shi-ki-sa-i [alternative t-shirt]

Ever heard of shi-ki-sa-i? It's what they call the alternative t-shirts by these Japanese designer-duo Noto-Fusai explores the alternative possibilities of t-shirt design, through the use of black print on white surface.

what is shikisai?
Incorporating the interactivity,the mundanity, and the sense of fun, SHIKISAI is trying to explore the alternative possibilities of t-shirt design, through the use of black print on white surface.

shikisai t-shirt collection.
Water comes out of faucet. the loose shoe lace you tie and untie. Very much an everyday situation, ought to be far from things like art / product design / fashion design. But once it is played on the stage of "white t-shirt" starring "black print", it leaps high up to art / product design / fashion design. Scenario is not difficult at all. Very naturally the collection communicates you the designers' intent, excitement and sense of fun.

shikisai designer

Noto-Fusai: husband (noto hirotsugu)

After his sudden resignation from teaching history at high school, he learned design from the designers like Susan Kralovec (everyday studio), Aaron Lown (built new york), Ted Noten and Gijs Bakker(Droog Design). Now in japan, on his native land, he is looking firmly at what he want/can/should do. Shikisai is his first project.

Nato-Fusai: wife (noto miyo)

Graduated the same design school as her husband, KIDI parsons, she chose the career school to learn technical aspect of fashion, like pattern and sewing. At the same time she started her career as an assistant of the costume designer Anan Asuka, under whom she takes parts of accessory design, hair and makeup arrangement for models. The original illusrations of Shikisai t-shirts are all hand-drawn by her.

(info from the main shikisai website)

Take a look at some of shikisai wonderful alternative t-shirt designs, and you will be amaze when you see more designs in their shikisai website. Besides these wonderful t-shirt they design you can take a look at Designer Duo that showcase all their works from canvas to accessories.


[venetian blinds]


Mystery Gift

Finally my mystery gift from Marvic has arrive early yesterday morning. I was eagerly waiting for the mystery gift but when I shake it, I heard some sound inside which leaves me with a bad feeling. As I open it, the mirror were shattered and the frame were broken. I guess POS Laju did not do a good job in protecting their parcels. Thank goodness all the glass that I've sent out to Emila and Cindy where in good condition.

It was a mirror with nicely crafted frame that goes with it, it was a lovely gift but unfortunately by the time it reaches me, I could not enjoy looking myself in the mirror. LOL

Digital Creations

The Star
Friday January30, 2009

Would like to congrats Emila Yusof that one of her works made it to The Star newspaper today. No doubt that Emila's digital artworks are just as good as her paintings itself as I have witness it myself at the
Magic Mirror Exhibition and was cordially been invited by Emila herself.

Keep up the good work!!!

B&B Italia

I have not been blogging about furniture for awhile and I would like to introduce you to B&B Italia, modern & modern classic furniture. You can actually find a few pieces of B&B Italia furniture here in Malaysia. Only sold in exclusive furniture shops, and of course you can even find a few replica of the original piece too.

What I like about this website is, they actually give you almost all the information about the furniture that you are looking for, especially the dimensions of each furniture. Most companies don't give out their furniture information as they are just too many imitation out there and with B&B Italia, they are just not afraid of all the imitations out there. I guess nothings beats the original! I knew about this website few years back and you can actually request for the full set of catalogue they have. Of course it may take a few weeks to months to reach it as I experience it before but at least the full set of catalogue reaches you.

To own a beautiful home, all you need is the right kind of furniture. Hope you find it!

CNY Days

[yee sang]

[mixing up the yee sang, the higher the better :D]

On Chinese New Year's eve is family gathering dinner time, usually my mother's sisters family will come for dinner but this year only one sister family came and of course my brother's in-law too. I find the crowd are just nice but of course the more the merrier, just that my house is small so we usually have dinner at the car porch and take turns to eat as the table is only as big as it is.

Second day of Chinese New Year, lion dance at my house. As you see neighbors were outside watching too. Chinese New Year is never a Chinese New Year if there is no Lion Dance, it is always related. I'm always amazed by these people underneath the lion skin, they do a great job in expressing a lion's move and expression.

As for me, I guess Chinese New Year are the same as the rest of the days, nothing special except for the ang pow received, that is all to it. I have already told myself not to stay for another Chinese New Year, as I'm going to travel during CNY next year onwards. Every CNY I will go travel, I have my reason for doing so.

