Life And Death

Life and death is definitely a part of our life and it is unavoidable.  Just recently my best friend related some stories to me and I find it a little inhuman but at the same time is it for the best everyone?
If you know someone who is dying of old age and over 90% is going to leave this place to Nirvana, and the only thing that is sustaining his/her life are just some tubes going into the weak and fragile body.  The question now is who are we to play "god"?  Do we just end the life of the person who is lying on the bed or sustain it to the very last breath of air.
To end the life of one who is still alive would be inhuman, but not to end it and let him/her still suffering on the bed is also inhuman.
The same friend, relate another story about his neighbor to me and I find it silly and yet pity the old man who is about to die.  What really happen was the doctor ask the family to bring the old man back to wait for him to die of old age.  But when the old man reach home and all he could see is hut being build and everything is ready for his death.  If you where in his shoe, how do you feel?  It is like I'm waiting for you to die, it all set up for your funeral quickly die!  Poor old man die a day after that, I would too because of heart sick and disappointment.
Sometimes dealing with dying people are just so hard, just like what they say an egg on the fence, don't know whether to fall left or right both.  To end the life or not?

The Feeling....

I wonder did you ever have such feeling that before you sleep, all you have is the dreadful feeling that you have to go to work in a place you dislike.  When you wake up in the morning, you drag yourself off the bed to work.  I do have such feeling on some of the company I have work with but not as early as this one.  Only three days four days of work, I am already feeling that way.
What may contribute to this feelings of mine?  Most importantly I guess it is because of the work environment, the "monster" do contribute to it and that would be the main factor.  And of course there are other factors as well, such as going to work is also partial contribution.  I have to wake up as early as 6:30am to prepare myself to work, leave home by 7:00am and a 15 minutes walk to the LRT station.  Once I am there I need to queue to go up the train and worst is to push myself into the sardin pack train.  If not, I might miss my van at KL Sentral to my work place in Damansara Heights.  Even at times going up the van also have to rush in if not will have to wait for next van which will never know how long the next van will be arriving soon.  This goes the same when I leave work, vice versa.
Even at time when I wanted to borrow my friend's car to work, the company says there is not enough parking so they don't encourage me to drive to work.  I am counting my days that how long I am going to last in this company.  At times I wish I could last because I do like the jobs they bring in, very interesting.  But all these factors just spoil my work to work.
Once you have the dreadful feeling to work it is hard to turn it around and now I am keeping my finger crossed and counting my days....

Monster Inc.

Finally I get to me the infamous "monster" everyone was talking about.  He was exactly how they say about him.  All I can say is "He is one hell of a prideful person".  His pride is going to kill him one day.
I was anxiously waiting for the "monster" to show up but at the same time I was having butterfly in my stomach.  As he enters the room, it is definitely pin drop silence.  Everybody is fear of him and as fear appear, comes hate.  He is popular among colleagues but not in a good way.
Just let me briefly give my review of this so call "monster".  He is in his 50's, single and he likes to boast just about almost everything.  He thinks he is a walking encyclopedia?  The jokes he tells were so lame that we have to tickle ourselves to laugh and he thinks his jokes were the greatest ever told.  The way he talks to others are like as though he is the smartest man on the face of the earth, talk with all the pride that is oozing out from deep within.
I wonder how long I can stand the "monster", the usual me I would probably have left but I guess I am testing my patient, besides that I needed a job to pay for my expenses.  So I am not leaving anytime soon.  Money is more important then a "monster" giving me hard time.

Mysterious Fear

After so many month not working in an office environment, I felt very nervous.  Taking the LRT was a drag and worst, it is pack during peak hours.  That is what I hate the most and I am almost late for work on the first day.

Ok that is not what I feared most, but I have been hearing stories about this person in the office who is even has more say than the boss himself.  It was my first day but he was on leave, before I start work my friend who introduce me this job already warn me about this guy.  As I stepped intot he office and slowly take over a current on going job and I have been hearing things about this mysterious man.  How inconsiderate he is, and how arrogant he can be at times.
With all these statements and comments it really gives me a lot of pressure as I'm going to take over quite a big project, and I am sure all designers hate to take over project and would rather start from scratch.  It is really troublesome to understand the whole situation from zero in just days.  I am going to have a hard time and I have already prepare myself a bullet proof vest to be ready in all situations.
Now I know why I got this job so easily, one it is because I did not ask for high pay.  Second they could not find people to fill in the position in such a short notice and a manger from hell.

