Summer Time

It seems like Malaysia is summer all year long with occasional thunder storm that flood certain part of our country. Other than that I’m totally glad that we could enjoy the beach and the sea almost all year long. Not like the “Mat Salleh” who actually travels to our country to enjoy the sun where at times we’re just running away from it as it is kind of hard to bear the scorching sun that burns our skin and to the “Mat Salleh” it is cloud nine.

I’ve been visiting a blogger friend’s blog, Emila's Illustrated Blog recently and she draws beautiful pictures and totally amaze with it and I thought of trying my hands on the application that is offered facebook. I love the sun, sand and breeze by the sea and trying to put it into sketches. Hope you like the illustration and reminds you of the great time you had by the sea.

p/s thanx Emila for helping me figure out how to put this lovely illustration on my blog.

Law Enforcer

In Malaysia we have great law enforcer to keep our street from drunkard and people who breaks the law. And I guess I use to be one of them too, the law breaker. I drive without putting on my safety belt as I find it irritating and besides that I find a lot Malaysian chatting on the phone without their hands free too and I’m one of them too.

After being caught so many times and paying the tickets I’m almost broke and start using my hands free occasionally to reduce paying tickets and of course putting on my safety belt too. But have you actually realize that our law enforcer too doesn’t put on their safety belt and ticket us for not putting on our safety belt, how ironic? I’ve been trying very hard to take pictures of our law enforcer pictures when they are driving. Trust me, next time when you’re on the road whether you are driving or you are the passenger. Take a closer look at our law enforcer, they don’t put on their safety belt! And yet they ticket us for not putting our safety belt.

So is this called misused of their authorities? If we as commoner who breaks the law for not putting our safety belt. What about the ‘law enforcer’ who enforces the law and breaks the law? Shouldn’t they be punished even more?


With the title alone I’m sure you would know what I would like to talk about. It seems like there are so many interpretation to just one sentence. Some people would misinterpret it and by the way who is right and who is wrong we wouldn’t know. It is really depend on how we view and interpret it.

Books we read, movie we see, and some people have their conclusion, where of course some are debatable on how the story goes and end. For instant, world no.1 seller the ‘Bible’ was written thousand of years ago and most of the things inside are debatable and how you interpret it. And I guess some people didn’t read between the lines to get a full picture of what it is intended for. Especially when religion is involved, a lot of limitation has been placed on oneself. But if you were to read clearly between the lines and it is all minds over matters.

Food offered to idols and Christian can’t eat them. Silly! In 1 Cor. 8:1-13 it clearly state that you can eat and your God is Almighty and as long as you are not a stumbling block to other Christian and pray before you eat them. And when people offer you take it, also clearly mentioned. I don’t see why Christian can’t eat foods that are offered to idols. Totally silly!

Yoga, some say the postures are like praying and some saying the meditation are spiritual stuff. Yes, no doubt about it, but again all depends on how you want to see it. Put it into Christian thinking and nothing is wrong? Why limit yourself when all these things are clear nothing to do with your religion and you make it complex when things are so simple. Harry Potter are not encouraged by the Christians, as Christians don’t believe in magic but when you watched the movie or read the books, you don’t indulge yourself in it. Then is it wrong? I wonder how you want to interpret the whole situation. The choice is in your hands, make the right thinking and not everything is wrong, when things are wrong is when you think it is wrong. Think out of the box for once.

Dining With Style

Yesterday was with a friend, Verna from Singapore and we are supposed to meet other friends for dinner at 7pm. And we're early to our destination, Nui Ze Xui at Ara Damansara. It is fairly a new place and not all the shops are open and we are strolling along the streets and came across this shop called FULLHOUSE. It’s very neatly decorated in English style and a Mini with colorful stripes was parked right in front of the shop. It’s a lifestyle and café concept store, you can shop and dine at the same time.

We took a few pictures and we move along to other places as we still haven’t got our confirmation on where we are our dinner. As we walked slightly further and we got a text stating that the dinner would be at FULLHOUSE. Verna and I were happy to see the text and we straight away when in the concept store to find ourselves a nice place to sit for dinner. As we were sitting at the balcony, we were greeted with friendly waiter. As we were past with the menu, we were already attracted with the cover of the menu and as we opened it, it’s something out of the ordinary that we come across the normal and traditional kind of menu.