Gong Xi Fatt Chai!!!!

The cute little mouse is moving out and the strong bull is here to stay. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my friends and fellow bloggers a wonderful year ahead. Since this year is going to be the year for recession, we will work just as hard as the ox to go through this hard ship and reap what we sew. All your dreams come true and most importantly good health all year long!!!

I'm going to leave you a Chinese New Year mv from our local radio station 988. Which I don't really know what they are singing but all I know it all good wishes. That goes the same from me to all of you :)

Half A Day Without Phone

Just half a day without my mobile I feel like a handicap. Can you imagine how we are so dependent on all these technologies that surround us.

I find a lot of things can't be achieve without my mobile phone. I'm suppose to meet a friend after lunch for a shopping spree but I could not get hold of him as I don't have my mobile phone with me. Besides that, when the appointment were made through MSN and he was not online.

And I did not know I've a meeting that last from 11am till like 5pm and it is obvious my shopping plan is cancel. While I'm having my meeting I have a friend of mine help me go and get my phone and I could not get hold of him either as I don't have my phone with me. I find that without my phone there are so many things that can't be achieved.

Sometimes even without internet, I would be complaining of boredom. Can you imagine without my mobile phone and internet?!?!? I think I'll go crazy without both of them, I don't know about you guys but since young I am already fixed to my home phone but now with mobile it is even worst. Just can't live without it. But I do know there are people who can live without them but sorry just to confess I can't!!!

Just few weeks ago, my ipod got stolen when I was in gym. Just a few seconds away from the locker and it is gone. Just never underestimate a thief's ability.

And tonight, two of my Sony Ericsson's S500i and W610i just spoiled. Was having steamboat at one of my student's place and one of them accidently yet carelessly pour some juice over my pants and tee shirt. I was kind of upset and I was drenching wet and wanted to change quickly before the juice actually stained my pants and tee shirt.

Once I changed and quickly put my clothing to dip in water, and without noticing my mobile phones and some cash where in the pocket. When I realised, it is already too late, both my phones were gone. I'm already trying to save my money for these two months as I don't have classes till March. No classes, no money. Now before Chinese New Year I've to spend a fortune to get myself a second hand mobile phone and another one after Chinese New Year.

The chinese people always says, "losing money to prevent a catastrophe", hopefully it did some preventing for me since it is going to cost me a fortune to get myself two mobile phones. Which I'm planning to get second hand instead of brand new ones.

About my ipod, I guess I'll just have to let it go and I don't think I'll be getting it anytime soon as I am considering to get myself a PSP (PlayStation Portable).

Bad Timing

I wonder what is wrong with people nowadays, especially the younger generations. Timing is always the main problems faces by the younger generations nowadays.

Just recently it happened to me and I'm furiously mad. I manage to get five tickets to watch live Battleground (a dance competition shown in Astro) that starts at 7pm at MOS (Ministry of Sound) in Sunway Resort. One of my friend wanted two tickets for herself and the boyfriend and I'm left with three tickets so I ask two of my friend to coming along and I shall name them W and R.

R wanted one more ticket for his friend which I don't have. And I decided to give R the extra ticket and lied to my other couple saying the tickets run out. I was there with W before the show start and waited for R and his friend. One of my friend called me and I invited her since I have one extra ticket and she is free and in Sunway Pyramid. My friends and I waited till 7:30pm which both R and friend still haven't show up and I went in without waiting for them.

By 8:30pm R called me and wanted the tickets. The show is going to end by 9pm since it is a live show in Astro. I was so furiously mad that I did not wanted to answer the call, because I know if I were to answer the call I would have scream at R. As the show ends I just walk another directions with my friends and left the place.

I seriously don't know how come people can be so irresponsible and taking their own sweet time and aspect the whole world to wait for him. This is not the first time it happen and I was being nice that I thought after the first incident he might change but yet this happen again. Sorry to say but this kind of people will never get respect from the society because they never learn to respect others. I should have given the tickets to the couple who wanted to come instead of R and friend.

East is Red Fashion Show

Finally the show is over and I'm glad that it all went well. No doubt that Keith Kee is one of the best designer around town. Besides that Runway Productions too did a really good job in the whole fashion show presentation.

