You Are Not Alone

God has never forsaken us,
God has always been watching us,
You have forsaken yourself,
You have given up yourself.

God give us choices,
We have to make,
God will guide us,
But what choice have we made.

I may not be God,
But I'm your friend,
A friendship with you, I got,
Remember it will never end.

The road my be hard to walk,
But you are not alone,
We can always talk,
With a happy tone.

My answer to my Daren's post.

Flower Arrangements

Thanks to my previous working environment, it makes me realize my other artistic side of me. All these while I love crafty work from glass painting and now, flower arrangement. I always see my mom do flower arrangement and of course you get to see them in hotel lobbies and counters as well.

There are almost unlimited ways for one to actually do their flower arrangement. It is almost the same as you do your painting, how the whole composition comes together with the use of the right vase, leafs and other flowers mixture. I’ve not gone through any training with the professionals and the only teachers I have are the internet and of course book stores. Whenever I’m out shopping, I’ll visit the book store while waiting for my friends to arrive.

What you see here is actually the Japanese way of flower arrangement called Ikebana. I’m not a pro in flower arrangement but the Ikebana do has a very distinct way of flower arrangement. The Ikebana has a distinct way of flower arrangement besides being artistic. The structure of a Ikebana is based on the scalene triangle delineated by three main points, usually twigs, considered in some schools to symbolize heaven, earth and man and in others sun, moon and earth. The container is also a key element of the composition, and various styles of pottery may be used in their construction.

Flowers arrangement does bring out an interior space if you know how and where to place them. As I always tell my students and interior space with design but without accessories it is just a plain design. Always visualize the room without all the accessories, what you see? Practically nothing much, is the accessories that live up the room.

Sky 天空

As you can see these pictures here are all taken by me when I’m driving or stuck in the traffic. The sky is like a big canvas which has no end and the clouds are the ever changing image that makes everyday a different scene and special. The whole composition is so abstract and yet it is so beautiful. I may stuck in the traffic and yet it amazes me to look at the sky and eventually the thought of rushing home or stuck in the traffic are all gone.

In the busy cities we lived in the only beautiful scene I get to see is the ever changing sky. But of course you get to taste the wrath as well when the clouds turn grey and the rain starts to fall. That wouldn’t be a beautiful site and yet I’ve discover something unusual that when it rains at night and road is wet it actually reflect the street lights and creating a row of waterfalls as you move forward. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t grasp what I am trying to say here, but when I get the chance I will definitely take either a video or a picture to show you all.

Meantime try to visual what I’m trying to say when you have the chance to drive on a wet road at night with the street lamps along the road. Happy visualizing!!!


I took this picture while I was waiting for a friend of mine, then suddenly I saw this sentence behind a car windscreen, "Treat Others As You Would Like To Be Treated". I totally agree with the statement. Whether you are older than me or even younger than me, we are all the same. Even if you are older than me and yet you don't respect me, don't even bother that I'll will respect you either.

In our walks of life, we tend to meet all kinds of people, nice ones and occasionally some bad ones as well. Of course the bad ones don't stay long, as we tend to stay away from these people. But yet there are some who don't really see that they are the one giving problem. People have already started to give hints and yet his/her thoughts are still blinded.

Let's put it into simple words, when everyone treats you badly and you actually think they are not being good or kind to you and you moved on to another group of friends and yet the same thing happens. What comes to you mind first? You have problem, then you are on the road to recovery and you still can be saved. If one treated you badly then you can think it is probably his/her fault but when the whole group treats you badly, then it is obvious the problem is with you and not them.

It is obvious, how people treats you is because how you treat people. "You reap what you sew" it is a simple phrase from the bible and yet a Buddhist can understand such a phrase and why can't a common man.

Student's Work: Dining & Kitchen (pt.4)

Perspective View of Dining Area

This is fourth post about my students work on residential project. As I mention earlier on the Student’s Work: Dining & Kitchen (pt.2), this project is only targeted on dining and kitchen due to the short period of time to prepared before the semester break. As kitchen does play quite a major role in any home and we shouldn’t be lack of any knowledge regarding the kitchen, both dry and wet.

I do wish there are more time given, so that I would teach them more on the kitchen. Certain things to look out for before proceed with design, for instant like piping and electrical points. What are the things involved in the whole kitchen appliances, looping of wires and etc. I really had a great time lecturing this class, as they pay more attention to details and information given compared to the current class I’m lecturing now.

