Bad Omen pt. 2

It is not over! It happened just last night when I went out to buy "yao char kwai" for my students as they were saying back in college to do their assignments. Since I am staying so near, thought of paying them a visit with something to eat while they worked on their assignments.

I have no idea what really happened, after buying the food I moved out of the 'pasar malam' (night market) so that I could stay away from the crowd and go get my car that was parked at the end of the road. As I was stepping across the small little drain, I still can't remember whether I slipped or I took the wrong step and there I go, fell into the drain. Now I'm suffering from cuts and bruises, but it's just nothing compare those who have been suffering from emotional turmoil.

Hope this would be the last 'bad omen' for now, as I remember last time I faces a few 'bad omen' before it ended.

Cruel Intention

Once upon a time, I heard story that would never happen in my lifetime but only in movies and dramas you watch in TV. Listening first hand of this story from the deceased sister really shows me that, all kind of people do live among us, wolf in sheep skin.

The story was about this young couple who fell in love with each other in their college years. But as time goes by, the girl was actually demanding the boyfriend to help her with her assignments. Seems like the girl was not really of a bright student and yet she wanted to get a scholarship from the university. Instead of working very hard for the scholarship, she worked very hard to force the boyfriend to do her assignments for her.

Eventually when the guy refuse to do, she would actually get mad and beat the boyfriend and force him to her assignments for her in order for her to get her scholarship. As you can see that, the guy loved her very much and would give in and help her to do her assignments for her. One fine day, the boyfriend has meet with an accident and broke his arm and couldn't even do his own homework. But because he loved her so much, he would again help her to do her assignments despite his own condition as she would actually beat him if he refuses.

When the day comes and she got her scholarship, she actually have the guts to actually tell the guy's family that she actually love his son for his talent and not him in person. As the guy heard it and he got so depress and upset, finally he couldn't take the pain anymore and committed suicide. It is a sad ending for the guy. With no remorse and no tears shed, she moved on her live with her scholarship.

After listening to such story, I never knew such person existed. I do know people who manipulate others but to that extend that could cause someone live. Sometimes i just wonder should this kind of people live among us, but I guess there are definitely monster among us who is dress in human skin and live among us. I guess we need to be extra caution when it comes to friendship and relationship.

The Future Is Near

Is the future or sci-fi movies we see, is just a step away from our daily lives. Technologies are advancing, everything seems possible nowadays. I am to share with you how technologies have advanced, practically everything is wireless and paperless. I guess there are pros and cons in everything we do. I just wonder whether this advancement is being useful or not?

This is what Microsoft have created and it is really cool. You can just download image from you camera by placing on top of the screen, order your F&B through the screen even pay through the screen. You practically don't have to move around to ge things done. Is this good or bad? As technologies getting more advance and we human getting more lazy because everything is just at our finger tips.

Halloween for Everyone

Halloween is just around the corner and I found out some website that actually teaches you how to decorate for this Halloween. As you can see Halloween can be cute and not scary all the time. You can check out Hallmark Magazine on some of these cute Halloween decorations. Besides Hallmark, you can also check out the famous host Martha Stewart on Halloween decorations as well.

If you does not want to get your hands dirty on carving the pumpkin, why not try this Carve a Halloween Pumpkin for fun. Carve all you want, until you are satisfied. Here is my Halloween pumpkin that I've just carved for all of you from Carve a Halloween Pumpkin.

Happy Halloween!!!

Bad Omen

Last night as I was coming back from Subang, I was thinking which way to take to reach my destination. Things were going through my head and as I approached the Motorola bridge, I made a split second decision and turn left off to LDP on my far right lane at Federal Highway. I manage to turn left but I lost control of my car and it almost hit the slope on the right side of the road. I turn my steering wheel back out and without realising it my car hit back to Faderal Highway and spinned facing the on coming cars and stopped in the middle lane. The on coming cars managed to stopped in time.

So is my heart, almost stopped for that split second. Just before the accident, I was telling my friend that no matter what happen I would rather die instead of my friend as I would not want to bear the guilt for killing my friend for the rest of my life. Just right after that I pull that stunt. Just a few days back, as I return to get my car, it was hit by anonymous person and ran off.

Besides that I was having migraine for two days which lasted longer than usual. Supposed to went mountain climbing this morning but I decided not to go as I felt all these are some sort of warning since I've been having all these bad experiences.