The price were reasonable for a place light that and I was kind of full as I had a late lunch so I ordered a club sandwich as dinner. The food presentation was nicely done as well. As I took a bite on my sandwich it’s not that bad at all. So I guess it was not just nice food presentation but the foods are good too. Besides going there for dinner and I think it is a great place to hand out with your friends to chat and online as well, as it has wi-fi like any other café as well.

Full House Lifestyle Store & Cafe Sdn. Bhd.
C-G-11 Nui Ze Xui @ Ara Damansara,
Pusat Dagangan NZX,
No. 2 Jalan PJU 1A/41B, Ara Jaya PJU 1A,
47301 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 7885 0836 Fax: 03 7885 0839

Angel of Death

I wonder whether it is the age that has been catching up and so is the Angel of Death. I once been told by my ex-colleague who is very senior to me that as she aged the fear of death is grow too. Now come to think of it, I quite agree with her.

When we were young, death seems so far away and we do things that without consequences, without second thought. As we aged so is our body parts and it’s slowly won’t function as they use to be unless we do something about it before it is too late. Death is part and parcel of our life, life and death never part and seems like nobody would actually like to talk about death. I had my share of near death experience. Got knock by a speeding when I was crossing the road and flew eight shop houses away and unconscious. When I woke up, I was in the clinic where the doctor is attending to my wounds. With God’s grace I’m still alive with no broken bones only bruises and open wound to my skin.

Though I’ve gone through such experience, whenever I felt like I’m going blackout the though of angel of death is near. Am I just going to leave this body and move on to the next world? The fear does slowly sip into my mind. I guess as we grew older the fear of death is getting stronger each passing days. Even so, people around you start moving on to the next life, friends and family and you will never know when the angel of death is at your door step knocking on you door and tell you, your time is up.

Stolen Chance

Reality shows are on the rise and everyone wants to be a part of it. Some people in are for the recording contract, some people in are for the cash price, some people in are for a chance to be signed to a modeling agency and all the reasons you can think off.

Sometimes I really hate the fact that they join the competition for the reality for the wrong reasons. Especially for the modeling reality show, they join in hopes of becoming a top model through all the challenges. There are thousands of people out there who crave to be model and sometimes these people, breathe, eat and sleep of modeling. So these people go and enroll themselves for this reality show hoping to be a top model and lucky just not on their side. Somehow the person who doesn’t take modeling seriously got into the competition. After all he/she managed to reach the top three spot. By the end of the show people would actually recognized them and some would actually get some modeling contract with some major modeling agency. Bu then this person who’s not so keen in modeling is just in there to prove to people that he/she can do it and doesn’t want to be in modeling line.

Here is where the question comes, what you think of this people who is in there just to prove to people he/she can do it and wasted someone who live and breath modeling chances to be a model? Are they being selfish and stolen people chance to be a model, or singer in whatever reality show for that matter. At times I just pity those who lost their chance into fame.

"Big Bang" Theory

This has nothing to do with the “Big Bang Theory” on prehistoric stuff. It’s about this Korean Hip Hop, R&B group that I was impressed while watching MTV. I went searching more info about this group and it seems like they are quite big in Korea besides the famous TFXQ. This group consists of G. Dragon, Tae Yang, T.O.P, Dae Sung & Seung Ri.

How this group were form, is more like a reality show, an eleven episodes documentary on how the group trained before the debut on August 19, 2006. On the ninth episode actually two members were to be eliminated, but Seung Ri manage to perform the song “Haru Haru” and manage to impressed YG and he stayed. Where as SO-1 has to go because he was too shy on stage, so the remaining five are called Big Bang.

