New Breed of Culture

I think this new breed of culture has been around for awhile but it’s just in out sub conscious mind and not much people talks about it until the time of the year comes. But when this things happen almost same time of the years it makes it like a new kind of culture has surface.

What I’m talking about is when the ‘Raya’ is around the corner, some authorities seem to be working extra hard to get extra cash. Everywhere I go they seem to be lurking around almost every corner. I guess it is a known fact to the usual citizen and we have already accepts it. After so many years of the same case happens everywhere. We will take it more like a culture already.

At time I just wonder whether it is my mind playing tricks, but years after years without fail they roam the city more often during the month before ‘Raya’. With is one fact that repeats year after year is enough so make it an official culture among us.



Wei Khean said...

right, it's the time of the year again, isn't it? Just drive and obey the law, don't let them catch u. That's all I can say. BTW, like the cartoon u used :)

Ken said...

Hahahaha. I was really searching hard for a correct image. Finally found something close to it.

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