Wonder when will these dark clouds clear off?

Double Yay!!!

This is my first time getting these awards ever since I started blogging intensely and seriously since May this year. And I am grateful to share these awards among other bloggers like Mariuca, T.H, Nessa, Jean Chia, yoon see, bonoriau, restnrileks, Dookit, LadyJava, bluecrystaldude, Spiff, The Spaceman, annyboo, mangosteenskin, roxychick, Shinade, Grandy, Metz - EmptyStreets, Debbie and Laketrees given by Emila

I would like to specially thank Emila for bring me to another world of blogging that I never knew and meeting all these new great bloggers around here and there. Especially for you Emila

A friend from the net,
Who loves craft & art.
A friend is hard to get,
That is in close to our heart.

Yay!!! I've Won!!!

Finally after so many years, I've won a something ever since the day I was a Dumax Baby champion, back in the 70's. We were suppose to guess this blogger friend's (Emila) birth time, and the results I manage to get to the closest to her birth time and I won the cute dolly made by her and holding the dolly is her cute son Yassin.

Below are the pictures of me back in the 70's on National Day as the champion of the Dumax Baby. I wonder why all the babies where crying while we won and the mothers were smiling happily. Just wanted to share both this joyous moments with all of you.

Can't wait to receive the gift from Emila and wrap by his son Yassin. What a wonderful gift from the both of them.

Liquor Stall - Preliminary Round 2

1st Proposal

Revision 1

Finally had a meeting on Monday and some minor changes has been done to the original design to cater for more storage space. Besides that the client require the actual wine bottles to be place into the display area with the respective brands of the wine involved. The client was actually giving me a mission impossible to have the 3D by Wednesday afternoon.

I commission a friend to do the 3D and I'll do all the technical drawings. It actually take up quite some time to actually do the final render. So I've to actually burn midnight oil to get all my technical drawings done and emailed out to my friend to work on the 3D. Besides that the client did not provide enough image for the bottles to be displayed and I need to search the internet for images.

I'm really glad that my friend could actually finish it up by Wednesday morning for me to email out by noon. I'm keeping my finger crossed, that they buy my design and get it over with. So far the emails that has been bouncing around the people involved and yet there is not complain.

Child Abuse

Saw a post by a caring mother, Nessa on "Monster Among Us". In her post is about child abuse and I did something similar about it called "I Wish My Parents Were Animal", if you have miss out that post you can definitely drop by and have a look. During then I could not locate the video I wanted to put up by the Ministry of Social Affair, with this video it says it all.

Have a look at the video and think who are more human, us or the animals?

To Tell or Not To Tell?

Have you ever been caught in a situation that one of your friends have bad breath or body odor and you don't know how to convey the message to him/her. I'm sure we have been in a situation where we are sardine packed into a public transport and the person stands beside you have body odor. To be frank I'm a little sarcastic that I would actually show in some gesture that he/she stinks.

But when it comes to your friends, at times I really don't know how to put it into words that it does not hurt his/her feelings. If I'm really close to that friend then it is a different case but if it is someone that you meet.

I do have a bad experience when I first came out to work for a lady boss as an Interior Designer in my mid twenties and my lady boss in her late thirties. We worked in a small office with just partitions between us the employee (only 3 of us) since working in such a small environment, the airs we breath in are practically limited in that air conditioned room.

Whenever my lady boss comes in, we turn our heads to each other and without a word we know where the unpleasant smell comes from. That was not that bad in a sense that she hardly comes in the office, but we discover something shocking when we gathered at the whiteboard for a brief meeting. As she was drawing on the whiteboard and raised her arm, we saw hair!!! Our jaw almost dropped to the floor when we saw that.

And there was once where all four of us needed to go out for a site visit and how unlucky I was to sit behind her. As the car moved forward the smells move backwards. I almost died holding my breath and in the end I could not take it, I opened the window for a breather. Finally all of us left the company to join other companies. I wonder how she is doing now. In a situation like tat how are you going to tell her? She's your boss and she's a lady.

Time Piece

Time is the essence of everything. Everything involve with time and time will never stop ticking, as there is a famous saying, "Time and tide waits for no man". Here is something related to time and accessories to men and women. As time pass, watches has been a part of our lives day in and day out. Here is a few brands that is known to us and yet it cause a bomb to own one, these watches cause a bomb not without a reason. All have their history in watch making.

