Forgive & Forget

The phrase to words always appears whenever something goes wrong. But how many of you would actually forgive and forget? How many of you actually forgive and won’t forget? And how many of you totally don’t forgive and forget?

I’m actually a bit of everything and it really depends on the situations. But that I wouldn’t drag my friends into any of my problems between who ever it might be, do you? I’m just curious that when one is an enemy to X, for an example. Do you expect all your friends to be enemy with X as well? If you think so, I think that would be a selfish thought. Everybody has their choice to make and you seriously can’t force it down their throat. And why in the first place should you be so bordered by the fact that your friends or colleagues befriended with X?

Should you be putting more energy and time on something more useful than that? Besides that, if you are a religious person, shouldn’t you be more forgiving? I do have a few people that I don’t like and I admit that I have my time spending hating them but after awhile it seems the rough sea have quiet down. But if your rough sea never seems to quiet down, I think you seriously need to do something about it. Then the problem doesn’t lies on X but you. Do you people agree with me?

Everything will past and turn into history bury deep inside your unconscious mind.



Yumi said...

Y ppl like dat ar...
some ppl just forgive..really really forgive and forget, but..then they face dat person..the grudge, the anger came back...HAIZ..

Anonymous said...

LW here.
i agree with u!!
should forget and forgive someone who bother ur life. no need waste time and energy to remember tt one who hurt u. why nt pay more time to care the one u love.

Ken said...

Exactly! I think it's just so pointless to hate someone so much that practically forgotten that, there are still so many good things around us :)

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