What Is The Truth?

How much truth is there that you see on TV are true?  I remember watching Mythbusters quite some time ago about explosions that were cause by mobile phone in petrol station.  I see a lot of signs that says no mobile phone in petrol station.  But do we really fully understand how these explosions were being caused?
In Mythbusters they did a few experiments on actually proof that mobile phone does not cause explosion in the petrol stations.  What causes the explosions are actually our own static charges.  When we touch any that conduct electric it will causes sparks, with this sparks it can cause the gas from the oil tank to explode.  This was the actual truth but yet still a lot of people just follow blindly what was given to them.
At times I believe people just believe in things blindly without finding out the actual truth.  Is the truth that ugly to be accepted?  Sometimes what we see may not be the whole truth.  How one information were given and arranged does make a big difference.

New Found Skill

What do you think of this simple pencil case?  I'm pretty sure everyone would think nothing as it is just a pencil case.  To me it is something special, simply because I sew it myself on my first attempt on sewing.  
It may look like a simple pencil case but getting it done especially the zip was really giving me a headache.  I did my own way which I know it is wrong but I get the job done.  Will definitely find out more on how to get the zip right the next attempt.
Sewing is totally a whole new world for me and I'm still learning and trying to attempt to do something with it.  There are a few things that I would like to try my hands on with the sewing machine, so just stay tune in the near future and see what I could achieve with my new found skill.

Game Time

As usual, I always play games, be it online games or PS or computer it is always a good time go get your mind away from the work I'm working on.  I know it's does not rest my brain but it is fun.  Was browsing around and found out this "type-it" game and I thought of sharing it with all of you.
Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Tag In Writting

Previously I have been tagged by Marvic & TH and it took me so long to post it up, simply because I need to get it scanned and I don't have a scanner.
Hope you guys can see what I'm writing here as I did it when I was having my class with the part time student.  Yes you are right it is singular, student and not students.  I have no idea what happen to the other 2 students went missing to.
Anyway enjoy the tagging.

What is LOVE?

I need you,
When I don't have you.
When I got you,
I don't feel like I'm in love you.

Are you not the one I love?
Or simply just to fill my lonely heart.
Is there someone else I love?
That I'm willing to give my heart.

What is love?
Why can't I be with the one I love?
Why can't the one I love,
Loves me back......


Ken Kena Tag

Early this morning I was tagged by Nessa with such mind boggling questions that lead me to a jump start after reading all the questions. It was really fun doing it though and I did learn a thing or two from doing the questionnaire.

Copy the questions below. Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each questions. You can't use any answer twice and don't use your own name for questions # 3 & 4. After you're done, tag 10 people.
  1. What is your name? Ken
  2. A four letter word: Kiss
  3. A boy's name : Kyle
  4. A girl's name : Keiko (blessing in Japanese)
  5. An occupation : Kavass
  6. A color : Khaki
  7. Something you wear : Khaki Pants
  8. A type of food : Kuchen (German dessert)
  9. Something found in the bathroom : Kalsomine
  10. A place : Kenya
  11. A reason for being late : Kelam Kabut
  12. Something you shout : KEEP QUIET!!!!
  13. A movie title : King Kong
  14. Something you drink : Kopi 'O' Kosong
  15. A musical group : Kid Rock
  16. A street name : Kensington Rd (US)
  17. A type of car : Kia
  18. A song title : Kissing A Fool (Michael Buble)
  19. A verb : Kill
10 very beautiful people I'm tagging...

~ Khemy ~ Diya ~ Marzie ~ Cindy ~ Yoon See ~ Kelly ~ Wei Khean ~ Milkberryland ~ Lek Wei ~ Nihcia ~


Just few weeks my iPod got stolen and now I wanted to sell the iPod docker for RM100. it charges your iPod and of course plays music through the speaker. By the way the docker is less than a year old.