A watch on our wrist also tells one status, that is what a friend of mine once told me and I find it quite true. If we were to attend events there are definitely a lot of people we don't know and how to tell whether they are rich? We can't tell what clothing brand he/she is wear or what shoe he/she slips on or even what car he/she drives to the event. So by looking at the watch he/she wears, you can tell his status in society.

Every brand of watch has their characteristic that is distinct to the brand. Some how I'm attracted to these few brands of watches like Frank Muller, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Tag Heuer, Omega, and Maurice Lacroix. Rolex may be one of the exclusive watch but I don't like it as the design are far too 'boring' for me. There is this particular brand call TechnoMarine which caught my attention six years ago. I like the watch because it brings both elegant and sporty look into one watch and it blends nicely. You can check it out yourself and if I'm not mistaken there is only one shop in KLCC that sells TechnoMarine.

Christmas Gift

Christmas is just around the corner, I've been cracking my head what to do for my friends this coming Christmas. Last year Christmas gift idea came about two (2) to three (3) weeks before Christmas when I was window shopping at IKEA.

All these while, when I was working as an Interior Designer I get to go around shopping spree with company expenses for beautiful stuff to use as decorations. One of the place would be IKEA and I've been buying these photo frames to use, and find the depth of the frame is quite good to do some decoration in between. So I finally decided to put some ornaments in there and when I saw IKEA selling this tiny lights for Christmas decoration it just enhance my idea to put the lights into the photo frame to create the Christmas feel. Best part was that the lights are battery operated, so I drill a small hole at the back and pull the lights in and decorate it with some ornaments. It was a success.

Now I've already started to think what I should do for the coming Christmas. There are so many ideas running through my head but haven't got something that is solid that I would like to materialise it. Besides that, I was wondering whether to give a mysterious Christmas gift to the one who give the best comment in the post I'm going to create soon, just to attract more people to my blog.

Liquor Stall - Preliminary Round 1

In my previous post on Liquor Stall, it was actually a fight between design one (1) and three (3). And my personal favorite was actually design one (1), the reason I didn't choose design three (3) to develop was because after meeting the client and get a few more information and requirements that I need to comply and finally choose design one (1).

As you can see I'm trying to create a more clean cut and chic design by using a lot of back painted glass and spray paint. One of the requirement was to be able to see through and not block of the view behind, no direct lighting on the liquor as the heat will spoil it. So I've decided to throw the lights from both sides of the panel by using T3 flourescent to highlight the display liquor without creating so much heat.

As for the ceiling part, I've change it smaller to avoid complication in suspending it without from the ceiling, as it is a double volume common area. It would look nice if all the brackets hanging all the way down from such high ceiling.

Finally submitted the drawings to the client, and it is going to take another few days for them to go through meetings to see whether my design is going to use. As there is another company proposed their design. Keeping my finger cross that I'll get this job.

Blog Action Day - Poverty

I've been busy for the past few days and haven't got the time to actually surf the internet for interesting sites and catching up on other blogger. Finally I have time and came across this topic "Blog Action Day - Poverty" in Emila's Emila Illustrated Blog and Nessa's Mumblings blog. Seems like I'm two days behind schedule, but who cares it is for a good course and I'm going to blog about it too.

I did a blog called Mud Cookies and it is about how the third would countries people are surviving by selling and eating this mud cookies. Of course there are stories around, how a country is suffering from poverty and by listening first hand from a close friend of mine who came back from mission trip to Mumbai, India. I'm not there to witness it but by just listening to the stories it is as good as being there, and it just bring tears to my eyes and pain to my heart. Suffering most are the children living in the dumpster.

Just a few weeks back, a dinner gathering with my relatives had brought me to this World Vision, Malaysia attention. It actually helps the needy children around these few countries like India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Thailand and Vietnam. With this website, you can actually sponsor as many children as you wish, with a minimum of RM50 a month for a child. I'll be doing my part soon and I hope you too will join me.

But of course there are other countries as well, that if you would like to involve it the visit the World Vision main website.

Print Ornaments


an accessory, article, or detail used to beautify the appearance of something to which it is added or of which it is a part: architectural ornaments.

