51th Independence Day; Merdeka

A friend actually showed me this TVC and I believe this was last year Petronas commercial for 50th Malaysia Independence Day. I've not watch TV for a long time and I find it very interesting and use it for my blog. And I wonder whether is Leo Burnett still holding the Petronas account, because they never fails the touched the heart of Malaysians with their Petronas Independence Day commercial.

Mix marriages are definitely common in Malaysia, my brother is married to an Indian, and so are my cousins. Talk about muhibbah.

Our friends come from all races, and I miss my two Indian girl friends Easwary and Devi from college, they though me how to speak Tamil and sing too. Besides that the Indian culture and food as well, not forgetting ‘Thosai Masala’ and ‘Chuttney’ I may have lost contact with them but the memories will always live. Of course not forgetting my ex-colleague Grace where we work and sit side by side, joke together and get in lectured by boss together too.

My good friend, Khusaimi, ex-colleague and once a business partner as well. Happily married with a bunch of kids, probably creating his own football team. Still in contact but we’re busy with out own life, we do meet up once a blue moon to catch up with each other. Still remember once his father in-law wanted to convert me to Muslim because I’m almost there in every occasion from ‘Aquiqah’ to ‘Raya’.

And not forgetting an ex-colleague Farha, who tough me my favorite dessert, Apple Crumble. We are still in contact either through phone or Facebook. Seems like Raya is coming, I wonder will I be invited or should I self invite myself in most occasion which I know she’s more then willing. And she knows I love ‘Rendang’ and ‘Serunding’ and I love eating with my hands with them, just makes me feel at home. Come to think of it, I miss all of them.

Out of the three TVC I like this the most. It does show the innocence in a child that race is racing, and not what race we are. We are all the same, Malaysians be it Malay, Chinese or Indian.


What had happened to the eve descendant? Isn't “Eve” supposed to be lovely and gentle, but what I see nowadays was really a shock to me. It might be just a certain percentage of ladies are like this but still at times it just really spoil ones appetite and change your perception toward “Eve”.

This photo was taken when my friend and I were having lunch at Mc .Donald. She was actually sitting alone and she actually took of her shoes and put her legs on the chair opposite her. And she was wearing a long skirt. “Hello!” This is not your house, it is a public area. If a man where to sit like that and its rude somehow it is understandable but a woman? This is unacceptable. Why? Somehow woman is supposed to be gentle and sweet not what you see in the picture.

Boticelli painted Venus in a beautifully and gentle gesture, you don't see him painted Venus spreading her legs and stand. Even from the past, woman has been portrait as gentle being, but what has happen that the woman that has evolved to what you see nowadays? Totally nothing close to what you see and read from the past.

Basic Instinct

When I first lay my eyes on this print ad, it just catches my eyes and I find it very good for a camera print ad. And it just reminded me of a story I once heard long time ago. And some of you might have heard this story as well before. I'm going to briefly tell the story.

The story is about this two animals, a pigeon and a scorpion. One find day, the scorpion reaches the river bank and wanted to cross over but he has no way of crossing it as the current was very strong. And he saw the pigeon near by and approaches the pigeon and asked for the pigeon's help to bring him over to the other side. The pigeon refused because he is afraid that the scorpion might just sting him. Then the scorpion promised the pigeon that he won't, as he has nothing to gain from it. Finally he managed to convinced the pigeon to fly him on his back across the river. Half way through the journey, the scorpion got scare as the pigeon fly higher and higher and stung the pigeon. The pigeon and the scorpion drown, both died.

The story is telling how one animal basic instinct reacts when something happens. So I find that this commercial was too real and with the right slogan "Auto Focus". I coudn't help but to find it funny and yet very true. That would be the male basic instinct to auto focus at the boobs, where the focal point is. You can't blame the man as this is their basic instinct.

Rainy Season

Rainy season finally come,
Showering me with moodiness.
Rainy season when will you go,
Leaving me in gloominess.

Rainy season has arrived,
Leaving me with flu and cold.
Rainy season please leave,

I want back my health and gold.