Members Profile
Stage Name: G-Dragon
Real Name: Kwon Ji Yong
Birth date: August 18, 1988
Education Background: Seoul Korean Traditional Arts Middle & High School
Debut: DaeHanMinGook Hip Hop Flex 2001
Position: Composer/Leader/Lyricist/Rapper/Vocalist

Tae Yang
Stage Name: Tae Yang, SoL
Former Stage Name: YB Taekwon
Real Name: Dong Yeong Bae
Birth date: May 18, 1988
Debut: YG Family 2nd Album 2002
Position: Choreographer/Vocalist

Stage Name: T.O.P
Former Stage Name: Tempo
Real Name: Choi Seung Hyun
Birth date: November 4, 1987
Education Background: Seoul Art College (Majoring in Musical)
Position: Beat Boxer/Composer/Rapper

Dae Sung
Stage Name: Dae Sung; D-Lite
Real Name: Kang Dae Sung
Birth date: April 26, 1989
Education Background: KyeongIn High School
Position: Vocalist

Seung Ri
Stage Name: Seung Ri; V.I
Former Stage Name: V & Victory
Real Name: Lee Seung Hyun
Birth date: December 12, 1990

Position: Choreographer/Vocalist

Check out their music video "How Gee" and enjoy!!!

Never Judge a Book by Its Cover

孙楠&韩红 - 美丽的神话

I was having dinner with a friend of mine and it is those café where there will be people singing live and unplugged. Overall it is a nice environment it’s just that the music where a little too loud. Usually this kind of café is operated by Chinese and the singers would actually be singing in either Mandarin or Cantonese, but to our surprise it is English all the way. My friend and I were totally delighted to hear it as we hardly come across café singers that sing in English songs.

That is not the point, but what we realize the two female singers are really good but somehow they are just average looking people. And I find it quite unfortunate that the world see things through packaging first and not the content. That is why, goods with nice packaging sells better, be it the content is of good qualities or not. It is obvious that everyone is attracted to beautiful things, and who is not? So I would definitely say it’s totally unfair that how people are being judge and not knowing the real person deep inside.

In China there is a singer call Han Hong, she has gone through some hardship getting signed to a recording company just simply because she is not attractive and the recording company thinks that it won’t sell. First, I would think she is a talented singer. Second, I think a good recording company can sell anything. Finally she found a recording company and thanks to the recording company we get to listen to her beautiful voice.

At times we just need to take time to realize something good in everyone we know and not by just judging his/her past.


What do you think of vegetarians? So far I couldn’t only come up with two types of people why they are vegetarian, one is religious purpose and the other is for health purpose. For those health purpose I’m totally fine with them as vegetarian but some how having doubts of those for religious purpose.

As for religious people as why are they vegetarian? They practice no killing to all living creatures. But as the food they eat are practically vegetables and some other food that made from flours. Since they practice no killing to living creatures but somehow the food they prepared resemblance to meat? Then when you have a clear mind of not eating meat but yet the food they eat, they make it into meat like. Where is the moral behind being a vegetarian then?

The only thing that I don’t really understand is the practice of being a vegetarian and yet eating food that resembles meat. If that would be the case, why not they eat meat and think its vegetable. It is the same concepts just reverse it. I do wish to understand more about the moral behind being a vegetarian for religious purpose.

Live To Eat or Eat To Live

I came across an article stating that foreign workers in our country are eating stray dogs and puppies to beat the rising cost of living, with the petrol price hike as much as almost 40%. For animal lover, they would actually hate these people who actually resolve to eating dog meat. But for the foreign workers it is for survival sake. We can’t really blame them for doing so as eating dogs are not illegal here in Malaysia.

But then again, consumption of dog meat is it safe? If the meats are not properly prepared and cooked we might end up with rabies, a viral disease. With this disease there might be another outbreak just like the SARS or Mad Cow disease. I’m sure we wouldn’t want any of these to happen as it’s going to bring the whole country into a panic stage.

I love dogs too much to actually eat them. And for those dog lovers, they don’t eat dog meat as well. But put it this way, if you are trap in a room with a dog in order for you to survive long enough for rescue team to rescue you, would you actually eat the dog? There are even cases that human eating human to survive, but of course he/she eats the other human who is dead. But would you do it for survival sake? I know eating dog meat is too cruel but I’m sure those people who commit the offence has no bad intention of doing it as they need to survive this constant rising economy crisis. Just put yourself in their shoes, you might just do the same.