As usual, browsing through the internet for interesting blogs and website. I came across Briar Press that offers free ornaments, besides that it actually site that talks about printing and stuff like that. I'm not a graphic students so I don't really need to know all the technical stuff like offset printing. What I'm interested are the ornaments that they offer. With this ornaments I can actually use them as wallpaper design or some other ways I could think of for my handy craft work.

If you like Graphic Design, you can check out this blog Design Is Mine, I found about the ornaments from her blog. I haven't really got the time to go through all of her stuff as it has too many link from here and there. Will definitely find time to actually reach and check out her works.

Taken for Granted

Have you ever felt being taken for granted in whatever profession you are in? I've been working for many years as an Interior Designer and on and off there are definitely people calling for some advice on the interior matters, I'm totally fine with it.

But what I really hate the most is when someone calls and enquires about your service and when it comes to dollars and cents, it is always been the issue. I just wonder does it ever occur to you that good and beautiful things don't come cheap. Being a freelancer is never an easy job, if we quoted to high, clients will run away. If we quoted around the margin, client will insist on discounts.

Clients will never understand what we, Interior Designers have to go through in order to get the design out. To them it's just the end results but to us, working towards the end results take up a lot of our time and our brain juice.

For an example, take a very simple liquor stalls that I've been working on lately. what are the things that we need to consider:-

The location of the stall.
- Next to a full height 30' window, since it is next to the window, I need to consider does the ray of the sun spoil the quality of the wine and liquor? How is my design going to protect the wine and liquor?

The surrounding areas
- In front of the stall, there is a 4' height gondola, so what ever I need to emphasis on the design, needs to be 4' and above. Anything below would be just shelves for storing vine and liquor.
How do they operate?
- Do they need storages? Do they service customer one-on-one basis? Which will determine the position of the liquor and storages are need.

Choice of design.
- ONce a theme/style is determined, material selections have to come into play, when material has been selected, designing and detailing the whole stalls. When two materials meet, how are we going to terminate it so that both materials meet nicely.

- Since it is 30' height area and there is no lighting in the stall. I need to create a celing for the stall but yet I can't suspend it all the way from 30' as it is going to spoil the image of the public area. How am I going to solve the problem?

There are just a few of things that need to consider, and of course if I were to list it in detail, it is definitely more. And this doesn't include the problem faces during installation time. Just imagine it's a home or a shop, how many questions and problems solving we need to go through in order to come out with a beautiful design yet functional. Please don't ever take us Interior designer lightly and for granted as the work we have to go through is not just a few lines on the piece of paper.

Nice to see,
Want to stay?
Please pay the appropriate fee,
For a beautiful home to stay.

~Ken Ong~


Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.

What I've done here is actually provide my blog site address and it will create it from there. If you do not have a blog, no worries. You can even provide all the words you needed to create a "Wordle" You can use this to be a mind map but in an artistic ways to do your assignment for some students. I think it is totally cool, where you can select the type face that suits you and even the color scheme. Just like what I did here. Both uses same link I provide but the effects are different.

Try and probably apply in some of your work or research in the near future. Enjoy!!!

Liquor Stall

Just recently receive a called and asked to do a freelance job and it was introduced by my ex-colleague. I don't really take new clients unless I do know them well. Nowadays getting payment for us, interior designers are always a major problem.

This project is suppose to be a liquor kiosk or stalls just next to a tall full height window. The client wanted the project by Tuesday and it seems and impossible task you have everything ready by Tuesday. I need to prepare Furniture Layout Plan, Elevations, Cut Sections and some Details as well, that only involved the working drawing part. And of course another two 3D perspective for presentation. All this by coming Tuesday is really a bit ridiculous, so I try to drag it till Wednesday but still a bit tight but I don't have a choice.

But seems like it is going to drag a little longer than expected. I'm here trying to rush out all the necessary drawings so that I could send it out to my 3D freelancer to get started and it is going to take another few days. But I guess in this line of duty, client will never understand how we feel when it comes to the process of the drawings. To them it is just lines, to us everything counts, from the line thickness to drawing scale to detailing and problems solving. Every stage relates to one another and it can't be skipped.

Now I'm waiting information to be given to get started, until now the client still haven't come back to me on all the necessary information. By the way, which design do you people preferred or like?