The other thing I would like to sell is the Aztech modem for RM50. I've already got myself P1 Wimax and I'm no longer using the lousy streamyx that the DSL light keep blinking that I could not go online smoothly. And this is almost a year old.

For those of you who is interested in any of this two products please drop me a note here so that I could get back to you. By the way, I'm only selling locally as in within the Klang Valley.

Eden Lake (the movie)

"One Of The Most Provocative And Terrifying Thrillers Of The Year"
* * * *

Sorry to say but that is the biggest lie of the year. An UK release film and one of the worst I've seen so far in year 2009 that probably could last till end of the year. It's about this couple Jenny & Steve who went to this place call Eden Lake (close for development) for the weekend getaway but ended up mess up by these few teenages that got furiously mad and start on a killing spree.

Worst the Steve got killed but Jenny escape but ended up in one of the teenages home. And the father was a ex-convict and Jenny ended got killed too. The whole time Jenny seems to be falling for one bad luck after another and in the end she got killed. This movie is so negative that there is totally no hope at all.

Sorry to say but I would vote Eden Lake the worst movie of the year and definitely not what the big statement was at all about. Four star is definitely over rated. Total let down!!!!

p/s Malaysia totally change the poster that does not look like that, go figure out why?

I could only....

I could only secretly love you,
I could only secretly thinking of you,
I could only secretly missing you,
I could only be your best friend.

It's Me!

Hey, a comical me appearing in Kak Emila's Emila Illustrated Blog. Though it's not the real me but I find it cute to have a comical me to represent. Always like to see how would I look like in comic form. Always wish to be a good illustrator but I guess it is just not in my blood, doing design is so I'll put my energy in designing.

Thank you Kak Emila for a cute comic me, you have always been an angel. Do keep it up to cheer is up.

Sexual Harassment

When you see the word "Sexual Harassment", woman are most likely cross your mind that they are the victims. But how about man? What I'm about to tell you really discuss me in all ways.

I came across this person, Mr. X through my close friend who was working for him. (Bear in mind "WAS" is being used here) Since I'm so close to this friend of course he would introduce his boss to me. What I notice this Mr. X only employ good looking guys to work for him. Besides that he expect his staff to stay around even after work to go dinner and movies with him.

This Mr. X turn his house to be the office and little do these good looking know that they are walking into a trap.

Case 1:
Ask the newly employed staff to go to his house to work. After awhile in the house alone with him, he started his move on the new staff, saying he is very good with massage and wanted to massage for him since he been working to hard. As any other straight guy would do...reject his offer. Of course plan A don't work, plan B is coming up next. Offer the new staff for a facial mask, once all is done while waiting for the mask to dried, massage is back on the track again. Since now the guy can't do much he actually removed his tee and start massage his back while he has sitting on this guy's butt and leaning his groin area in close contact. I was really upset and angry that Mr. X is actually taking advantage of these people and misused his authority as a boss.

Case 2:
Working late at his home and there is not much of a public transport from Mr. X house. He would actually ask this staff to stay overnight. Since he convert his home into a office, the only room that could rest or sleep is his room, "mouse trap". First thing in the morning this guy wake up with his back facing upwards and noticing that Mr. X was actually on top of him. Using back the same trick, massage. His so called professional massage, wearing just his boxer leaning against his staff butt again. His staff has already reject his offer and yet he continues to do it. His staff does not dare to push too hard as he is afraid that he might fall and besides that lose his job.

To some people Mr. X seems like a nice person but I guess most of us knows what kind of person he is. Now I'm trying very hard not to let him lay his dirty hands on my friends anymore. Just because he has money doesn't mean he can have things his way.

Besides that he does have a bad mouth, whoever quit he will tell the rest of the world how bad that staff was but in actual fact people quit because of his sexual harassment. It does take some courage for these guys to relate their experience to us.

This Mr. X should be punished for what he has done. This is only two case I'm saying and I'm sure there are more.