I really had a great time working for Keith Kee Couture and Runway Productions. This was one of the best show I have done so far and I wish both of them more success in the years to come. I would like to share some of my working photos with all of you.

working time, checking the guest list

having fun after the show

A Big Congratulations to Keith Kee

I'm going to leave you with about 16 photos of the guest. (it will take some time to load, so please be patient)
photos courtesy of DKBU

A glimpse of the fashion show. (it about 50 images so it will take some time to load, so please be patient)
photos courtesy of DKBU

TH Purple Flip Flop Pendant Giveaway

TH is having another giveaway, it is a Purple Flip Flop pendant. It is open to all bloggers and the closing date is on 14th February 2009, midnight Malaysia time. Just follow this simple rules and regulations and you will have your chances to win this cute little Purple Flip Flop pendant.

  1. Subscribed to There is Happiness by email. (1 entry)
  2. Blog about this giveaway at your blog and link back to this post. (4 entries)
  3. Make a 125×125 banner link to this post. (4 entries)
  4. Add There is Happiness to your blogroll. (1 entry)
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  6. Twitter the giveaway (1 entry)
  7. Leave comment on what you have done, or else what you did will not be counted.


Few years back, someone pop a question to me which it took me awhile to answer. And now I'm going to ask you the same question my friend asked me few years back.

While you were driving and you saw an terrible accident and you are the only person closes to the incident, would you actually stopped and help the victim or should I say the stranger, as he/she is all bloody.

The friend who pop the question to me said NO, simply because the victim might get his car all dirty with blood stain. But I guess it is not that easy to just help send someone to the nearest hospital or clinic. There is just too many things to consider before we actually helped someone who is injured.

Actually I'm still thinking and I don't have a solid answer to the question my friend asked. I guess it all depend on the situation and bad he/she is injured. I do know, if someone is seriously injured, is best not to move him/her too much. I guess watching Discovery channel do help in time like this.

I did came across an accident which I was in-shock I did not respond and drove off. The accident involved a young man knocking and old man on motorcycle and flew across the opposite direction of the road. I was thinking why the traffic so slow and as I was about to reach the cause of the jam I saw this old man lying on the road with a patch of blood stain all around the head area. I pass through it and went to work. Up till now I still wonder, whether the old man live to tell his story or not?


Main Entry: met·ro·sex·u·al           Listen to the pronunciation of metrosexual
\ˌme-trə-ˈsek-sh(ə-)wəl, -ˈsek-shəl\
Function: noun
Etymology: 2metropolitan + -sexual (as in 2heterosexual) Date: 1994 : a usually urban heterosexual male given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming, beauty treatments, and fashionable clothes

Most man nowadays really know how to take care of their whole outlook, from head to toe, unlike man from the olden days. Now man do spend as much as woman just look good, be it facial treatment of some minor cosmetic surgery in order to look good.

In this modern days, look good is very important and of course, first impression does last, don't you agree? Everything nowadays is very competitive, impressing people with looks and charm is more important then inner beauty nowadays. I do believe that most people goes for the looks first before anything else.

As I have mentioned earlier in my Beautiful People post, that people with good looks be it a man or woman, they always get what they want most of the time simply because they are good looking people. I don't doubt that theory and it is quite true in the world we are living today.

Happy Birthdays!!!

This month is the month of my two best friends birthday, Jimmie Leen(right) and Phirence Tan (middle). Of course we celebrated twice, once in Newway KTV in Puchong and just recently Chilis, a small dinner among best friends.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish my two best friends.

To Phirence,

Happy Birthday!!!

Wishing you all the best in your new job in Bangkok and will definitely miss you. And don't forget our date in Cambodia in October :D

To Jimmie,

Happy Birthday!!!

Wishing you all the best in this coming future and a bright one too. Earning big big bucks and stay away from Gollum (refering to LOTR Gollum)

Desktop Wallpaper

Remember on my All New Tapestry post, I actually create two desktop wallpaper design for my own use. Besides that I like to go Pixelgirl Presents to download desktop wallpaper and the choices are just too many to decide which one to use.

Since I've created the desktop wallpaper, so I decided to send to Pixelgirl Presents to share it to the rest of the world. It has been awhile I submitted the desktop wallpaper and finally it is published in Pixel Presents, I thought they would not published it and since now they published it. It make me want to design more desktop wallpaper to share it to the rest of the world.