Beauty and the Beast

Have you ever questioned yourself why this beautiful girl with this rich, ugly, short, fat, old and bolding uncle is together? Then you would give yourself an answer that probably it is father and daughter or she is after his money and he is after her for sex.

Whenever such couple passes by, the same old questions would pop-up. Can’t such relationship be real? Or simply because we couldn’t have a drop dead gorgeous girl friend like the rich, ugly, short, fat, old and bolding uncle have. You will start debating with your friends about their relationships. Why is she with him? What does she sees in him and so on and so forth.

At times we just wonder why? Why? Why? Is there true love in the relationship? Or the ugly filthy rich old man has a beautiful soul. There could be 101 questions you ask about their relationships. This is no fairy tales, not that the beast is going to transform into a handsome prince charming, no matter how the ugly filthy rich old man do plastic surgery it still can’t change every single part of himself to be the young handsome prince charming. If that is possible that won’t be real in his world. We’ll never know what the true story behind closed doors is. All we can only do is to create more stories behind the Beauty and the Beast.

You and I

You cry; I cry
You laugh; I laugh
You sad; I sad
You happy; I happy

We are one soul,
Living in two bodies,
Sharing three times of our dreams,
And reaping four folds from the fruits of our labor.


Care Too Much

In life do you care too much for your family and friends? And it just hurts you inside when they don’t listen when you are trying to tell them something. I guess we just can’t do much as it is their life that they are living and we can’t do anything to stop them from living the life they want. Even though you know it is wrong. Everybody has been through life differently, through ups and downs and all the obstacle and reach where we are right now.

I’ve been through a lot and sometimes out of my genuine heart I don’t want my friends to go through what I’ve been through. But I guess people don’t listen to you until when they hit the ground themselves. Don’t you think that would be a little too late when the situation could be prevented? Somehow it’s always human nature not to listen to others, when people are giving advice. I was once like that, you just auto shut off the listening ear and walk away from the so call noise pollution to your ears. But when you really hit the ground hard, then you actually say it’s actually sweet music to your ears and why didn’t I listen carefully and heed the advice.

Sometimes it’s just so funny when you have so many things to share and yet nobody would really take you seriously. And when you get to serious to care for someone and you’re not being appreciated you will feel even more heart arching. I always keep telling myself not to care anymore and it is their life, they need to carve a path out for themselves. But I guess just a little advice to ease their journey wouldn’t hurt either but in the end I’m the one getting hurt. How ironic?

Xena the Cutie

July 17, 2008, Wednesday


Petaling Jaya: As I just reached home and parked my car and I saw my dad @ the gate as he is about to bring our dog, Jojo out for a walk. And that is where he broke the news to me that Xena has moved on to the next life.

Xena is a cocker spaniel breed and was brought in from Thailand when my brother and his wife where staying there for work. And when they finally come back to Malaysia and worked, they brought Xena back as well. The first time I saw Xena was back in October ’06. She was a very active and obedient dog, she listens to the command you give and act to it.

Somehow recently Xena is not well and there was once I thought we would lose her as she was very ill and somehow she still manage to pull herself together for another few more days. The last time I held her was the day before she died and she was lying on the floor with her head resting on my lap. That was the last time I saw her and now she’s gone. I guess Xena is gone and left Jojo alone again and no one to bark at.

Going to miss Xena with her silky hair and her presence during the festive seasons.

Sour Grapes

I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time - Mariah Carey

Was introduced to this video when I was attending a fashion function last week. I was early and this video keeps repeating. I guess in this video she really put the phrase "If you got it, flaunt it!" to the max. No doubt that she has a new killer body but to my surprise people would think it is fake. How funny when one would think it is faked when you couldn’t achieve it in such a short period of time.

I guess with determination anything is possible. Why should it be faked when it is achievable? Just because you can achieve it doesn’t mean it’s fake. Some would say it’s digitally touched up, would even would say actually the dolphin is Mariah. How funny!? I guess it’s too human to critic someone just simply when he/she can’t achieve it. There is a Chinese say that goes “When one couldn’t reach for the grapes, says the grapes are sour” I guess it’s quite true, I’m not denying as at times I’m no difference with those who complain about things I couldn’t get. Just simply because I’m human.