Happy Tree Friends

I do believe some of you knows Happy Tree Friends and some of you out there still does not know about this cartoon.  It never make through Malaysia and after watching it I am pretty sure you know what is the reason.
It is a flash cartoon started in 2000 and it became a hit in less than a month with at least 15 millions hits each month.  It actually feature quite a number of characters all cute cute and cuddly but all ended up die in all ways that  you can't even imagine, violently and bloodily.  This cartoon is definitely not for the faint of heart.  When you watch, you don't know whether to laugh or to be shock by the violence.
This is definitely not a cartoon for kids and some countries actually banned this cartoon.
Have fun!!!!

Redang Beach Resort A Big "NO"

It has been raining almost for the past few days and the best escape is to hit east side of peninsular of Malaysia for some sun, sea, sand and beaches. What is more better place to go? Redang island?
Yes, that would be one of the choice but I guess making the right decision to stay in the right place is very important. Just recently my buddy went to Redang with a bunch of his friends to have fun at this island but then something shocking happen that really kills their fun filled trip and have to cut it short instead.
They where staying at this place called Redang Beach Resort and one of his friend (a girl) were bathing and saw a hand actually using a camera phone taking picture of her while bathing. By the time they ran out to inspect, obviously the criminal has ran off. What he actually did was standing on the compressor located behind the building and took pic or video which we don't know.
What I really suspect was definitely people working there, as they know in and out of the place but somehow the management denies all accusation against them. I think they management should do something about it, by the way I would not even stay there ever since the whole management are most likely not going to do something about it, be it finding out who is the culprit or do something to the bathroom and make it more secure to use.
Pay so much for such service, might as well I go other cheaper resort with better securities.  Totally disappointed with their service and attitude.
[that is where the hand come in with the mobile phone to take video or picture]

[that is where the guy stand on with all the foot print all over the compressor]

Have you ever...

Have you ever
treat your friends closer than your family
but they treat you as just another friend

Have you ever
care so much it makes breaks you up inside
but all he only care is what people think of him

Have you ever
cried yourself to sleep at night
to find your best friend don't even care

Have you ever
treasure your friend as priceless treasures
but only to fine you are just not that important

Have you ever
pour all you secrets to your best friend
to find he keeps secrets from you

Have you ever
needed answers so bad
you can't sleep at night

Have you ever
try to say the words
but they just don't come out right

Have you ever

H a v e   y o u   e v e r . . . 

What do I got to do to make you understand?

What do I got to do do make you trust me?

Starry Starry Night

I had a great trip up north to Penang and to my surprise it did not rain like PJ and KL day and night.  I took a night bus to Penang which was not what I had in mind as I have phobia of the night accidents cause by the bus drivers.  But I have no choice as my friend could only pick me up after his work.
I was actually sleeping most of the way as I was having migraine and as I was about to reach when my friend ask where was I, I've to look out through the window to find out where am I in the dark and I saw this beautiful view out of the window.  Dark plantation at the horizon with painted dark clear sky that fill with stars that you can hardly see in the city.  And the song "Starry Starry Night" keeps repeating in my head which I don't know who's the actual singer and don't even know the full lyrics to it but I love that song.
I guess I could never forget the sight of the beautiful starry starry night, which I wanted to try and take picture of it but it was just too dark and my camera phone can't comprehend it.  By the way the image above is one of the assisgnments I gave to my students and she did a great job on using mirror to create space and LED lights to creates atmosphere.

Penang Trip

Hey, I'm back to Penang again and was a part leisure and part work kind of trip.  Here to look for my best friend Jimmie who has been transfered to work here in Penang and as for work I'm here to look for suppliers for my Living Tapestry.
As expected, coming here first thing I'm going to look for is Asam Laksa, but I was kind of disappointed.  As they said the Asam Laksa at Air Hitam(Ayer Itam) is very nice but I went to eat with my friend, the soup is so diluted and I hardly taste the prawn paste added to the soup.
Since there isn't much that can be done here as I am meeting my supplier on Friday so we went for a movie "Friday the 13th" and the show was just ok but I never knew that Penang people like to talk in the cinema.  There is this woman who talks and talks and talks almost half the show until my friend ask her to zip her mouth.  That was one hour of pure talking even before the show starts, I'm just amaze with her ability to talk non stop.
After the movie, I still want my Asam Laksa and went to Gurney Drive and finally had something better than what I had earlier but still not the best but at least it tasted like Asam Laksa.  Anyway I really had a great time just relaxed before I go back to the concrete jungle to fight for survival.  Definitely going to miss my relaxed life as lecturer.

Bling Bling

When I receive and email and saw all these unbelievable thumb drive and I thought of sharing with all of you, how thumb drive have evolve and become and exclusive items that comes with "bling-bling" and be apart of accessories as well.
This definitely remind of me Alias the TV series of a woman agent going around to steal information and this definitely looks like one of the gadget to me.  I wonder is there anybody out there would buy it?  Probably not for people like me.  Would you?

