The Poison Tongue

What actually comes to your mind? A snake? Just because the snake flaunt its purple tongue out most of the time doesn’t mean it’s poisonous? And I’m pretty sure you know your science well enough that the tongue of the snake tastes the air and don’t gives out poison. Just a little science lesson to fresh up your memories. And I’m sure you must be wondering which wild animals with poison tongue? I guess it’s not any wild animal you’re thinking about. It’s the very concrete jungle that we lived in have such poison tongue.

So how poisonous can the tongue be? Have you ever ponder and wonder about it? To a lot of people a tongue it’s just a tongue, how could it be poisonous? I guess the poisons that the tongue utters out are so poisonous that it pierces through our very soul deep inside. And yet it’s colorless and tasteless. Worst then any poison that you can think of. Is there a cure for this poison?

With this tongue it destroys a lot of things you can’t imagine, friendships, relationships & the worst, lives! By speaking so, it’s obvious that I’m one of the victims of this poison tongue. And I’m pretty sure who’s not and it’s a matter of how severe it is. It’s just surprise me that how one could have such poisonous tongue and would actually use it to friends and family? Where is the human conscious mind? By doing so does it benefits anyone? Who knows, probably the one who releases the poison in order to get what he or she wants. You be surprise the male species might have the most poisonous tongue compared to the female species who likes to gossip so much. How does this poison tongue works? As a victim and after much evaluation and thoughts here is what I’ve come out with.

The Recipe for Poison Tongue.
First, gathering of information. To what extend, I’ve no idea. And how much truth is in the information? I’ve no idea either. Next, inject his or her own theories into it and mix it well till smooth. Then start putting the poison to…, not the victim in this case but the friends. As the poison flows slowly to the victim and killing it slowly but surely and not knowing who injected the poison. Wala… the recipe for a poison tongue!

Of course there are friends who are immune to the poison and try to stop the poison from flowing to the victims. But I guess it’s just hard for someone who has a big mouth. Why? It’s just hard to keep something so significant in that big mouth. It just moves and moves and moves. Comment sense. So I would actually like to advice friends not to say so much to people who has big mouth, before they start spreading. I guess at times it’s quite true that “The Tremeloes” sang the song “Silent is Golden”. There are times I just wish those people with big mouth should just zipped up. But I guess it’s just like the animal in the wild, it’s their basic instinct to just blab and not think of the consequences that they cause to others. I guess people with poison tongue just couldn’t care less the outcome. But I’m sure everyone does have this poison tongue but why can’t they control their poison tongue? I guess it’s in their nature and we can’t change the fact. Again, I guess without these people our lives would be so bored and only these kind of people bring spices to our lives but I guess these are one of the bad spices in life.

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