album, it has been out for weeks, I'm always amazed with them. They are just simply so talented. I always listen to their music be it in Korean or Japanese when I'm in gym but now no longer listen to them as my ipod got stolen. Now I'm still thinking whether to get an ipod touch or a PSP...

Anyway leave you with BigBang - ガラガラ GO!! mtv, hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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ガラガラ GO!! Album Tracks
01. ガラガラ GO!!
02. Top Of The World
03. Stylish

Do Something Please!

What is happening? How come Malaysia became the highest H1N1 death toll rate in Asia? Is the public not aware of the H1N1? Is the public being well informed and educated about all the necessary steps to prevent the H1N1. Is there enough TV commercial and print ads to educate the public?

When I was in Bangkok last month, when Bangkok has the highest rate of H1N1 cases and yet it is being under controlled. Why? I guess simply because of the commercials they air in their MRT trains and television. I was trying to search for the commercial but I can't find any, as many of you knows Thai commercials are really funny and it really create and impression in you.

The one I saw was, this guy just got of the train with a big headphone over his head, as he walks out of the station, he was rubbing the handrail as though he is the DJ in some club down the stairs. And at the end of the stairs was this man holding a basin and ask him to wash his hands. And of course there were more.

What I really think is the public should be well equipped and be educated about the H1N1 before more are being affected by it and seems like not much is being done. Leave you a Thai commercial from their Health Ministry.

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Dysfunction Family

I have always been closer to my friends then family and don't blame me for that because I have a dysfunction family member. Today my blood pressure almost shoot off the roof straigh to the sky above.

As usual it takes me about 15 mins to walk to the LRT station and by the time i reach usually i'm all sweaty, but few steps before i reach the counter only I realise I left my wallet back home. So I made a call back home and ask my dad to locate my wallet and ask anyone to send over. Of course first choice would be my brother who live just one floor above my home and next choice would my my aunty who's just down the street.
After waited awhile I call back home and ask whether did he manage to find my wallet and is anybody sending over. I have got he most classic answer...
me: found my wallet?
dad: yeah.
me: so is bro sending over?
dad: no.
me: why?
dad: bro is going to work.
I got so mad I just hung up the phone. It took me 15 mins to walk there and it takes only 5 mins to drive there, just a 5 mins detour is it that hard? But I already know that he didn't even bother to ask my brother to send it over. I have to walk all the way back with my blood pressure high up in the sky. When I reach home my brother's car still home and he has not even left home. I am already sweaty when I reach the LRT station and walk all the way back again. I totally change my tee and head off to take cab. That was not it, the day before that I wore and old shoe and cause blister on my foot can you imagine how it add salt to your wound like?
Just can't blame me for not being close to my family because I have such loving parent. Who don't give a damn about me only thinks what my brother would think and feel. Totally love them...


Anybody knows what is this Feedmylamb is all about? I was introduce by a friend of mine who has passion for arts, who has recently join Feedmylamb as part of the team. Feedmylamb started back in 2008 by Miss Siang Chin who decided to do something on her four dull wall with some designer's touch. With this a few experiments and passion to make an environment lively, and thus give birth to Feedmylamb. I have yet to find out the meaning behind Feedmylamb soon when I see these people and interview them.

Feedmylamb has grown since 2008 and a group of young graphic designers to architect are a part of this group team. And yes they are the first to introduce this self-adhesive products in Malaysia. It is actually a thin self-adhesive matte vinyl film that actually look like painted wall. Of course it is user friendly and you can explore into endless possible design with their self-adhesive images.

And if you would like to have some design that fit your theme, tailor made just for your home are available.
All the designs can be use commercially or for residential homes and practically on any surface that is flat and smooth. I guess by visiting their website and blog is the best way to find out more about their fabulous designs and which bazaar they would be.

website: http://www.feedmylamb.com.my/
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Retail Stories: Mask

The death toll for the Influanza A H1N1 is on the rise and of course people are afraid they might catch the virus out of their house on their way to work, shopping, or work place. As most of you know I work in a shopping mall and I see people day in day out, trust me you see all kinds of people but what I want to talk about it those people wearing a mask.
First of all, do they know the real purpose of wearing a mask? A lot of people have a misconceptual over the purpose of wearing a mask. I have been digging up some info quite some time ago before I travelled to Bangkok for holiday. So, here is what World Health Organization (WHO) have to say about wearing a mask.

What about using a mask? What does WHO recommend?
  • If you are not sick, you do not wear a mask.
  • If you are caring for a sick person, you can wear a mask when you are in close contact with the ill person and dispose of it immediately after contact, and cleanse your hands throughly afterwards.
  • If you are sick and must travel or be around others, cover your mouth and nose.
  • Using a mask correctly in all situations is essential. Incorrect use actually increases the chance of spreading infection.
I strongly believe that the public should be educated in a situation like this. I see just a handful of people walking in the mall with mask over their face, first impression either he/she is sick or the person next to him/her is sick. Sometimes I may sound rude but it is for the sake of the customer and people working in the retail shop that I will ask the people with mask is he/she sick? I know prevention is better than cure, but if you are so afraid that you might contracted the virus, why don't you just stay at home, isn't that save enough?

Lonely Moon

Shining brightly in the black diamond sky
Feeling lonely and want to cry
I'm just a lonely moon in the black painted sky
How I wish my lonely nights quickly passes by
Waiting for the Sun to come and bright up my sky
But it takes decades for the day to come by
When the day the moon and sun meets in the sky
Total eclipse of our hearts finally entwine
But the climax only last for a brief moment of time
Again we have to say bye-bye


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As the wind blows
The soft grey cotton cloud rolls in
Swallowing everything that is in the way.
Bright orange morning sun, pastel blue clear sky be gone.
Cool breeze started to brush through my skin.
The sound of tick tak tick tak from a distance
Within minutes, it start marching across the plane.
Leave no ground uncover with it's sorrowful tears.
Flashes of light of rage,
Then comes growling sound of despair.
For the next few minutes I stand under the shades
Looking through the sky and ponder
My feeling somehow merge with the weather
Making me moody and souless.