Student's Work; Apartment Living (pt.1)

This was my 1st year 2nd semester student's work. I was really impressed with her work as everything was neatly done and the colored used are really good. There is one major set back for the design would actually be the Dining Area smack in the center of the walk way leading from entrance to Living Room. Overall concept and design are good, just a little set back here and there. For a 1st year 2nd semester students to produce such work is consider very good.

Of course there are a few more good ones which I haven really got the time go photographed them. Some students really have good ideas but it just doesn't reflect in their working drawings and perspective. They should find out where their weaknesses are and work harder on that area, so that all areas are balanced up. After months of teaching, you can really who are the ones who can make it in the design work and who can't.

I find that a lot students actually keep everything to themselves even problems arises. I've no idea whether I’m too fierce or too friendly with the students at times. To me everybody has equal rights to learn, but whether you can learn and absorb as much as you can is another thing. Always learn to be observant in everything you do, everything you see and hear are information. How you use this information and put them into ideas?

Furniture Layout Plan

Sectional Elevations

Isometric View

Perspective View of Living Room

Perspective View of Dining Area

Perspective View of Daughter's Room

Perspective View of Son's Room

After looking at the images, what do you people think of my students work?

Collectibles: Coca Cola

Different people collect different kind of things as hobbies. And I've chosen Coca-cola as my collectibles. I was actually introduced by a friend of mine who studied in Australia. When he came back he showed me these cute little coke cans which you can never find them in Malaysia back in those days. Since then I developed and interest to collect Cokes.

Whenever my family and relatives goes trave, they'll get me Coke from which ever countries they travelled to. In Malaysia, some how Cokes are not really that interesting compared to other countries. I have no idea why but that is the way. I do have bits and pieces of the Cokes collectibles compare to some of those hardcore fans. Recently I came across a website for Coke collectibles in Hong Kong and there are so many Coke cans and bottles design which I wish to own and obviously the price is not cheap.

A brief history lesson:
Coca-cola is a carbonated soft drink sold in stores, restaurants and vending machines in more than 200 countries. It is produced by The Coca-cola Company and is often referred to simply as medicine when it was invented in the late 19th century by John Stith Pemberton, Coca-Cola was bought out by business man Asa Griggs Candler, whose marketing tactics led Coke to its dominance of the world soft drink market throughout the 20th centry.


24 7 I think of you
24 7 I miss you so
24 7 you drive me crazy
24 7 you make me sad

24 7 I can’t be with you
24 7 I know you don’t love me
24 7 you had your heart somewhere
24 7
you have gone

“8 Items and Below” Lane

“8 Items and Below” Do you know how to read?!?!?! To my surprise, there are still a lot people who are uneducated? There were so many times when I was queuing on this lane patiently to pay for the item I’m buying, but there are still some uneducated morons with more than 8 items queuing to pay at this lane, wasting our time who knows how to read simple instruction like “8 items and below” only. I’m sure pre-school kids would even understand how to read that sign.

I think those who know me well, know that I am a little out spoken and exercise my rights. So I actually asked the cashier right in front of the customer “Isn’t this lane for 8 items and below?” The cashier answered casually “Yeah, it is. Just that some of these people don’t know how to read and they are tired to keep telling them the same thing over and over again?

I wonder who is at fault here, the cashier or the customer. I think both are at fault here, the cashier should be stricter to actually ask the customer to queue at the right lane once they found out it is more than “8” items. And the customer should take responsibilities and learn to observant which lane they are suppose to be in. It is really frustrating to actually see people queuing at the wrong lane and wasting our time and pretend nothing just happen. This is just totally bad and how it actually reflects how Malaysians are? I guess they are holding on to the famous Malaysia motto, “Malaysia Boleh” (Malaysia Can). So to them, everything also can, can act stupid when you are at fault, can just cue at 8 items and below lane, when it is so obvious it is more and think everybody is stupid in fact he/she is the stupid one.

I am definitely going to send an email to the Jusco and see what exactly would they actually answer or do anything about it.
I totally think that everyone of you should exercise your rights. Don’t just sit there and do nothing, don’t let people walk you all over when you know they are at fault.