What I’ve featured here are practically two (2) students work, which I consider as good among the classmates. In the near future I will be featuring more of my student’s works which are worth mentioning if I still continue to lecture.

Perspective View of Dry Kitchen

Perspective View of Wet Kitchen


I’ve done this artwork for awhile and it was in my facebook.
Ever since they change the layout, I couldn’t seem to locate some of the applications until recently. I just did it out of fun and was trying out using mouse to draw and is never an easy job to do. Holding a mouse to draw and holding a pencil to draw is totally different.

I did spend quite some time to understand how to fully utilize the software. If any of you are interested, go to facebook and search for “graffiti” application. I actually ran out of idea what to draw. Probably next time I should try my hands on abstract art on this facebook application. Who knows, something nice might just born.


When I look at this commercial, it always reminds me of how human can be so prejudice and unfair. As I did mention in one of my earlier post about “Beautiful People”, how they get away with things and this is a very good example.

Why do we pre-set a standard on everything before we even understand or know it? The world has a standard and do we need to follow the world standard or you set a standard for the world to follow. Is never an easy task to change everyone’s perception towards something they have believed in for years but I think is worth trying.

Because of the world standard it has actually pushed some of these people to move to extreme to get themselves in shape. Some even resort to unhealthy ways to slimmed down. If people who are fat but healthy, what is wrong with that? But when one try to be slim and yet not healthy, what is the point? Health is more important then anything.

Clear Blue Sky

These few days the weather is so unpredictable, one minute all hot and sunny and the next minute it’s wet and rainy. I’ve been troubled with some choice that I need to make. It is a choice between a job I love and a job that brings prospect.

I Have been torn in between these two choices. I have accepted the offer of the job that brings prospect and I have not served my time for my lecturing. I have the responsibility to actually finish off at least this whole semester. Finally, I made my move to call the new company to tell them about my situation. Both of us give and take, I’ve to served my time to at least end of the year, by then if the position has not been taken. I’ll go back and fill the position. If not I’ll move on with my lecturing career.

After all is said and done, my burden was totally lifted and my feeling is like a clear blue sky. All the clouds of doubts and troubles have all cleared up for now. It is going to come back in November. I leave the options open for the time being. As I slowly fallen in love with lecturing life. It is not that bad after all. The only thing I miss from the working world is the challenges and knowledge learned everyday.

Healthy Juices pt.2

To improve skin complexion.

To regulates sugar content.

Clear body heat, counteract toxicity, decreased blood pressure and fight oxidization.

ich in vitamin C + B2 that increases cell activity and strengthen body immunity.

Rich in vitamin C, E, Iron. improved skim complexion and metabolism.

Rich in vitamin with nutritious and prevent constipation.

This is the second part of healthy fruit juices where I hope it could help to boost up your health. I have tried some of these and some have yet to try. I don't guarantee it is going to helpful to you. But by drinking any of these once or twice it doesn't help. And of course excessive drinking of it, it is not good as well. Just moderate will do.

Enjoy making these juices!!!

Healthy Juices pt.1

Boost and cleanse our system

Prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, and improve stomach upset and headache.

Improve skin complexion and bad breath.

Avoid bad breath and reduce internal body heat.

Improve skin texture and moisture and reduce body heat

To dispel excess salt, nourishes the bladder and kidney.

Hope that some of these juices here could help you out a bit here and there. No guarantee it will word because it really depends on individual. I do try some of these juices myself once a blood moon. And trust me I’ve tried something even worst and it seems to be good for us.

Enjoy the juices!!!

Mooncake Festival Eve

13/09/08 SAT, 7:30pm: I was invited by one of my students to his place for a barbeque party. It was actually the eve of the mooncake festival which is celebrated by most Malaysian Chinese. At first I was having doubts to go or not? I guess I didn’t make the wrong choice and went for it.

I reached there in the late evening and help to start the fire for barbeque. When the fire was almost started, we called to take our sits and eat something 1st while waiting for the fire to really start up. As I moved towards the table, I saw there were nasi lemak, fried bihon & spaghetti. Besides these, there is some more side dish from acar to curry chicken to sambal sotong. All these foods make me drool and I dug myself into the nasi lemak.

When I was done with my nasi lemak, I went straight back to the barbeque area and start on the chicken wings. To my surprise, there were more than just chicken wings, there were crabs, prawns, sotong balls, fish balls, marsh mellows, otak-otak, sweet potatoes and fishes, these are only for barbeque. The parents were really courteous to us.