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Irritating People In The Cinema

Recently, I have been to movies and met some irritating people in a few different incident. Serious there are all sort of irritation people that makes your temperature just shoot up to the roof top. I think should teach these people a lesson or two and tell them how irritating they are. Just let me list down a top 10 irritating people that you can find the cinema.

List of irritating people in the cinema:-
  1. people who try to explain the movie to others (please do the explaining AFTER the movie.)
  2. people who ask too much questions (if you have no idea what the movie about please do some research before entering the cinema.)
  3. people who likes to talk to themselves and create story line (hello!! if you know what is going to happen next, keep it to yourself or probably direct your own movie.)
  4. people who bring monkeys to the cinema (please bring a civilise child to the cinema, monkey belongs to jungle not the cinema.)
  5. people who likes go shake their legs and disturb the person in front (Please, I know you use to "goyang kaki" in the office please go back to the office and do it.)
  6. people with smelly feet (OMG, if you have problem with it please keep those feet back in those container [shoe] before the person in front die of holding breath)
  7. people who don't understand "off/silent your mobile phone" (if simple instruction also don't understand, why watch movie? I doubt he/she would understand the movie either.)
  8. people who likes to walk in and out off the seat (if you have bladder problem, please select a seat that is next to the aisle.)
  9. people who plays with the mobile phone/PDA (you're here to watch movie and not your mobile phone/PDA, the lights from it is so irritating!)
  10. people who talks more then 2 mins on the phone (if you have important things to attend please don't go watch movie? I won't want to know what is happening on his/her side. That just don't intereste me.)
These are the top 10 list I could think of, but I'm sure there are more which I have not met, please to let me know and probably can do a survey about it. Sometimes I just wonder what is wrong with these people? The best part is, they don't seem to see it that they are disturbing others and give you that kind of stare. OMG what is wrong with these people!!!

Living Tapestry Contest Winner

Finally the day has come for Living Tapestry to announce the winner for the best slogan selected by the panel of judges from Living Tapestry. We have discuss over and over again and finally all agrees on the winner, without further I am here to annouce the winner is.......


Congratulations Anny!!!

You may seems to be the last entry and yet it impressed the panel of judges on your effort and slogan. Please email me your mailing address for the prize to be sent.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in this contest and your participation is much appreciated and for those of you who didn't win, stay tune to Living Tapestry where we have something for the coming Raya.
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Retail Stories - PMS Woman

It is only after a week plus working in a retail shop and I get to see so many kind of people that you would never thought you will meet. There are some nice people, and of course the nasty ones too. I guess nice people have nothing much to talk about, but when it comes to bad people or customers, I guess the stories are never ending. Blog Widget by LinkWithinWhat I am about to share with you was a bit ridiculous and probably the woman was having PMS.
Once fine day, there were these two Malay women came into our shop and of course we exchange converstation in both Malay and English. As one of the woman purchase something and of course I need her to the counter to pay and I walk back to serve the other woman. Out of a sudden I heard a loud tone from the woman talking to my colleague, "Why do you speak Malay with me? Do I look like the Malay from kampung that doesn't speaks English? Do you it's very SOMBONG?" these were the few key sentence that came out from her mouth. I was shock to hear that and so were my colleague. After she left I ask my colleague what exactly happen? She said she only told the woman how much she needs to pay in Malay langueage only.
For this case, do you think my colleague is wrong? First of all I don't think she is wrong and I am definitely proud that I could speaks Malay, my colleagues and I definitely have no intention of looking down at Malay people by talking Malay to them. She definitely looking down at her own people with the statement "Do I look like the Malay from the kampung that doesn't speaks English!" isn't she look down at her own kind from the village? What she says really contradicts herself. Sometimes I just wonder who is being "sombong" here? She just slap herself right on her own face. I am proud that I could speaks Malay language and what is wrong speaking Malay language with a Malay person? Silly PMS Malay lady...

Living Tapestry Contest Final Update

One of these entries will be the lucky winner to received Living Tapestry cushions with of RM100 and the winner will be announce on the 3rd. August and be sure to drop in to find out who is the winner.

reason: I believe cushions and throws are hype these days as they portray a loft living style for some working-at-home entrepreneurs or designers namely to add the sense of loftiness in their homes.

2. T.H - "Love confort living, Think Living Tapestry!"
reason: I have choosen the above because I love comfort living and this brings me the home sweet home feeling. Living Tapestry brings me the thought of home sweet home.

3. Nessa - "Living Tapestry ~ Where Art Meets Leisure..."
reason: (somehow I couldn't fine it? I guess the slogan says it all ~lol~)

reason: As Living Tapestry is trying to make its way to setting the trends of cushion world, it has to make sure that people has to experience about the importance of cushioning to comfort the people and their surroundings. The only way to experience it, is to get one!.senyumkenyit Once they've experience the Living Tapestry cushion cover, they'll sure feels living tapestryeriffic feelings forever!.

reason: Living Tapestry comes up with new designs and ideas on a continuous basis sort of like an evolution of artistic ideas, hence Artistic Evolution.

reason: Comfortness is the only main point, style is personality and a requirement for modern living standard. Short, Simple and easy to recall.

reason: Cushions, curtains and ornaments do weave life into a home. It makes a room more beautiful and with more character and shows the life that is there.

Good luck to everyone who took part!!!.
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