Old Habits Dies Hard

It’s about time we do something with our old habits. I’ve been trying to remind myself not to take any plastic bags whenever I go shopping and even paper bags as well. I actually saw my cousin started her changing her old habits of not taking any plastic or paper bags while shopping. And there is this Earthday (April 22); it started to make me want to change my habits to save our planet Earth. But over and over again I keep forgetting it, old habits dies hard. I’m sure after awhile of practice like my cousin I’ll change my habits as well.

I think people are too ignorant about the planet earth conditions. People are busy with their own life, worrying what the future holds. What is there to worry if the planet earth depletes, you and I won’t be here anymore. Everything have to start some where, why not now! Change the way we live to save the planet earth we are living in. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable, it stays the same conditions even after 500 years in the soil. Paper bags are made from trees, the more trees the better to help us built back the ozone layer. The ozone layer it’s getting thinner by the day and the harmful rays are getting close to burning our delicate skin.

Change your habits to a brighter future, if not there won’t be a future for us. I’ve always wanted to get myself involve in some project to save out beautiful planet earth. And I’ve been introduce by a friend about this project by ‘juslife’ to Adopt a Project to save the planet earth. I encourage you to join to save our planet, save our future.



Ken said...

If you were to attend the "Adopt A Project" program. Please tick the one you would like to attend. You can't select a few only 1 project which you think you like most. TQ!

weikhean said...

in fact, i have started carrying my own shopping bag for a few months now. It feels great when you come home from shopping and there are no plastic bags hanging around. Of course there are other things we can do to save mother earth too, like saving electricity, use water wisely, etc.

Ken said...

Besides that, I think we need to get a few more bins to seperate out our rubbish from, papers to cans to plastics. Recycle them if possible, sell them to the right people you can even earn a bit of money.

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