Will keep all of you updated if I do have new desktop wallpaper design.

General Knowledge

Saturday January 3, 2009

Whale Of A Catch For Deep-Sea Fishermen

GEORGE TOWN: Four fishermen had a huge New Year’s surprise when an unexpected visitor swam into their nets, 10 nautical miles off the coast of Teluk Bahang.

The group was deep-sea fishing near Pulau Kendi when a 7m-long whale shark got entangled in their trawl nets at 3am yesterday.

“We didn’t know what was in the net, so two of us pulled it up and saw the shark.

“In my 30 years of being a fisherman, I have never seen this. I didn’t even know what species it was,” said fisherman Keh Chai Yang, 52.

They returned to shore with the shark at 5.30am.

Keh said they had informed the state Department of Fisheries of the two-tonne whale shark and would surrender the fish to them.

The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is a filter feeding shark that is the largest living fish.

The slow-moving creature is known for its playful character and poses no harm to humans.

Sunday January 4, 2009

Fishermen Who Caught Whale Shark Maybe Fine

GEORGE TOWN: The four fishermen who caught a juvenile whale shark by accident on New Year’s Day may be fined – the fish is an endangered and protected species.

Penang Fisheries Department director Mohd Najib Ramli said statements had taken from the four and forwarded to the department’s legal unit in Putrajaya for further action.

“It is up to the unit. They may be compounded for catching the fish,” he said.

Mohd Najib said deep-sea fishermen should immediately release endangered or protected marine wildlife that got entangled in their nets.

He said fishermen should be alert and ready to act quickly to release such wildlife.

“They should not leave it in the net.

“If the fish or animal had died while in the net, the Fisheries Department must be notified,” he said in an interview.

On Friday, the shark was caught in fishermen’s trawl nets 10 nautical miles off Teluk Ba- hang.

The 7m-long fish got entangled in the nets at 3am. The four fishermen later returned to shore in Teluk Bahang, with the fish, at 5.30am.

The two-tonne whale shark was surrendered to the state Fisheries Department and hauled to the tuna landing port in Batu Maung by fishing boats on Friday eve- ning.

It was transported to the Fisheries Research Institute (FRI), where it was buried at 3.20pm yesterday – minus its fins and part of its tail.

Najib said the parts cut off would be sent to the Turtle and Marine Ecosystem Centre (Tumec) in Terengganu for research.

“In about one month, we will take out the whale shark’s bones and send them to Tumec where they will be put on exhibition,” he said.

The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is a filter-feeding shark known for its playful character.

It is the largest living fish that poses no harm to humans.

Tuesday January 6, 2009

Four Whale Shark Fishermen Could Escape With Warning

GEORGE TOWN: The four fishermen who caught a juvenile whale shark by accident on Jan 1 might only be given a warning if their claims that they had no intention of catching the endangered fish are true.

Penang Fisheries Department director Mohd Najib Ramli said the department’s legal adviser would investigate the fishermen’s claims before determining the next course of action.

“It would normally take about three days for the compound directive from the headquarters but not in this case as this is a bit more complicated.

“We must make sure the whale shark was not caught intentionally,” he said in a telephone interview yesterday.

Citing an example of a similar case a few months ago, Mohd Najib said the fishermen were let off with a warning after the legal officer found that the catch had been unintentional.

Mohd Najib also said fines imposed by the department varied but would not exceed a maximum of RM30,000.

Fisherman Keh Chai Yang, when contacted, said it would be unfair to them if they are fined because they were not aware that the whale shark had become entangled in the net.

“It was only when we tried to pull up the net that we saw the fish but it was already dead. If we were to leave it in the sea, the carcass would surely pollute the water.”

Keh said they were already bearing the cost of repair for the net which was damaged when pulling the two-tonne whale shark up to the shore.

“Some of our fishing equipment was also damaged,” he said, adding that he hoped the authorities would be fair to them.

The 7m-long fish was caught in the fishermen’s net about 10 nautical miles off the Teluk Bahang coast.

As you can see these articles from The Star newspaper, how absurd? Fishermen who fishes all his life and does not know what he catches. I guess I have been watching too much TV and at least I know what a whale shark is and look like.

I guess Astro did a very good commercial and it even makes a Makcik that stays away from the city knows so much. General knowledge is really important at least it won't get you in trouble like those fishermen.