Wine Gondola

[back view]

[front view]

Recently I've been busy with this wine gondola project for LCCT. Somehow this time I did not really put much effort to it probably the price was not right. Having said the price was not what I expected it to be and it was really a rush job somehow the client's client is not cooperative enough to give me the information I needed.

What you see here is not a finish product and of course there are still some minor changes here and there. And the other upset thing was, the client have not paid me a single cent and I'm almost complete my part. In business there is no friends and it is a battle ground and don't believe that he is going to pay me the full amount that he agreed on that I don't agree, but do I have a choice?

With the price he is paying, he wanted me to even sit in to present my design to his client, which is not in my agreement. I deal with him, my client, not his client. Some people just don't understand simple ethic of business. I'm just keeping my finger cross that I get to collect my fees.


I wonder if you ever take Putra LRT and pass by Pasar Seni and look down at the river bank and marvel by the graffiti that was painted on the wall of the river bank? I always like to look at them as I think it actually beautified and spice up the river bank that is so plain and dead. More over the LRT do stopped by at Pasar Seni and you do have a few minutes to look and be marveled by the graffiti.

Just recently I saw the wall has been repainted back to one big piece of white wall that does not bring life to the river bank. These are beautiful graffiti and not ugly scribles on the wall, why take away the identity that people have created and it is beautiful to look at which I think it can be another part of tourist attraction that calls the "graffiti river" that people will come and look at these artisticly beautiful graffiti.

The only graffiti wall that I saw recently at the Pasar Seni LRT station is the image below when I was on my way to Pudu to take a bus to Selama, Perak. I quickly took my mobile to take this image to preserve it as I know in no time, the graffiti will be painted over. If Malaysia have such talents, why not make it part of the growing Malaysia!

Valentine's Day

It is Valentine's Day
And I've got nothing to say.

For the one I wait,
Is still so far away.


Pokemon Characters

Emila was having this What Pokemon characters are you? Take your quiz now! at her blog. And since I have some free time to spare, I just took the quiz and see which character I would fall into. And the answer would be Satoshi/Ash is the answer.

I do watch anime but somehow I did not watch Pokemon, so I don't really know the characters in Pokemon. Take the quiz and find out....

9 Months Ago


Listen to both Korean guys sing Listen by Beyonce from Dreamgirls. One is so good and the other was just.....

Take a look and judge for yourself and remember both are guys.

People Who Deserve It

Was driving back from Kuala Lumpur to Kepong during the busiest time of the day with a friend and was listening to the radio and can't remember which one was it. But they bring up a very interesting topic on air, "People Who Deserve It". You must be wondering deserve what? Socially responsible reasons to punch someone in the face. Thee were 102 things listed on it and you can go check it out to find out yourself.

And here is my list of "People Who Deserve It" (Socially responsible reasons to punch someone in the face)

  1. People who stands at the ATM machine for minutes withdrawing cash. (I wonder what took them so long?)
  2. People who drives a big cc car and road hog in fast lane. (Come one you have a big cc car, Make full use of it!)
  3. Guys that can't live without pussy. (without it, their world just crumble and everyone is dead to him)
  4. Two face people. (here being nice to you, there stabbing your back)
  5. People who knows how to whine only (whine so much but do nothing [NATO][No Actions Talk Only]
So far these are the major things that I could think off. I wonder what are yours?

Award Time

On January 30, 2009 I have been awarded with "One Lovely Blog Award" by Cindy. It was a wonderful surprise as she has not been blogging for awhile as she was busy with her stuff. As usual these awards comes with a simple set of rules that goes with it and here it is....