When the barbeque session was almost done and we were sitting there enjoying our food and that is where we all start to eat, chat and sing. I really had a great time with this bunch of students of mine from the class of IA07C/D.

P/s: Thank you to Gary and the family, 凯爸, 凯妈 and carrot for being so hospitable to us. The food are really fantastically greatly delicious.

Student's Work; Apartment Living (pt.3)

Furniture Layout Plan

Featuring this time, another student’s work, back to the condo project. The used of color is not as good as the earlier condo project I’ve featured earlier but still it actually up to the standard compared to the most of the students in the class.

The space planning still needs some improvement but yet it is not too bad. Used of color still some too loud but overall the design ideas are there. Some minor set back would be dimension on the elevations are not enough. As this information are important during discussion and meeting.

There are definitely rooms for improvements. Just be more observant in design and everything around us. Everything is design for a purpose and when you look at images on magazines or in TV, try to strip everything off and you will actually see the actual design and it’s nothing much. What makes it nice is all the accessories being placed in the right positions with the right lighting.

Sectional Elevations

Living Room


Son's Room

Daughter's Room

Where Is The Heart?

A new semester has started, I’ve yet to discover a good student among 20 of them. What really happen? Sometimes I wonder why do they come to art school, is it because of passion or simply because they are not the studying type?

I’m lecturing in this particular class that requires a studio assignment and home assignment. Studio assignment is supposed to be done in the college and I don’t expect it to be done within the 4 hours as design requires a lot of thinking and conceptualizing. But there are some students like rushing to catch a train and simply sketch out something without thinking. It is obvious the work is being done without any effort and heart.

Of course these kinds of students are everywhere and if it doesn’t appear in my class, they would be in some other lecturer’s class. Then again thanks to these kinds of students, they only helps to reflect how other students work are better. At least there is a comparison.

Who Is Knocking On My Door?

Hey! It is OPPORTUNITY! Should I welcome it or ask to come back next time? But OPPORTUNITY doesn’t come all the time, it only appears once a blue moon. Do you doubt whether it is the right OPPORTUNITY?

Grab your OPPORTUNITY when you have the chance, be it the right one or not to me, it doesn’t matter. Since it has already delivered to your door step why reject it? Do you doubt yourself for not doing a good job? I do doubt myself but I will definitely give it a try, at least by the end of the day I have no regrets. Nobody knows the outcome if you don’t try. When you try it doesn’t work out, at least you know you tried your best and have no regrets.

New OPPORTUNITY may seem an impossible task but given the chance, why not grab it while it is still hot. Don’t think too much, when you ponder too long, OPPORTUNITY will go off and you will never know when it is going to come back again. Probably the next day, next month, next year or next decade, it is a risk you have to take and be responsible in the decision made.

My OPPORTUNITY has arrived and I am taking the challenge. Hope you guys have your own OPPORTUNITY coming your way too.

RSS, What Is It?

Have you ever wonder what is RSS? You see the word and logo on almost every major website and even on your mobile phone setting as well. RSS (Rich Site Summary) is format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as an RSS feed to whoever wants it.

It took me one night to understand the concept of it. And it’s pretty simple if you are really good with the computer unlike me neither here nor there. But to set up the RSS feed on my blog really took me awhile to settle it. Thanks to a blogger friend of mine, Cik Emila with her grace she helped me a lot on settling the RSS feed icon. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Take a look at the video and I’m sure by then you would fully understand what RSS would be. And it actually looked similar to Maxis TVC. I wonder who copied who? Anyway that is not the point, the point is to let you understand better what RSS is. Enjoy! Hope the video help you understand better what RSS is all about.

So now you can enjoy my blog by clicking on the cute icon of me holding the RSS logo.

Food Fest: Section 14

10/09/2008 Wed: Finally I get to the Malay food stalls in the Ramadan month and wonder around to get my favorite food for dinner. I went to the Section 14 one and it is not as big as the one in Bangsar and the food choice are not that much as well. Was a bit disappointed when I was there, some how the Bangsar one I went last year has more choice that makes me so indecisive, don’t know which one to buy.

As usual there are stalls that sell Mutabak, Kuih, Bubur and etc. I went with two other friends and somehow they are not as keen as me to actually have the Malay food for dinner, so it did slightly sway my mood. I guess if you go with a bunch of people who are just as keen as you then it would be really fun and having crazy time buy all the food back to dine together.