Anyway just enjoy the video.

King of Fruits

Just few hours ago my friend passed by the SS2 and saw the sign “D24 – 2 for RM10”. Most of us do have cravings for this king of fruits that would be our proud Durian. He called me up and said if his house mates would like to go and eat, we will go together and have this strongly aroma fruit, the Durian. I patiently waited for him to call as I’m rushing my own work as home. Finally my phone rang and less than five minutes I’m out of the house and on our way to the Durian stall in SS2.

We find a nice place to settle ourselves and select the durians we wanted. As the durian opened and placed on the table, without doubt our hands reaches for the soft tender flesh of the durian and put it into our mouth and let it slowly settle into our mouth and the aromas that lingers, total heaven. By the end of the session, the four of us only ate four durians, not much but it’s quite filling for us as we already had our dinner. Overall it’s quite satisfying for the price we’re giving for a D24 Durians. I guess I’ve already feed my cravings for durian for now, wait till the next season and see how.
And by the way, they have their website called the and I visited the website and it’s quite interesting how durian business have gone from a road side stall to online purchase. Times have change and so is the way we live our life. You can practically find almost anything online nowadays.

Chinese Zodiac

Did you ever wonder what the story behind the Chinese zodiac is? I’ve been digging in the web and try to get an understanding of the whole story but I couldn’t find exactly how these animals come about instead some stories about it.

Chinese Zodiac Folklore
According to one Chinese legend the 12 animals argued as to who would be the first animal in the 12-year cycle. The gods decided to hold a contest in which the animals must cross a river. The first animal to cross the river would be the first on the chart followed by the other animals according to their finish. The rat was the smallest of the animals and was expected by the other animals to finish last. Quickly the 12 animals jumped into the river but unknown to the ox, the rat had jumped on his back. As the ox was about to jump on the riverbank to claim first place, the rat jumped off his back won the race. The pig that was very lazy ended up last. As expected, their peers often tease most children who were born in the year of the pig.

In some story context, cat was in the picture as well. Both the cat and rat were good friends but then the rat betrayed the cat and left the cat out on the race, since then they were sworn enemies.

Besides the west astrology, these animals also represent certain character. So are we a combination of both, since one is base on month and the other is base on year. Are our character bound by these astrology? But somehow we do have some resemblance to the animals we were born on the specific year of. I wonder is that just coincidence or not?


Have you ever thought of a slogan for yourself, that makes it totally yours. Been trying very hard? I came across this slogan generator few days back from Emila's Illustrated Blog and it's very interesting. There is so many slogans you can choose from and I think I'll pluck one of them out to use as my slogan. Or change it everyday just to describe your feeling for the day, here is mine for you people to laugh at.

A Day Without Ken is Like a Day Without Sunshine.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator. Get more Ken slogans.

So what do you think of my slogan? Like it? I know it's a bit self praising but it's just for the fun of it. A little bit of laughter a day, keeps the sorrow at bay. Then why stop laughing?

You can just key-in any words or name best fits you and try it on and "shiok sendiri" while you search for the right slogan for yourself. By the way "shiok sendiri" means self indulgence or something similar as I couldn't find any words best describe "shiok sendiri".

Star Signs

Aquarius (January 21st – February 19th)
Witty, clever, humanitarian, inventive, original

Pieces (February 20th – March 20th)
Compassionate, adaptable, accepting, devoted, imaginative

Aries (March 21st – April 20th)
Independent, generous, optimistic, enthusiastic, courageous

Taurus (April 21st – May 21st)
Dependable, persistent, loyal, patient, generous

Gemini (May 22nd – June 21st)
Energetic, clever, imaginative, witty, adaptable

Cancer (June 22nd – July 22nd)
Loyalty, dependable, caring, adaptable, responsive

Leo (July 23rd – August 21st)
Confident, Ambitious, Generous, Loyal, Encouraging

Virgo (August 22nd – September 23rd)
Analytical, observant, helpful, reliable, precise

Libra (September 24th – October 23rd)
Diplomatic, graceful, peaceful, idealistic, hospitable