8 Months Ago


After talking to some of my friends about our childhood lives and all the inexpensive games we use to play during our schooling years. Come to think of it, it is slowly vanishing. As modern technology like PSP, X Box, Nintendo or PS is slowly replacing all these inexpensive games.

Pick up stick, it is definitely an interesting game and yet cheap too. Collect all the necessary satay stick, any many as you wish. Clean them up before using it. Gather all of them and let go and let it fall randomly, after that each one take turns to get as many sticks as possible until non is left. By the end of the calculate how many stick each players has. Of course the one with the most stick wins. And of course you can make it more interesting by painting the tip of the sticks with colours, each colour represents different points.

Bottle caps, one of my favourite games played during my secondary school years. Just collect five bottle caps, stack them up and spin them. See where it spin off too and take out one bottle cap and leave four of them to let other players to decided which bottle cap to shoot another bottle cap. Once the task is complete, put the bottle caps on your hand and flip it to mid air and see how many you could catch and that would be your points. Play as long as you wish and by the end see who has the most point. When a task is fail to perform and it goes to the next player.

Five stone, it is actually five packet of rice or beans inside each of these small little packet of cloth about 1" x 1" or 1.5" x 1.5" not bigger than 2". And one of the simplest game with 5 or 6 task to complete and at the end of the 5 or 6 task you calculate your points by flipping it to mid air and see how many you could catch and that would be your points, its about the same with bottle caps but instead of bottle caps but these five cute little bag.

Ice cream stick, most likely a one on one game. This is usually in between class or nothing else to go kind of game. Place the ice cream stick directly opposite each other and try to blow the ice cream stick above the other one. Whoever get to over come the other ice cream stick wins the game.

Of course there are more inexpensive games that I use to play and I think if I were to list, it is going to very long so I just cut it simple and short with just these few games.


Was having dinner with my friend, and suddenly there is this huge blind man slowly approaches. But before he reaches out table, I realise something fishy. I noticed that the huge blind man only approaches table that actually have people, those without, he just skipped them.

Me and my friends finally decided to test it out before he really approaches. We keep very quiet as though we are not there and yet he approach our table and keep asking for money. We have been dining there quite some and the same thing happens over and over again. So you think he's fake or not? Only he knows.

And of course sometimes people beg because he/she was being force too. I use to work in Ipoh Road for three years and there is the old lady keep asking people for money. Keep asking for RM1, she would not settle anything less than RM1. During then I was actually working in the same company with my aunt and she ask the old lady why is he begging for money? She answer "Need money for food" and my aunt buy her lunch and not giving her a single cent.

After awhile, we found out that she actually begged the money for her son to go Genting and gamble it off. That is totally wrong but I guess she does not have a choice because if she did not begged enough her son would bash her up with bruises all over her face.

Sometimes it is just hard to judge what is right to do here. As for the so call blind man, nobody know what is the reason he is faking it or he is really blind which he didn't do a good job to convince me that he is blind. As for the old lady, if she don't begged enough money, she will get beating and if she begs enough, she would actually spoiled her son and if we give, we are indirectly helping his son to gamble and if we don't give this poor old lady will get the beating.

To give or not go give?

Web of Deception and Lies

Max just found a new job, soon after that he made friends with everyone and of course some will be better friends where you can share almost everything.

Of course as days go by their friendship grows and more things are being shared. But little did Max know, he was slowly stepping into a web of deception and lies.

Max thought the friend he trusted was a good person and pour almost everything out to him. But just as Max turn around, his so call "good friend" betrayed him. The best part was he slowly throwing out Max secrets to others. One fine day Max was approach by other about his secret then only he realised he had being set up and fallen into his web of deception and lies.

Wearing a mask to be friend with someone is only a jerk's doing. Max took a great deal of time to get healed from trusting people. It is so hard to get himself loose from the web as the so call "good friend" was really a great actor that Max could not believe what he saw.

Betrayed by someone you trusted and cared about is the worst. All your hopes and trust just wash down the drain that instant, making Max so careful in choosing his friends in the near future. As Max tried to forget nothing has happen just be friends but it seems impossible as the cut was very deep.

Dog That Shoplifts

MURRAY (Utah): A thief remains at large after pulling off a daring heist - in the pet food aisle.