The Feelings

It's been awhile I went for interview for jobs and most of the I go and meet client with full of confidence.  But some how this time, a job interview just brings butterflies in my stomach.  Never had such feelings for a long long time.  I guess probably it is a company that runs by "Mat Salleh" and does big projects like Four Seasons Vietnam, Raffles Resort Maldives and many more.
With this two names is good enough as portfolio, and the Four Seasons is still a on going project and I wonder whether I'll be involve in that project?  Since I'm going to Cambodia in October, hopefully my company extend my stay and ask me to Vietnam?  Pardon me for dreaming, it is that I'm just over excited to work for a "Mat Salleh" company which I have always wanted, simply because I find that Malaysian boss somehow work our ass off company to the "Mat Salleh".  Maybe I am wrong, will work and see how and hopefully I am in save hands.
Finally my cloudy days are over for now, and my Bangkok trip in June is back on track which I wanted to abandon if I don't get a job soon.  But I was having a bad migraine the whole day and can't really sleep well and woke up 4am to write this post.

Songs That Last

I was going through my mp3s and sorting them out neatly and came across a few songs from the80s to 90s that is always my all time favorite, just never get bored listen to them.  And with this you can see how old I am.
  1. Karyn White - Superwoman
  2. Martika - Toy Soldier
  3. Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth
  4. Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time
  5. Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O Mine
  6. The Jets - Make It Real
  7. Selena - Dreaming Of You
  8. Sweet Sensation - If Wishes Came True
It sure does bring back memories when I was just a teen with no worries of tomorrow.  All we got to worry is our results, those are more simple days compare now that I'm going through.  Sure miss those days.

Big Disappointment (a lie)

Hey David Archuleta was here, the 1st runner up for the Amerian Idol Season 7 but I guess it just broke some hearts and dissappointed some of his fans.  Sony Music as the main organiser for his so call "concert" at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre on 11 April 2009, 3pm was a big con job.
As most of you knows how big could this open air amphitheatre be and the organiser are giving out tickets more than the amphitheathre could fit and then they put a T&C no.3 This ticket DOES NOT GUARANTEE the ticket holder entry.  Entry to the event venue is subject to space and safety regulations.  The organizer reserves the rights to refuse entry to the event without liability.  I do clearly understand that but if you were to be there, you could see that so many people were waiting outside just to get in and I saw small girls as young as 8 to 10 with their mom looking sad and disappointed leaving the venue.
To what me and my friend think, the main organiser should not have printed so many tickets in giving hopes to so many die hard fans out, you may not know where the fans are coming from?  They totally close off the parking to the emphitheatre and some of them just parked at the road side and cause jam to the small road and some parked as far as the shop lot next to the Sunway College to walked over and ended up not getting anything.
Thank goodness I am not a die hard fan of David Archuleta and I left without disappoinment but just that I felt that the event organiser should not have printed so many tickets knowing how many people the emphitheatre can fit.
Besides that I still find that some people does not know when to youse the "organizer" or "organiser".  One is the US english and one is the UK english and as one of the Commonwealth was ruled under the UK all our standards are in UK not US.  We drive our car right like the UK not left like the US.  Some people are just ignorant I guess.

11 Months Ago

It never fail to bring tears to my eyes with the 512 stories.  I seriously wonder how are these people doing after so many months after the 512 earthquake.  Here is a short but true stories that happen 11 months ago.

Caught In Between

I'm so lost,
and I'm so gone.
Don't know where to start,
don't know where to part.

Time flies,
and my confidence dies.
The longer I linger,
The more I feel the bitter.

Getting a job is so damn hard.
And I'm trying not to use credit card.
In order to survive this bad times
I need to be wise.


Phobias (K-O)

Another list of phobias for your reading pleasure and knowledge too.  Have fun :)

Kainolophobia or Kainophobia - fear of anything new, novelty
Kakorrhaphiophobia - fear of failure or defeat
Katagelophobia - fear of ridicule
Kathisophobia - fear of sitting down
Kenophobia - fear of voids or empty spaces
Keraunophobia or Ceraunophobia - fear of thunder and lightning (Astraphobia, Astrapophobia)
Kinetophobia or Kinesophobia - fear of movement or motion
Kleptophobia - fear of stealing
Koinoniphobia - fear of rooms
Kolpophobia - fear of genitals, particularly female
Kopophobia - fear of fatigue
Koniophobia - fear of dust (Amathophobia)
Kosmikophobia - fear of cosmic phenomenon
Kymophobia - fear of waves (Cymophobia)
Kynophobia - fear of rabies
Kyphophobia - fear of stooping