Scorpio (October 24th – November 22nd)
Loyal, passionate, resourceful, observant, dynamic

Sagittarius (November 23rd – December 22nd)

Capricorn (December 23rd – January 20th)
Responsible, patient, ambitious, resourceful, loyal

Have it ever crossed your mind how come the west as 12 zodiac signs and so is the east? Why would the numbered be the same? Why not one more then the other or less? I always have these questions but no answer. Beside that, are we bound by the fact that when we’re born under the stars, that would be our characters. Wouldn’t it be different? Besides that, do you believe in all these astrology when it comes to your personal life? Do you believe in astrology to help when your life is in trouble just like the Chinese with their Feng Shui? I guess a person believes in anything when their lives are shaken up. Beliefs are just a way to ground you with assurance in life. I wonder do you agree with me on that matter or not. Everybody believes in something, some only in himself/herself that is also believing in something.

It's Verna Big Day!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

to a

Very Extraordinary Respectably ‘N Abreast


Though I’ve known you not that long, in actual fact not more than a year, but somehow, somewhere our lives intertwine and became best of friends. This is no coincidence but by fate. In just less than a year we have grown from stranger to buddies, keep each other accountable though we stay apart.

Such bonding of friends is hard to find,
And it’s never easy to come along.
I’m grateful somehow that we intertwine,
And hope our friendship will move beyond.

There is just a little gift from Phirence and I, hope you like it!

Though it is a little short notice, just woke, blotted but it’s a brand new day, a brand new start. Hope you like this little gift I prepare for you. We wish we were there to celebrate your birthday with you.

Wishing you best of health and find someone to share your abundance life with!!!!

Miss You!!!!

The Big NO

There are a lot of times when people approaches you, and you don’t know how to say NO! Is it saying NO that hard? You can say NO to stranger but why can’t you say NO to relatives and friends? Some classic case, they don’t even know how to say NO to stranger.

When you say the big NO, and the people don’t like it, it is really their problems as they don’t respect your decision to say NO. When I think if someone doesn’t respect me, why should I respect them instead either. At times by just saying NO saves you a lot of troubles. It may be hard at times but after awhile on exercising the word NO, it will just come naturally to say NO when you don’t feel like doing it.

When a stranger asks you for money, you can say NO. Simply because I don’t know him/her and I will not get back my money. When someone asked for your number, you can say NO. If you don’t want to be friends with that person, why give away your number, are you seeking for trouble? What came to your mind instantly is always the right answer to all the questions. When you doubt, that were trouble comes knocking on you door. Try to learn to stay NO!

Repeat after me N O = NO
Yes, very good!

Keep practicing till you perfected it.

The Oscar Goes To….

Have you ever come across great actors and actresses in your life? Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, George Clooney, Denzel Washington & etc. but I’m not talking about these kind of actors and actresses. What I’m talking about are those peers around you that are such great actors.

I do come across a few here and there at any point of my life. And they flock together in order to give you good show. I did once view the greatest show ever with a really good bunch of actors and actresses. At some part of your life ups and downs will hit you hard. Somehow it hit me hard when I was being the outcast not knowing what the hell is happening. And this is how the story goes.

I found out my “friends” were having some gather at one of their premises and I was not invited. Well since I’m the outcast, why should I be invited? So I played along and find out how good are these “friends” were. To my surprise, they were damn good and even the new recruit were good as well. I asked one of them what are they doing after work? Some say meeting friends, some say meeting relatives, totally fine with me. One was tell me she would actually goes to one of the shopping mall. So I make a date with my colleague to that shopping mall to act as well. So I called her up and say, “Hey, since I’m here why don’t we meet up?” To my surprise she said, “Oh, my friend changed the venue” not too bad. Accepted the excused, so I played along and started calling the rest of them. None of them answer their calls. Why? Because there were jolly having fun in and out of the pool. They did call me back after some hours and say they left the mobile phone in cars and in the handbag couldn’t here. They planned they story well, it’s just that I’ve already know the whole plot. If not I would have been fooled. By the next they, they still could pretend as nothing has happen.