Surveillance video at a supermarket in this Salt Lake City suburb caught a dog shoplifting, KSL-TV reported on Wednesday.

The video showed the dog walking in the front door of Smith's Food & Drug in Murray, and heading straight to Aisle 16, the pet food aisle, where it grabbed a bone worth US$2.79 (RM9.81).

The thief wasn't even perturbed by a face-to-face confrontation with store manager Roger Adamson.

"I looked at him. I said 'Drop it!'" Adamson said. "He looked at me, and I looked at him, and he ran for the door and away he went, right out the front door." - AP

After reading this article that was published on THE STAR newspaper on Saturday 27 December 2008. I was thinking to myself, is it really the economics getting that bad as what the economist has predicted until dog have to shoplift in the supermarket? As the jobless rates is going to increase even more in 2009 as recession might hit again.

How long is this going to last and is everyone prepared for this hit in our economy. Without money, it is just hard to survived in this crazy urban city and even more so for those who have a family to take care of. No matter when the recession is it coming or when is the exact time. But it is better to get ourselves prepare for it and it is going to hit big.


Remember I have this toy on New Years Day, It actually have a name and it is called Sunny Twin from one of the Dooodolls™ series. What Cindy told me, it actually represent a zodiac sign and I went to dig up more info regarding this soft toy that I have. And to my surprise, it is actually by one of the local graphic designer, Darren Chen. Just a brief story on how this company started from a mere hobby to a full fledged business.

The brainchild of Malaysian graphic designer, Darren Chen, Dooodolls™ founded in 2004. With the help of partners ,business has expanded exponentially. While Chen is the chief designer and creative director of Dooodolls™ Chew and Ong are in charge of the business side of the company.

This Malaysian-born company is seeing success not just on our own shores; the dolls made such a hit at the yearly toy fair in Germany & Hong Kong that a few foreign companies snapped them up. As such, Dooodolls™ now also available in parts of Asia, Europe and the United States.

Each and every Dooodolls™ skillfully hand-stitched to perfection. With 17 different designs and more to be introduce, each doll is uniquely named and boasts an even more unique character. They do, nonetheless, share a few common traits—they are all adorable and friendly, but ever-so-slightly naughty and mischievous. Just don’t take them too seriously!

Besides these unique soft toys, Dooodolls™ do have their own comics and animations which you can check them out in their website. Besides just soft toys, there is a whole range of other stuff like accessories, paper + prints, plushes & tees available as well.

With this story, the more so it makes me realise that sometimes dream do come true. Nothing is impossible if you put your heart to it and with the right contact, your dreams will take flight.

Four Seasons of Loneliness

Spring is here, and the flowers are blooming in their splendid colours,
but where is my love that is waiting to bloom in this beautiful hour.

The bees are attracted by the flowers that bloom,
and my love attracts nothing but loneliness and gloom.

When the summer sun is shining bright and hot in the sky,
but my love desire grows as the day goes by.
And the flaming fire in my heart is ignite,
yet I cry myself to sleep at those lonely nights.

As the green turns red, brown and yellow,
but my love goes on to turn blue and mellow.
The beautiful warm autumn colors that decorated the tree,
make my love wonder and free.

When the leafs wither away and comes winter,
so is my love that wither away too and makes me bitter.
The snows gracefully falling down from the sky like clover,
And my feeling for love just freezes over.


How to Paint Glass

Finally I manage to get this How To Do Glass Painting up in my blog. I hope my instructions are clear. It may seems easy but trust me it is not that easy after all, unless you have a steady hand when you are drawing your design. As that is the hardest part in glass painting, especially drawing on a surface curve.

1. Spirit
2. Glass painting
3. Glass container
4. Out liner
5. Brush
6. Cotton bud

Before you start, just pour some spirit into the glass container to dip your brush. The spirit will prevent the glass paint to harden. So wash your brush with the spirit every time after use. Besides that wipe the surface you wish to paint with spirit to remove all the dust and oil.

Use the out liner to draw on glass, any design you desire. Imagine that is just a pencil in you hand, draw as you wish.

In order to erase of what ever you don't like, dip the cotton bud into the spirit and wipe off the unnecessary lines.

Once your design is done and let the out liner to dry in about few minutes, right after that you can start putting on the paint.

As you can see, this is just a few finish products that I have done as Christmas presents for my friends.

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