Dreams are images or motion picture that keeps playing while we are sleeping, particularly related to rapid eye movement (REM). Up to date nothing solid has been understood what are dreams is all about and the scientist who study of dreams are known as oneirology. I tried to study and so some research about dreams, it is just too hard for me to swallow. Our brains are just too complicated and all the scientific terms is killing me.

Usually I’m just too tired to dream when I’m sleeping and even if I do have dreams, I seriously can’t remember what my dreams were. It is just funny how it just slipped of my mind. I do remember I had dreams but the content was totally erased from my memory. At times it is only bits and pieces of it still can’t patch back to the full image. So most of the I would actually just erased it off and not waste much time on recalling back what I have dreamt because I think it is nothing significant.

Somehow I last night I had the weirdest dream, some of my friends where in it.
Before the dream starts I guess I was in the REM mode, images flashes by then suddenly it stopped and became motion picture. I was having great time with my friends and this particular friend I’ve not talked to him for awhile, somehow we have grown apart and became stranger. But in the dream we were very close. That was the happy moment of it, and then the turning point started.

I wanted to go to the washroom and I’ve no idea the switch were and finally I saw my friend, he showed me the way to the washroom and he went in first and I follow behind. Before I actually entered he pushed me out and closed the door behind him. He told me that people are doing some ritual in there. So we went out for a walk, from a distance we saw a family walking in the park and suddenly we saw a flock of dogs running towards the family and attacking them viciously. We were so scared that we try to climb on something high above the ground. Then I saw some of the kids were bitten by the dogs and tearing them apart. Suddenly I didn’t know where I find the guts to grab a chair and start running towards the dog to chase them away.

Before I reach the kids my phone rang and I was woken from the nightmare.
I still have no idea what the dream as all about? Is it because, I have been thinking about this friend lately and he appears most in my dream. Or it is telling me to do something about our friendship? Sometimes I just wish things didn’t go wrong and nothing would have happen. But I guess time and tide wait for no man, what is done is done. The only thing we can do is to courageously face it.


So far this would be the best movie Pixal has produced. The story line is great and how the whole thing was wrapped up, it was neatly done. The story line I would say is simple, but it does reflect how we lived our life. How Wall.E cultivate a character? Why humans have live in space?

I would say this story touches every issues of life aspect. From love to saving out planet, these would be the main point of the story. How humans has lost the love for one another, living only for themselves only. The lonely Wall.E has cultivated a character and emotions, just like human being. On the other hand, humans only depend on technologies and have become lazy and lost the human touch.

Every single part of the movie is information, even at the end of the movie where the credits goes to the crew are stories. If you are observant enough, the stories are told in a very special way. If you know your art well then you can actually tell the whole concept of the ending part, how the whole story is wrapped. Go and watch the movie and share your ideas on the ending part of the story, whether you are observant enough to interpret the ending part of the story.

Man In The Mirror

Just recently I was at the premier for Mirror the horror movie. I’m not going to elaborate much about the movie as it is not that nice as I expected it to be. But anyway, have you ever questioned yourself that, who is the man in the mirror you see? Do you fully understand the man you see in the mirror? I know it is you that you see in the mirror but sometimes you just don’t understand what exactly you want in life, what you want to do with your life. In other words, you are lost.

I guess in our walks of life, at one point we will stop and ponder where should we go are we going to the right directions or are we lost? It is always good to look into the mirror to remind us that we should be grateful that we are still alive and well. Besides that everyone should look at its best and presentable at all times. Looking good does elevate ones confidence to present yourself in public. I’m not denying that I am vain that I tend to look at anything that has reflection. Keeping myself checked that I look good and presentable at all times. I don’t know about you people but I’m not denying it.

Beside that, do you like what you see in the mirror?
Everyone should be grateful with what they have but some are just not satisfied and happy with what they see in the mirror. But with technologies nowadays almost anything are possible. It is just whether you have the courage to go under the knives. Anyway such cosmetic surgeries are getting more common among Malaysians. To be frank, if I’m financially stable I would have done something about it. Would you do it if you have the cash?