This is what I called a bunch of Oscar nominees working together for a great show. I do believe some point in your life, you are either the viewer or the actors. But always remember, try to make your show as flawless as possible. Mend your show ASAP when things go wrong. Then you would probably the Oscar winner. If not you would end up to be in the worst actors list.

Curiosity Kills the Cat

It’s been 24 hours and miracle didn’t happen.

One peaceful night when I reached home after my outing with my friends, I heard a soft meow meow meow keep following me, wherever I go. At that moment I knew I can’t shake it off and have to bring the small little kitten back home. Since I’ve this beautiful yellow bin which have never been use, and put a towel inside n put the kitten there to sleep for the night so that she won’t run around and get lost.

Ever since then, we’ve been feeding this kitten as ours. As a kitten, she already very attached to us. Somehow she knows and recognizes us and never seems stop entertain us with her nonchalant character running around my garden and playing with out cats that we usually feed. Whenever I’m off somewhere, I keep thinking of the kitten, will she live long enough to have her own kittens and always worry that she might go missing or get killed.

I guess the phrase “Curiosity Kills the Cat” finally taking affect. She is no where to be found just like how she came, out of no where. I miss her, my Meow Meow has gone don’t know where, dead or alive nobody knows. Deep in my heart I wish she would appear when I wake up everyday or whenever I reach home she is sitting on the stair faithfully waiting for me and greet me by brushing he soft fir against my legs.

Hope she is fine and lived.


O beautiful decorative knots,
Please untangle yourself can or not?
I’ve been choked by the tight knots,
And blinded my visions and thoughts.

O beautiful hands that tight the knots.
Please release me from the unwanted thoughts.
You have created such beautiful betrayal knots.
That destroys the blissful friendship we’ve got.



They come, they go,
They leave you cold,
To your spinal bone,

Storm after storm,
Blow after blow,
What is coming, you don’t know.

Where are you my sunny day?
The warmth you have given,
Has been long blown away.


曹格 背叛

Rain keeps falling, Flower never seems to bloom.


Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies. - Aristotle
But it seems like one body is betraying the other.

I have friends in overalls whose friendship I would not swap for the favor of the kings of the world - Thomas A. Edison
But would your friends think the same?

The only way to have a friend is to be one. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
But it seems like one has become two

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
So stupid until they step you all over.

Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lost a chance to make them – Francesco Guicciardini.
Make but then broken.

Without wearing any mask we are conscious of, we have special face for each friend. – Oliver Wendell Holmes.
So special that it betrays you.

When a friend is in trouble, don’t annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it. - Edward W. Howe
The damage has been done by your friend, what your friend can do about it?

Cruel Love

Once upon a time, this petit girl call May finally came out to work in this concrete jungle. After many years of working she finally found someone that she likes but he was attached. They became best of friends. One fine day she found out he broke off with his girlfriend and she thought finally the chance has come but then she would give some time for the guy to heal as he just broke off with the girlfriend. As she was comforting her, she brings a long her friend to go out together, the more the merrier but in the end he fell in love with her best friend.

That was history and she moved on with her life and move to another company. In there again she found someone she likes. They got very close and she thought she would express her love her him before it is too late like the previous case. And she did and got rejected miserably. And now she is confused, if she ever finds the one she love will she keep it to herself and be close friend to him and never be lover or just express her love for him and get rejected ended up not even friend.

Again she moved on to the next phase of her life not thinking about love. As she knows she has no luck in love and even fortune teller told her that in his vision he couldn’t see any love life. As she already accepted it know what she has gone through. But again who would want to be alone? And begin her search for love, of course it’s easy to fall in love with someone but it’s never an easy task for someone to fall in love with you, it takes two hands to clap.

But again history repeats by itself, as she has a lot of beautiful friends. Every time she would bring someone out that she likes ended up the person she likes would fall for her close friend and not her. She is in dilemma that one is her good friend and the other is the person she loved. Though her good friend says no and already has someone in her heart but yet the guy would actually already drop the idea of going after her but instead her good friend.

When would May find her love? Probably never, as she already given up on love as love has given up on her. I’ve no way of consulting her as time and again, things happen right before her eyes and by all means I’m no Dr. Love. All I can do is to wish her all the best.

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