Designer Label Hotels

As you know nowadays fashion labels has branch out into many other things and one of the example would be Architecture and Interior Design. The effort they put into the design are no less then what they put into their fashion design as well. Every aspect of details are looked into to create something that is close to perfection. Listed below are just a handful of Designer Label Hotels and there are more out there.

I just wonder when will I get to stay in one of these hotels?

Armani Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Giorgio Armani has become a definition for fashion, style and design. Now, he is set to extend these sensibilities to encompass the complete experience of hospitality.

Armani Hotels & Resorts will be places that offer the same kind of welcome to guests as he would privately extend to his family and friends.

Embodying beauty, elegance and grace, and located in the world’s major cities and resort destinations, they will define superior service, immaculate design and incomparable luxury.

Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast, Australia

Creating choice and trends in fashion and home style is Donatella Versace's passion. To extend the signature label into a landmark hotel, Donatella brings together inspirations and influences from around the globe - reflecting past and present, classical and contemporary.

Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast Australia. An exquisite, exclusive destination, created for the world to enjoy.

Plazzo Versace is the evolution of the Versace lifestyle, a place of Renaissance splendour, elegance and ease - in a location of breathtaking beauty.

The worlds first Versace hotel incorporates 205 classically elegant rooms, 72 neighbouring condominiums, 3 award winning restaurants and a private marina, on an historic site of the edge of the Gold Coast Broadwater.

The Gold Coast's magnificent waterways, hinterland and white sandy beaches have established it worldwide as a resort destination.

A glorious climate and a cosmopolitan approach to life are the attributes that make the Gold Coast such a perfect locale for meetings, incentives and special events. Naturally, Palazzo Versace, as the Gold Coast's premier holiday destination within a destination, is the preferred choice for every occasion.

Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amista, Verona, Italy

Situated in Corrubbio, in the heart of the Valpolicella area and only 7 km from the centre of Verona, Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà offers a unique and evocative setting with all the characteristics of a classical Venetian-style Villa.
The large building, featuring a 15th century façade by Michele Sanmicheli, had been abandoned for some time before being carefully renovated..

The villa has now been the object of meticulous historical refurbishment, both in terms of the architecture and the paintings and décor. Restoration has been carried out on the central and most monumental part of the villa and also on the two towers, the church and the farm buildings. The extensive gardens offer an evocative setting, with fountains, a swimming pool and a health spa (Dominique and Henri Chenot Institute).

Inside, there is a large hall dominated by a Venetian chandelier and other rooms with elaborate ceiling decoration and murals. There are also three conference rooms, three dining areas where it is possible to enjoy exquisite cuisine (one of which is outdoors) and a large cellar for wine-tasting.

Complimentary transfert to Verona and Opera.

Hotel Du Petit Moulin, Paris, France

A 17th century building occupying the site of an old bakery, the Petit Moulin has been intricately restored to its former glory with the help of avant-garde French designer, Christian Lacroix.

The hotel captures a slice of "old Paris" with maze-like passageways and slightly twisted perspectives, while the decor of each of its 17 rooms is completely unique, portraying different aspects of the historic Marais district. This ranges from the rustic style to a bygone era adorned with Jouy linen and dedicated toile wallpaper to 1960s design classics with pop art and futuristic furnishings.

Bulgari Resort, Pecatu, Bali, Indonesia

Blending the traditional Balinese style with contemporary Italian design, the Bulgari Resort in Bali is located near the village of Pecatu and the stunning clifftop site of the Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple, on the island's far southwestern tip. Uniquely positioned at more than 150 meters above the sea shore, the resrot offers unrivalled views across the Indian Ocean. Nestled between the cliff and the ocean, a 1.5 kilometer long beach is accessible only through the resort's inclined elevator.

Designed by architects Antonio Citterio and Partners, the 59-villa resort reflects a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Balinese design while conveying the distinctive Bulgari Italian style.

The hotel has been built and furnished using hand-cut volcanic stones, rich exotic woods and refined fabrics. Natural lava and palimanan stone are used for the garden and interior walls, refined bangkiray hardwood in the villas, natural green colored subakumi stone to clad outdoor showers, punge and swimming pools. A collection of exquisite Balinese antiques and exotic art pieces, including more than 90 examples, adorn the entire resort. Furniture and decorative details, such as stemware, flatware, ceramics and woven fabrics, have been designed and produced in Bali by a team of local artists and designers in collboration with Bulgari and Antonio Citterio and Partners.

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