Never Give Up

After looking at those pictures, how do you feel? I find it very amazing, how a dog lost two front legs still would walk despite the difficulties. This is to prove that one will power to survive is so strong despite all the challenges he faces. I guess it is in his animal instinct that no matter what he has to survive and this harsh terrain.

But if a dog could do it, why couldn’t we human beings do it as well? I see that some people totally can’t accept the fact that, they are incomplete or should I put it disable after some freak accident. They start putting blames to others instead on focusing on how to live a better life with what they have now. Somehow I find that people in the west are more independent when it comes to cases like this. After all the bad experience, they manage to stand up and face the world with their incomplete form with courage. In some case, after some freak accident all they wanted to do and say it “Please let me just die, I don’t want to live anymore.” I think that would be any normal reaction, but what would your family and friends think? That is not the end of your life but a new challenge that you need to face in live that is all.

The dog has actually given a lot of hope to the hopeless, it is obvious that the dog is a working dog that visits children and hospitals to encourage people with his disability that life doesn’t just ends there. There is more to life then just waste it like that. Hope that this story would encourage some of you and touched your life.

1000 Places To See Before You Die

Do you have a plan to see 1000 places before you die? One of my travel buddies told me about this book called 1000 Places To See Before You Die. There is lots of interesting places mention in the book and now of course they have an official website as well. I have not gone through the website so I can’t really elaborate more on it.

Some of the places mentioned are really interesting but whether it is affordable is another issue. I do have my own list of things to do and see before I die. So far, I’m lucky enough to get to travel a few places already, mostly in Asia continent because it is more affordable for the time being. Besides that I’m trying to travel at least once a year for an overseas holiday. Travel to a foreign land and experience their cultures and listen to their stories, these kind of experience and feeling money can’t buy. And every time I look back at the pictures taken while traveling, it does bring back some good memories and feeling while I am there.

Now there are a few things I would like to do and the coming years. To climb the Mount Kinabalu and to learn scuba diving and go to Sepadan Island before the carols die off. Next year I would like to go Angkor Watt, Cambodia and the year after that would be Japan in 2010. Seems like a bit greedy, trying to do so many things in such short period of time, I guess life is short. Try to do it while you are still able before it is too late. Of course everybody has different priorities in life, some would be just getting married and have a family, some would be trying to work very hard to have a better life.

What I’ve mentioned are just between this two years, of course there are more places I would like to go like Europe and United States. That would need more time to plan for it and more cash needed to save for these kinds of trip.

My 100th Post; Apple Crumble for Everyone

Been blogging for awhile and finally it reaches my 100th post. Can’t imagine I manage to write for that long. Most of the time, it would have died down after awhile blogging but to my surprise I’m still blogging. I really enjoyed blogging as it really helps me to express my thoughts and feelings. It keeps my brain running and working, if I don’t keep my brain exercise I might be slowing down before I even reach fifty.

Anyway it is my last day of holiday, and I made Apple Crumble for a few close friends of mine.
And I’m grateful to have this recipe from another close friend of mine, where we worked together before. She introduce me to this Apple Crumble that she made, I fell in love with it right that instant and ask her for the recipe. And she is kind enough to share with me her recipe and now I’m sharing with all of you.

5/6 apples depending size
Sugar and cinnamon powder add according to your own flavor

½ cup sugar
1 cup butter
2 cup self-rising flour

1. skinned the apples

2. after that cube it or slice it up to you
once that is done, pour in sugar and cinnamon powder to marinate the apple overnight
pour the marinated apple into a bowl. For my case I separate them for easy serving
5. pour the sugar, butter and self-rising flour into another container to mix them up (don’t let the butter melt, mix it while it’s still hard to create the rough texture)

6. after that pour the mixture into the container that has the marinated apple
7. put into oven bake for 30min at 230º C

(serving for 5 pax.)

1. skinned the apples

2. after that cube it or slice it up to you

3. once that is done, pour in sugar and cinnamon powder to marinate the apple overnight

5. pour the sugar, butter and self-rising flour into another container to mix them up (don’t let the butter melt, mix it while it’s still hard to create the rough texture)

6. after that pour the mixture into the container that has the marinated apple

7. put into oven bake for 30min at 230º C

What you see here is serving for 6 pax it is because I need to give a few close friends of mine. Five would be the right amount. There is one more tip on how this Apple Crumble to be eaten, try to serve while it is warn with ice cream topping. Trust me, it is heaven!!!

