Zee Avi again

Finally Zee Avi self-titled full flesh album is out, if you like Joanna Wang you would probably like Zee Avi too. Not that I want to compare both who is better, but the it is quite similar. And both are very talented young singer songwriter.
Listening to Zee Avi really brings me back to my olden time and the image slowly building up in my head, hard PVC leather seat with spring and coconut husk inside, ceiling fan spinning in motion, peaceful surroundings, free from worries of the world. Really miss those days, back in my hometown. Now it is only work, work, work, to have a better life just like when we were young with no worries and carefree.

Here is a list of songs from her self-titled album Zee Avi.
Better Heart
Honey Bee
Just You And Me
Is This The End
I Am Me Once More
First Of The Gang
The Story
Let Me In
What to know about her, what more better way then to listen to her side of the story.


Besides busy having a full time job, I have many other things to do and it seems like 24 hours is really not enough for me in a day. A friend of mine is starting an online store selling second hand items. Which I guess anything you can think off, it is really a very wide range. But for now I guess it is still new so for the time being not much but I believe it is going to expend on goods.
I have been commission to help him to design a logo for his online store called used2you. As you know I am an Interior Designer by profession but I guess I like to do anything that is design, so I came up with the design, it is simple he likes it and I happy with it. Click on the logo and start shop for the things you think you like.Blog Widget by LinkWithin

Whice one?

It has been awhile that I wanted to change my phone and obviously those touch screen phones are the in-thing now. There is the HTC Hero that I wanted lay my hands on them very much and it is definitely love at first sight. I guess probably it is because there were too many people using the iPhone so HTC Hero would be the next best thing.
Just after days of researching and comparing price, it is definitely iPhone is more affordable with the maxis iValue plan and finally make a move to get the phone. But I guess it is a hot selling cake that everyone wants a piece of it and now I will have to wait 45 to 60 days for my phone to arrive. I guess this time I can use my favourite phrase "waiting is a long and painful process" can't wait to lay my hands on it. Here is a link where you can see the comparison of both phones.

Ignorance is Bliss

Is really being ignorance blissful? I guess it really depend on the situations, I have seen too many ignorant people around and it has cause trouble.
I wonder do you actually go Ikea often like me as I use to work at Ikano Power Center so I am there almost everyday but when it comes to weekend you get to see those irritating ignorant people walking around holding a "yellow" Ikea catalogue. The reason for the Ikea catalogue being yellow it is because it has this yellow cover printed



This was printed in CAP and yet people can just be so ignore it, the best part is "PLEASE RETURN IT" not only in CAP but in BOLD form. I still see people walking around in the shopping mall proudly flashing it. All I can say "YOU THIEF!!!". There is another counter set up outside for you to claim you very own catalogue with a nice beautiful cover to it, not "yellow" and "big fonts" on it.
Another classic case, could only found in Putra LRT where I am using it as my daily transport to work and occasionally during weekend to meet my friends. Did you notice there are difference been the red seat chair and the grey seat chair? When you notice it please look slightly above the eye level and notice a sticker on the glass window with image and words that says, these seat are for the disable, veteran and pregnant woman. Of course, if there is no such people appearing you can have the seat all to yourself but when such people do appear, please leave the seat for the people who truly need it. But then again, people are ignorant.
In another case, in the Putra LRT too, eating and drinking are obviously prohibited and yet there are some people nicely eating all the way. I really solute these people for being soooooo ignorant.
she's nicely seating on the chair for the "special" and nicely having her food. how nice :)

Just a simple survey to see the outcome whether we are observant enough.
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I am Sorry!

It's really been awhile I have blogged. Ever since I started my new job in Denniston, an international company I'm totally exhausted after work as most of the time I will be working overtime. I just can't complain much as I have been jobless for a year, when a job comes I better zip up and just work.
I'll definitely do something about my blog soon as I already have a few things in mind just that I don't really have enough time for myself to really sit down to blog about it. Very soon as I miss blogging and miss all my blogger friends, miss visiting their blogs and reading their blogs. I will be back very soon, wait for me and don't forget about me.
Miss everyone from the blogging world!!!

p/s I don't have internet access at my new work place, can you imagine how bored I would be without the internet!
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