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A lot has happen just briefly in a year. Busy with working life and of course freelance and Living Tapestry. I never thought my life would be so drama working in an International ID firm. Made lots of friends and not to mention some enemies as well, I think that is just unavoidable in any situation given. What would be cause? There are just too many possibilities which I wouldn't even bother cracking my head to think about it.
Working in such a big company I thought I would meet some real friends but I guess I was wrong. I wonder why is there still people who wear some kind of invisible glasses to look at you one kind. Just because I'm different? Some seems to be friend but after getting what they really need, you are just out of the picture frame. Some just boss people around and yet does nothing herself.
I guess it's always right to say "You can't make everyone happy", and yet people expect it from others. It's just funny how things work. Working in this new company has opened my eyes to a few kind of people. With this lesson, I am more well equip to protect myself better from getting hurt.
All the best to me in dealing with all these fake people in the office.

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