Create Your Own Image

Just discover a website call FaceYourManga.com that allows you to create your own face. It is quite interesting and it took me quite sometime to find the right combination to fit everything accordingly. I know the image looks much better than I am but it’s just for the fun of it. By the way it is suppose to be comical, so why so serious just have fun with it. You can create as many looks you want until you’re satisfied. Use in on your msn, yahoo, anyway you can think off. Have fun working up your own face, it’s a painless surgery besides that it is free.

Forwarded Mails

It is totally norm nowadays to receive forwarded mails from family and friends. I do have my regular suppliers of forwarded mails and I have my regular clienteles to forward my mails. There are so many kind of emails that I received that at times I’ve to totally just clear of my mail box that I know that I don’t have time go through them. Basically I only go for emails that have pictures and videos the rest I just delete them.

There is one particular email I don’t forward as well, it is email about a particular person.
For an example like the content would have this person photo and stories that written bad things about him or her. First of all I don’t know the person, it is unfair for me to forward out the email and spoil his or her reputation. How would I know, maybe the person who first started to email about it, he or she is the main mastermind who is all out to destroy that someone’s life.

The other emails that I wouldn’t forward would be anything related to our Malaysian Government.
I guess I watched too much TV as you will never know when your emails have been screen through. For all you know even your phone calls as well. You will never know how capable one government can do. I wouldn’t want to risk it all for just one forwarded mail, it is totally not worth my time spending in jail. That is how I see it but I’ve no idea what you people are thinking. I do know some people just forward mails without thinking the out come and chain reaction that could cause by just an email.

Eat To Change The World

Found one good reason for being a vegetarian, to save our mother earth, nothing to do with religion or getting slimmer but purely to preserve the environment. I guess the main thing is we got to stop eating fast food. That is the hardest part as I love fast food. And those of you who knows me best, knows which fast food chain is my favorite. Why I say starting with fast food? I will just slightly elaborate the situation.

Fast food chain is expending to feed the demand of the market as the population grows.
So with this demand, we need to have more cows to be slaughter to produces beef patty for consumption. Where do we house all the cows? We need to cut down trees to build ranches to house the cows. One more information I’ve is that the cow dropping produces Methane (CH4) gas that is five times worst than Carbon Monoxide (CO2). Just Carbon Monoxide (CO2) itself already enough to destroy the ozone layer can you imagine with Methane (CH4)? To produce beef for consumption, thousand or even millions of cows are needed. Can you imagine how much Methane gas has produced to destroy the ozone layer? This is just the base of the problems, as I’ve not even mention the factory side and transportation to the outlet and supplies to the stalls. All these uses up energy and resources that would easily contribute to the ozone layer depletion.

Besides the ozone layer depletion, when trees were cut down, the production of oxygen are being cut down too and yet the population of human kind keeps increasing. And the air qualities nowadays had dropped compared to last time. With poor air qualities, a lot of sicknesses are bound to happen. I know it sound ridiculous to actually follow exactly what the environmentalist do but it is a step we got to take, a step to save out Mother Earth. The choice is in our hands. We can’t change things with just blink of an eye, it might take months or even years to change one habit, but at least some effort has been made. As the world temperature increases, catastrophes bound to happen. When that happens, everything is too late.

Change Climate Seminar

On August 5th, 2008 I post an article regarding a seminar on how to use kitchen waste to create enzyme that would help to change climate. I try to recruit people to go with me on this talk, at first everyone was very exited about it but in the end left only me and my friend when to this talk.

To my surprise there were more veteran there than youth there with ratio about 60:40. While waiting, there were video clips playing on the big screen on how the world has gradually changed. And of course with the emcee telling us information on how the earth has changed. It is knowledge that I think most people should know. Do you know all these while the overall earth temperature was below 0 degree (take all the temperature in the world add them up and divide it) until 1980 it actually move above 0 degree. In 2005 it reaches 0.8 degree and up to date it has reaches 0.9 degree and soon it will reach 1 degree.