Lachanophobia - fear of vegetables
Laliophobia or Lalophobia - fear of speaking
Leprophobia or Lepraphobia - fear of leprosy
Leukophobia - fear of the color white
Levophobia - fear of things to the left side of the body
Ligyrophobia - fear of loud noises
Lilapsophobia - fear of tornadoes and hurricanes
Limnophobia - fear of lakes
Linonophobia - fear of string
Liticaphobia - fear of lawsuits
Lockiophobia - fear of childbirth
Logizomechanophobia - fear of computers
Logophobia - fear of words
Luiphobia - fear of lues, syphilis
Lutraphobia - fear of otters
Lygophobia - fear of darkness
Lyssophobia - fear of rabies or of becoming mad

Macrophobia - fear of long waits
Mageirocophobia - fear of cooking
Maieusiophobia - fear of childbirth
Malaxophobia - fear of love play (Sarmassophobia)
Maniaphobia - fear of insanity
Mastigophobia - fear of punishment
Mechanophobia - fear of machines
Medomalacuphobia - fear of losing an erection
Medorthophobia - fear of an erect penis
Megalophobia - fear of large things
Melissophobia - fear of bees
Melanophobia - fear of the color black
Melophobia - fear or hatred of music
Meningitophobia - fear of brain disease
Menophobia - fear of menstruation
Merinthophobia - fear of being bound or tied up
Metallophobia - fear of metal
Metathesiophobia - fear of changes
Meteorophobia - fear of meteors
Methyphobia - fear of alcohol
Metrophobia - fear or hatred of poetry
Microbiophobia - fear of microbes (Bacillophobia)
Microphobia - fear of small things
Misophobia or Mysophobia - fear of being contaminated with dirt or germs
Mnemophobia - fear of memories
Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia - fear of dirt or contamination
Monophobia - fear of solitude or being alone
Monopathophobia - fear of definite disease
Motorphobia - fear of automobiles
Mottephobia - fear of moths
Musophobia or Muriphobia - fear of mice
Mycophobia - fear or aversion to mushrooms
Mycrophobia - fear of small things
Myctophobia - fear of darkness
Myrmecophobia - fear of ants
Mythophobia - fear of myths or stories or false statements
Myxophobia - fear of slime (Blennophobia)

Nebulaphobia - fear of fog (Homichlophobia)
Necrophobia - fear of death or dead things
Nelophobia - fear of glass
Neopharmaphobia - fear of new drugs
Neophobia - fear of anything new
Nephophobia - fear of clouds
Noctiphobia - fear of the night
Nomatophobia - fear of names
Nosocomephobia - fear of hospitals
Nosophobia or Nosemaphobia - fear of becoming ill
Nostophobia - fear of returning home
Novercaphobia - fear of your step-mother
Nucleomituphobia - fear of nuclear weapons
Nudophobia - fear of nutidy
Numerophobia - fear of numbers
Nyctohylophobia - fear of dark wooded areas or of forests at night

Obesophobia - fear of gaining weight (Pocrescophobia)
Ochlophobia - fear of crowds or mobs
Ochophobia - fear of vehicles
Octophobia - fear of the figure 8
Odontophobia - fear of teeth or dental surgery
Odynophobia or Odynephobia - fear of pain (Algophobia)
Oenophobia - fear of wines
Oikophobia - fear of home surroundings, house (Domatophobia, Eicophobia)
Olfactophobia - fear of smells
Ombrophobia - fear of rain or of being rained on
Ommetaphobia or Ommatophobia - fear of eyes
Oneirophobia - fear of dreams
Oneirogmophobia - fear of wet dreams
Onomatophobia - fear of hearing a certain word or of names
Ophidiophobia - fear of snakes (snakephobia)
Ophthalmophobia - fear of being stared at
Opiophobia - fear medical doctors experience of prescribing needed pain medications for patients
Optophobia - fear of opening one's eyes
Ornithophobia - fear of birds
Orthophobia - fear of property
Osmophobia or Osphresiophobia - fear of smells or odors
Ostraconophobia - fear of shellfish
Ouranophobia or Uranophobia - fear of heaven

Phobias from A-E, F-J

[stay tune for more phobias]

Holy Macaroni!!!!

It has been awhile that I have been tagged.  As usual blog hopping and found that I have been tagged by Anny.  And it seems like the tag nowadays are getting longer and longer and longer.  I wonder when it will reach 1000 questions to answer.
To me 10 questions to answer is already a lot and now 100!!! OMG, I will try my best to answer all of them and I find it quite silly some of the questions.  If it does not require me to use too much of my brain juice then it should be alright.  Let see what I have got here but it is obvious from the middle onwards I'm getting tired to elaborate all the answer.  To me it is kind of too long of a tag.