I’ve not lost hope in searching for the best food around the Ramadan month and of course I need to find the right group of people to go and enjoy myself. And this is the month where I need to workout extra hard in order to burn off the food I consumed. As you see in the photo the food I had, and I actually forgotten to snap the photos of bubur and kuih I bought as well. I wonder which will be my next stop. Probably a hotel buffet?

What is LOVE?!?!?

This time round I’m going to talk about everybody’s favorite topic, LOVE! Love can be selfless and yet Love is selfish. Love is such a strange thing where it takes no form and yet it exists in every one of us.

When it comes to love, it just creates a lot of mix emotions in oneself. Just recently, went for a movie called “Money Not Enough 2”. It is suppose to be a comedy but yet it shows me a valuable lesson. It just brings tears to most of us when the grand mother sacrifices her life for her grand child who treats her like trash. I would do the same if you know you are being kicked around like soccer. She is too upset and rather leaved her children who she once cared for to a better place, since she is such a burden to them.

The MV I have posted is again about love, I may not know Korean language but by looking at the MV you can tell what is happening. Again here Love can emit all kinds of emotions, from the two lovers and friends. Love involve in every aspect of life be in your work or personal life. As I mention in my earlier post before all the different type of Love.

Hope you enjoy the MV as I did.

Speedy Matters

Those who knows me well, knows that I’m an inpatient person on the road. I just don’t know why when I’m behind the wheel, my adrenaline just runs through my body. But after awhile driving, it seems like I’m not alone. There are people who are like that as well and some even worst.

But what really makes it worst are some drivers were driving slowly on the fast lane. And when you flash them out of respect, they couldn’t be bothered, when you honk them they give you one kind of look like you are at fault. Sometimes I just wonder what these people are thinking. Did they ever think what if the car behind is rushing for some emergency. Just because of that one car not giving way could have cause major damage or even live. Did it ever cross your mind that this might happen.

And of course there are some who just want to pick a fight with you. First they just comes from no where tailing right behind your car. As you move to the side to let it pass, somehow it just follows you and getting closer by the seconds. In this situation, what would you do? For me, I would stick to the classic case, hit the breaks. Of course be smart on hitting the breaks, not to a total halt, that might just destroy your car. Even if it did, claims his/her insurance since he/she the one who hit you on the back.

So I guess the best part is, when people who are speeding just let them through and when you are speeding, try not to get too bothered by the person who’s blocking your way. Find alternative. When you tail people, I’m sure there are people would tail you too. It’s an endless cycle, choose not to stay in the cycle. This is a reminder for me as well.


Ken Ong's Yearbook

I’ve seen people have been doing up their yearbook and post their pictures on facebook. And I finally got my hands on it too. Do take a try too and see how you would look like when you’re in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and all the way 90’s. All Yearbook website need is just a front profile of your face, simple as that.

It took me awhile to actually compile all the pictures to show you guys. I had fun laughing while creating all the images from Yearbook. Now I would like to share the fun and laughter with you people.

Student's Work: Dining & Kitchen (pt.2)

Dining & Dry Kitchen

Due to the shortage of time, I have decided to give the class a small scale project. Which consist of wet and dry kitchen and a dining area. To me kitchen is as important as the rest of the house and it has a lot of cabinetry work to be done here. How you layout the whole kitchen area and the movements of each people using the kitchen are important.

In this assignment, I wanted the students to actually know the basic height of the cabinetry and island or peninsular height. Where the microwave, oven, fridge, basin, hood and hob are to be placed? All this basic information should be heed by every Interior Designers. How people work in the kitchen? Dividing the drawers and cabinets take up some challenge as well in order to have an aesthetic kitchen. Dry kitchen is always the lavish ones and the wet should be the functional ones. Dry kitchen is always the show kitchen and the wet is where all the major working is done.

What I’m going to post here is the same student work I’ve post earlier, I never thought she could pull it off with the color selections. But by the end of the whole project, she did it with her pop art idea into the dining, dry and wet kitchen.

Plan & Elevations


Dining Area

Wet Kitchen


I’ve been lecturing for a few months now, some how with just a few lessons with the students you can tell who is going to excel and who is not. I guess not just in college or working environment, everything we do, we must put effort and the right attitude to it. Besides me as a lecturer, your friends or colleague can even tell whether you have put the right attitude towards the things you do.