With this temperature increase it affect a lot of things from agriculture to coral reefs, everything change just because the world climate has change. I will actually elaborate more on how this changes causes chain reaction and why do we go vegetarian probably on the next article. But now I’m leaving you some exercise that could helps to save our beautiful planet Earth at a minimum cost.

Behind The Scene

I have heard so many stories here and there about the lives of models and celebrities that some people hate the fact they are wearing mask to meet people as some people quote as fake. As I would see it as work that is the line they walk in they need to play the game.

Sacrifices need to be made in order to go in this field, something that can’t be avoided.
Things you like to do or secrets you need to hide. As I have always mentioned in some of my articles that life is tough, just prepare for it no matter what it takes move on since you have already chosen the path. I do come across that people who totally disagree with that I think of the industry is like. You only live your life once, no matter how hard it is, make the best out of it. If your goal is to make money, go and bitchy and make as much money as you possibly can. If you goal in life is to stay calm and away from the public eye, so be it.

Everyone chooses their path to walk and no matter what, we can’t change the course of their journey but only advice and support them only. At the end of the day, they are the ones that are holding the steering wheel. All the best to your destination.

3 Months Ago

It has already three months and yet every time I look at the comic or even read about the stories it still bring tears to my eyes. I wonder how they are doing despite the Olympic games are going on in Beijing.

Self Destruction

Does one needs to be self destructive when a relationship turn sore? I just wonder why we need to take such steps. Isn’t any other way to get you out that situation besides self destruct? I’ve see so many case that people would actually slowly destroying themselves as the relationship gone bad.

Whether it’s your fault or the other person’s fault, self destruct is never a solution to anything gone bad. I totally think it is stupid if that is your only solution. Slowly leading your life into depression and getting yourself into unnecessary trouble are only the acts of a stupid person who don’t value their own life. Your parents have given you life to live and not to destroy it. Life is never sweet, but always bitter sweet. If your life is always sweet then I guess you still haven’t taste the real sweetness in life until you taste the bitter of life.

In everything we do, there are always ups and downs, that is how things the work.
That makes our life interesting and challenging. If we can’t even escape from such troubled times, I think it is really hard for you to survived in the harsh concrete jungle we lived in. Learn to be strong, learn to stand up when you fall, you can’t always depend on your family and friends. There can’t be there for you everything you fall or make a mistake. This are life’s lesson you learn and for yours to keep. The value of it? Priceless.

Condo Project @ Sierramas

Come to think of it I’ve not actually publish any of my work as an Interior Designer. I went through my computer files and realize that I've these pictures taken about a year ago in August '06. Now I'm making full use of them by publishing them here in my blog. I’ve been working for people and obviously most of the work I can’t simply publish here on my blog as it is copyrighted to the companies I’ve worked with. The one that you see here was actually a freelance job I did. Thanks to my friend and his wife for giving me the opportunity to design their lovely crib for them.

Doing any project is never an easy task, requirement from client are always top priority. Getting the design out and putting it into papers take weeks and sometimes long as changes need to be made if the client is not satisfied. But of course as a good designer, always convince your client that your ideas work unless proven otherwise. If your ideas and designs are good, let your drawings do the talking.

Anyway hope that you like what you see here. I do hope that I could update more pictures into my blog in the near future. And if you ever need an Interior Designer, don’t forget about me?! I’m here at your service.


I love accessories and I go around looking for nice and affordable ones as well. There is a few that falls into my favorite categories, like Tiffany & Co. and Thomas Sabo. And just recently I found out this brand call NAJO, an Australian base company that sells nice accessories too. Price wise obviously slightly cheaper than the other two I mention earlier.

Besides these accessories I do have others that are like from unknown shops or even roadside stalls as well. As long as they look good it is enough for me. But with a few good collections of accessories are necessary for certain events or parties. That is where you have to flaunt it. Sometimes accessories are necessary to elevate your status a little. Not too much that kills you and make you like a Christmas tree, just a little here and there will do. Anyway I’m not any professional stylist, I’ll leave it to the pro.

My Christmas Wish List

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