001 Real name:  Ken Ong
002 Nick name:  can, kenji, ken ken
003 Age:  34 (omg!!! I can't believe it is catching up so fast)
004 Horoscope:  Pisces
005 Male or female:  Male
006 Elementary:  seriously I totally forgotten what is the name!
007 Middle school:  SRK Alam Shah
008 High school:  SM Sultan Abdul Samad
009 College:  PJ College of Art & Design
010 Hair color: Black
011 Long or short:  I wonder what is long or short? Fingers? Legs? Hair? .....?
012 Loud or quiet:  again loud or quiet about what? Statement? Speak?  I wonder?
013 Sweats or jeans:  jeans is me :)
014 Phone or camera:  can I have both?
015 Health freak:  once a blue moon
016 Drink or smoke:  hardly nowadays, need to be sober to get more money...LOL
017 Do you have a crush on someone:  neh....
018 Eat or drink:  love both of them
019 Piercings:  use to  have 3 earings on 1 side of the year but now only 2
020 Tattoos:  yay, why not?  I got one
021 Social or anti-social:  I guess I'm too socialble
022 Righty or lefty: um...kind of with right hand, brush teeth and carry bag with left play the piano with both hands :)
023 First piercing:  can't remember when
024 First relationship:  standard 5 or 6? only remember the face not the name
025 First best friend:  Raymond a fat boy, migrated and lost contact
026 First award:  Dumax baby of the year, on the same year I was born
027 First kiss:  where? forhead? cheek? lips?  anyway can't remember any
028 First pet:  Jojo
029 First big vacation:  trip to Singapore by boat and fly back with family and relatives
030 First love at first sight:  too many can't remember LOL
031 First big birthday:  every birthday is big for me
032 First surgery:  does cutting of some flesh from my toe and eye lid a surgery?

This and that....
033 First sport you joined:  running
034 Orange or apple juice:  AJ
035 Rock or Rap:  both
036 Country or screamo:  neither, not really into country and don't know what is screamo
037 N'sync or Backstreet Boys:  N'sync
038 Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera:  Christina rulessssss
039 Night or day:  does not effect me
040 Sun or moon:  moon
041 TV or internet:  I want both
042 Playstation or Xbox: Playstation
043 Kiss or hug:  hug
044 Iguana or turtle: turtle
045 Spider or bee: none
046 Fall or spring: spring
047 Limewire or iTune:  iTune
048 Soccer or baseball:  none

049 Eating:  nothing
050 Drinking:  Shandy
051 Exciment level:  getting low doing this
052 I'm about to:  stop doing this tag
053 Listening to:  My love by The Dream ft. Mariah Carey
054 Plan for today: unplan
055 Waiting for:  money to grow on trees
056 Energy level:  low
057 Thinking of someone:  yes
058 Want kids?:  no
059 Want to get married?:  nope
060 When?  already no why ask when?
061 How many kids do you want?  no
062 Any name on the mind? money
063 What did you want to be when you are little? ambitionless
064 Career in mind?  yes
065 Mellow future or wild?  wild
066 Something you would never try:  eat shit
067 When do you want to die?  I'm not God
068 Lips or eyes?  eyes
069 Romantic or funny?  funny
070 Shorter or taller?  taller
071 Protactive or caring?  caring
072 Romantic or spontaneous?  spontaneous
073 Nice stomach or nice arm?  boobs
074 Sensitive or loud?  sensitively loud
075 Hook-up or relationship?  none
076 Trouble maker or hesitant?  none
077 Muscular or normal? normal
078 Kisses a stranger:  yes
079 Broken a bone:  no
080 Lost glasses or contacts:  yes
081 Runaway from home:  no
082 Held a gun/knife for self defence:  no
083 Killed somebody:  no (might just kill the person who created this tag)
084 Broken someone's heart:  no
085 Had your heart broken:  yes
086 Been arrested:  no
087 Cried when someone died:  yes
088 Liked a friend more than a friend:  yes

Do you believe in....
089 Yourself:  yes
090 Miracles: sometimes
091 Love at first sight:  no
092 Heaven:  yes
093 Santa Claus:  no
094 Tooth Fairy:  no
095 Kiss on the first date:  yes
096 Angels:  yes

Answer Truthfully
097 Is there one person you want to be with right now?  no
098 Are you seriously happy with where you're in life now?  yes
099 Do you believe in God?  yes
100 Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people

Most of them already been do as you wish... 

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