To All My Dear Friends

I'm writing this is to tell my friends that once we're good friends we're friends forever. There are season to everything. For now we're very close and as time pass we may grow apart but it doesn't mean we're not friends. You've already leave a mark in my heart which it can never be taken away or replaced, that's an assurance I can give you. Some people takes friendship lightly some don't. And some who found their life's partner and lost their close friend. I've experience all these and I've no complain. It's a fact of life and humans are not perfect. I maybe angry at first, but as time flies, it washes away all the sorrows and sadness bit by bit, slowly but surely.

This long walk of life I've encounter so many hardship but yet with every hardship there is always a hidden treasure somewhere. Be it big or small, it doesn't matter as I find every treasures has it's values. I guess the name says it all "treasure" I'm sure it's priceless. All these treasures I come along are all the good people I meet, be it young or old, tall or short. And some have grown very close friends of mine which i treasure and cherish them. And I'm afraid that I might lose them one day, but I guess it's totally out of my control and I'll just have to accept the fate. And of course wish them all the best. I do cherish each one of you dearly and close to my heart. All that I do is for all the close friends that I care and love and tell myself that whatever I do for them, there's no regrets. I've learn to take things more optimistic lately.

Be it happy or sad, life goes on and the sun rises from the east everyday without fail, so why should we dwell into something that is unhealthy. Look at the brighter side of everything and live our life to the fullest and be content and have no regrets and everything we do I guess that is the best we can enjoy our lives. It's always easier said then do but never stop trying cause I don't give up on you and you also don't give up on yourself. I'm always here to lend a helping hand and give you a shoulder to cry on whenever you need me. I may not be a good adviser but I'm always a good listener. At times you see that I'm crazy and I guess everyone has a soft spot inside. Never think you're alone as I'm always there for you, whether we're worlds apart, friendship has no barrier over distance, age or sex. Always bear in mind once a buddy we're always buddy. Never let your fear eats you up inside, if you feel like sharing makes you happier then share. If you're not comfortable share with me it's alright. Share it with someone you think you trust and you feel comfortable if it makes you happier. As long as you're happy, I'll be happy for you as a friend. If you need someone to cry with you, I'll cry with you if it helps you feel better. I've once seen a t-shirt written "It takes a greater man to cry then to hold back his tears" I do believe in that. Always remember, no matter what I'm always here with you. Even though I maybe far away. With just a simple email, SMS or 3G. I'm there. Smile, smile, for you have friends who cares for you.

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