  • I have to nominate another 10 bloggers that i really love to visit their blog.
  • Put the logo in my blog and link to the person who gave me this award.
And now I'm going to nominate.....
  1. Emila - Emila Illustrated Blog
  2. Yoon See - Greener Pasture
  3. Phirence - 废人· 滩
  4. Anny - all i wanna do is p...
  5. Wei Khean - Life Is A Series of Fireworks
  6. Nessa - Mumblings
  7. Marzie - Mariuca
  8. TH - ThereisHappiness.com
  9. Marvic - Notes By Marvic
  10. 豪少 - 豪の心乐园
Do keep up the good work in blogging and hope this little award will do some encouragement.

Birthday Tagged

What a coincidence, I have been tagged by Marvic and TH, and my birthday falls on this month itself. I never really had a birthday wish list as I know the things I want I would get it myself and it would be too expensive to get is as a gift from my friends :D

Rules of the tagged
  1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday
  2. The list should be 10 numbers
  3. Post the image of this award on your posting
  4. Give it to 10 friends of yours
10 things that I wanted are......
  1. good health for my family, friends and myself
  2. a good digital camera (something like what emila is having)
  3. a PSP (to replace my stolen iPod)
  4. a new car (new city would be nice)
  5. good business (which I'm planning now)
  6. a new desktop (which mine just spoiled like a week ago)
  7. a home office (where I can concentrate doing my work without look at my bed)
  8. a studio (so that I could do my crafts)
  9. better internet connection (lousy streamyx)
  10. more money (so that all the above list would be possible LOL)
10 friends that I wanted to pass it to.....
  1. Phirence - 废人· 滩
  2. Keith - K3!tH KJ L3OnG
  3. Lek Wai - mystery zone
  4. Wei Khean - Life is a series of fireworks
  5. Yumi - Randomness and Turning Point
  6. Nihcia - Life served Sunny Side Up & Rainy Days Down
  7. Kelly - Kelly
  8. 豪少 - 豪の心乐园
  9. Marilyn - 心灵之窗
  10. Khemy - ok, me-time..
Hope you gals and guys enjoyed being tagged...LOL

Coffee...Like It or Hate It?

Was having a meeting with my client and the usual place to meet as a freelancer like me would be places that serve coffee, be it Starbucks, Coffee Bean or just a simple place like mamak is always the best choice.

I always wonder why people likes coffee so much until they can't live without coffee. I do know a few people who are so addicted to coffee that if they don't take coffee their hands will shiver or feel uneasy the whole day. I guess it is the caffeine has the stimulating effect on human beings that is why people get addicted to it.

When I was young, always hear people say drink coffee will actually make you stay awake at night as the caffeine will take effect. So I took coffee to stay awake just to do my revision as exam is just around the corner and to my surprise, I sleep like pig till next morning and nothing was done. That is when I found out that caffeine has no effect on me.

And do you know the most expensive coffee bean could cost as much as $600 a pound or $50 a cup and it is actually comes from droppings (shit), It is from Asian palm civet mainly in Indonesia. It seems like these civet will actually eat the coffee berries, as the bean will actually been process and comes out from the rear end. Some how this process makes the bean taste better I guess. I'm not a coffee person so I have no idea.

If given a chance to drink from the rear end coffee would you try it? I just might, to taste how good it is that comes out from the rear end.

Liquor Stall @ KLIA

Remember these images which I have posted earlier regarding the liquor stall that I design and finally today I got the chance go and see the final product which was done end of last year. This liquor is in airport where the duty free shops are so it is really a rare chance for me to go in and see it unless I go traveling.

But this time I'm there because the client brings me there to view other design and at the same time would like me to get involve in another new project at the airport as well but this time is in LCCT if I'm not mistaken, with 3 gondolas and 2 built-in cabinets. I would like to take up this job but it seems like he wanted even lesser price with so many items. I'm still considering whether to take up this job.

The cabinet was not as nice as I expected is to be as the client actually change most of the materials to the airport requirement and besides that the carpenter did not really do a good job with the finishes. A slight disappointment after looking at the out come of my initial design. I guess the client is always right and at the end of the day we just need to submit to their request and requirements.