When the attitude is right, it reflect on the work we do. When you don’t put the right attitude towards your work it shows as well. I guess it is not hard to see who and who is putting the right attitude or not. It is never easy to hide ones attitude towards the things we do, it always shows at the end of the process. I believe with the right attitude whatever things you try to achieve it is going to be a piece of cake.

Somehow if you put so much effort into your work but not the right attitude, the masterpiece you are working on still somehow missing something about it, which is hard to tell what it is. But we can see and feel it. And I believe when you put the right attitude towards your work and the end of the day whether the work is good or not, people will see it. Again it reflects on the work you have produced.

New Breed of Culture

I think this new breed of culture has been around for awhile but it’s just in out sub conscious mind and not much people talks about it until the time of the year comes. But when this things happen almost same time of the years it makes it like a new kind of culture has surface.

What I’m talking about is when the ‘Raya’ is around the corner, some authorities seem to be working extra hard to get extra cash. Everywhere I go they seem to be lurking around almost every corner. I guess it is a known fact to the usual citizen and we have already accepts it. After so many years of the same case happens everywhere. We will take it more like a culture already.

At time I just wonder whether it is my mind playing tricks, but years after years without fail they roam the city more often during the month before ‘Raya’. With is one fact that repeats year after year is enough so make it an official culture among us.

Food Fest

Finally the time has arrived, during this whole month of Ramadan I get to enjoy a lot of Malay food. I still remember all the great times walking around the stalls with my friends to get the food we wanted and go back and enjoy our food.

Besides that, hotels are all preparing for the Ramadan month to present us with great food for ‘Buka Puasa’. After so many years of trying ‘Buka Puasa’ in some of the hotels in Klang Valley, I still love PJ Hilton buffet dinner during the Ramadan month. But I’ve no idea have their menu changed or not after so many years.

I wonder, this where which hotel served the best food for the whole Ramadan month and which hawker stalls served the best food in which area. Can’t wait to gather my friends to go for a food fest during the Ramadan month and enjoy the Malay food which I love. It is about time to find out where has the best food, the quest begins.

Contrusctive Comments

I’ve been watching this Taiwan TV program about singing competition called Million Stars and there are a few judges just like the American Idol reality show. What I like about this program it because of the judges. Unlike the usual singing competitions the judges would just give comments and it never seems to build the contestants confidence.

While watching this program I have learned a few things that can actually apply to our daily lives and just singing. Most important is to give constructive comments, everybody can give comments but give it in a way that build oneself and help to improve one. In the bible there is a verse:-

Ephesians 4:29
Let not unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

I think it is applicable whether you’re a Christian or not. It is a lesson that everyone should keep in mind. But sorry to say I’m those people if I think you are worth my praise, I would go all the way and I wouldn’t lie to myself if I don’t like you. If it really hard not to show it because I’m really not good in hiding my emotions when I don’t like someone.

I’ll definitely try my best not to discourage people especially now that I’m a part-time lecturer, every single words that comes out of my mouth is take into account of the listener, my students. I need to constantly reminding myself that I do play a role in their lives as a lecturer. Making sure they know it is a jungle out there and it is not a piece of heaven that falls from the sky. But sometimes reverse psychology only works on certain people. It is just how amaze our every individual works.

Soda Green

I found this song while searching for another old song of theirs. The lead singer really do have a unique voice and I've yet to find out the name of this song. Enjoy!!!

Blood Donation

I seriously can't remember when I started blood donation but all I remember the gift pack they give after the donation were really good because it was organize by the 3M Company at One Utama many years back. In the end I ended up calling my entire course mate to go for the blood donation because I know they had done it before.

Besides that, a cousin of mine always keep me inform where and when there is such event like blood donation. Half of the time I couldn't make it, it is because I have totally forgotten about it and since I totally forget about it, I didn't prepare myself for the blood donation. There are just a few basic requirements we need to know before the blood donation.

1. At least five (5) hours of sleep the night before
2. No alcohol or medicine the night before
3. At least 45kg and above

Of course there are more complex stuff but as long as these three requirements are met. After three months later only can have your next blood donation. That is for your body to fully replenish your blood cells.

Here are some of the pictures on the process and I actually miss out the first portion where they take you blood sample. How they use an equipment to poke a hole on your finger to some blood sample and test it. Before you actually proceed to the bench where you lie down and suck your blood out.

Anybody would like to join me? Whenever such kind of event my cousin would actually inform me and I cant inform those who are interested.

p/s Lek Wei thank for accompanying me. Manage to see yourself in the pictures?

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