My friend showed me this video few months back and i was really touched by what I see and I just wonder to we humans actually sacrifice oneself in order to save someone you totally don't know? I think for sure is I would definitely risk my life to save those who are close to my heart.

I guess some of us are just born selfless and some selfish and that also depending every individual. At times you see in drama that even closest friends for family members also will betrayed one another but I do visit some of these dramas myself and it is just heart sick to see it happen.

But one thing for sure, we get to choose who we want to be with and those you think are not trust worthy you can just cast them away. The choice is in our hands, make the right choice and most important, no regrets in everything we do.

Diya Giveaway

[giveaway card]

It is time for giveaway!!! diYadeaRY is having her first giveaway at her blog in conjuction with her new blog called diYadEaRY's.... ♥ which she will dedicate the blog to her hand made greeting cards with personal touch to every single card with a affordable price too. And I'll leave you with some of the cards she peronally designed and made them.

In order to join this giveaway, all you got to do is just follow this simple rules and that is all you it.

1. Subscribe to diYadeaRY by email. (1 entry)
2. Add diYadeaRY to your blogroll. (1 entry)
3. Add diYadEaRY's.... ♥ to your blogroll. (1 entry)
4. Put the diYadEaRY's.... ♥ banner to your blogroll. (3 entries)
5. Blog about diYadEaRY's.... ♥ and link back to this post. (5 entries)
6. Last but not least, please leave a comment on what you have done.

The contest already started and it will runs till 10th February 2009 midnight Malaysian time. You have 10 days to participate. The winner will be select randomly and will be announced on 11th February 2009.

By the way, unfortunately it is only for Malaysian bloggers. So if you are interested why not try you luck.

Streamyx vs. P1WiMAX

I might sound like I am a P1 WiMAX sales person here but after few months of trial and I think it is about time to change. This is just some of my personal experience with streamyx that I find dissatisfaction about.

I'm sure all streamyx user faces problems like dsl lights keep blinking for like minutes and during that time you can surf the net, but P1 WiMAX I don't have such problem. I uses the internet a lot to do my work and of course to play online games as well.

I believe P1 WiMAX is slowly expending their territory and they are really doing such great and unexpected ways to promote their so call wireless broadband. First, I saw them giving out free bright colors cupboard car shades and place them on each car in the parking lot during last year PC Fair. Second, was during Christmas day, they tie floating balloons on the gate in each house at my area to inforn the home owner that their home are now accessible to c, it was a pretty site when I was driving back home to see so many balloons along the road on each side of the house that makes me thought Santa did make a visit during Christmas day.

Shown below is the speed that I'm currently having, which I paid RM66 for 512Kbps package by Telekom Malaysia Berhad (streamyx)

And shown below is the RM99 for 1200Mbps package by Packet One Network (M) Sdn (P1 WiMAX) which the test was did when three computers are using the same time.

I would definitely consider to change to P1 WiMAX for additional RM33 I'm getting double the speed, no frequent disconnection and be it rain or shine I still can use the P1 WiMAX because it is wireless and not connected to any phone line which we still have to pay so call rental to Telekom Malaysia for the phone like that give bad connection. What do you think of P1WiMax?


Ever heard of Be@rbrick? It is actually collectible toy by MediCom Toy Incorporated. The name actually derived from the work Kubrick which it very similar to what you see in the LEGO figurine.

These be Be@rbrick comes in 10 different theme in teach series. Any they are pack in boxes with prints stating the ratio on the designs. Like how many percent of this design and how many percent on that particular design. But can never know what you will be getting inside as the box does not indicate what design you will be getting.

Be@rbrick are produced in limited numbers only and they will not re-produce the same design, which make it highly collectible and predominantly collected by adults. These Be@rbrick comes in few different sizes as 7cm as the standard call 100% and other sizes would be 50%, 70%, 400% & 1000% so you the math.

Leave you with some of the fabulous Be@rbrick design that has been release in the past years.

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