Bad Omen

Last night as I was coming back from Subang, I was thinking which way to take to reach my destination. Things were going through my head and as I approached the Motorola bridge, I made a split second decision and turn left off to LDP on my far right lane at Federal Highway. I manage to turn left but I lost control of my car and it almost hit the slope on the right side of the road. I turn my steering wheel back out and without realising it my car hit back to Faderal Highway and spinned facing the on coming cars and stopped in the middle lane. The on coming cars managed to stopped in time.

So is my heart, almost stopped for that split second. Just before the accident, I was telling my friend that no matter what happen I would rather die instead of my friend as I would not want to bear the guilt for killing my friend for the rest of my life. Just right after that I pull that stunt. Just a few days back, as I return to get my car, it was hit by anonymous person and ran off.

Besides that I was having migraine for two days which lasted longer than usual. Supposed to went mountain climbing this morning but I decided not to go as I felt all these are some sort of warning since I've been having all these bad experiences.

Wonder when will these dark clouds clear off?



-Lek Wei- said...

So shiok.. That moment really gonna siao. Almost have to say bye bye to the world. Fortunately, don't have crashed any cars or any accidents happen. Thx god!! No next time Ken and drive carefully!! haha..

Ken said...

If die, I got you die with me LOL. Don't worry, it's not going to happen :)

-Lek Wei- said...

Choi!!! no die no die.. Haha.. btw it's a unforgettable experience. Nt bad..

Yumi said...

omg..luckily nothing happen to both of u..when i read it, i also got shocked and 'gan cheong' im starting to scared to drive like dat.hehehhe..
see u on thurs in one good pc, ken.heheheh..

Wei Khean said...

wow! What a scary experience! Anyway I'm glad u r still here to blog about it! Well, hope your bad luck ended already.

Ken said...

yes. hope it ended not soon LOL!!! Love live too much to go just like that.

Thank God for giving me so many chances to live.

yoon see said...

Sorry to hear this but you see God have mercy on you & your friend :)
Pray before your departure and arrival at the intended destiny.
Just think that this happen just for you to learn something so that you will be more careful the next time you drive, and to think about your purpose of life on this earth…sorry to be a little bit long winged.
I too met a car accident when I was 20, luckily I did not die. It was driven by my friend. She was OK but not me. I couldn’t walk for a six long months, just depended on walking sticks, I took another 2 months to learn to walk but limping. That caught the public attention, I was so malu…
It took almost one and half year for me to completely heal from this.
Then I have another major health problem which is now my whole body is covered with skin problem but not contagious. I have to wear long sleeves to hide all these spot, there are some spots on my face too………and I am glad now is recovering but taking extra long time. I have been suffering from this for 10 long years. I did asked God before why all these happened to me… but now I just surrender, trust & obey to him.
There must be a purpose....for all these.
Hope you find some comfort here. Is this call bad luck?
Are you more bad luck or me?

Ken said...

LOL! NO worries, I'm very sure you are aware of God's timing, never too fast, never too late. He has a purpose for everything in our lives even though the choices we make maybe wrong.

Hope you get well soon!!

nath said...

to ken's friend yoon see:
"thank you Lord for yoon see's life,you place her on earth for a reason,and we know that You are always for her, not against her. father i pray that you will take all bad cells,harmful microorganism and side effects away from her body,release Your power from heaven and let her be totally healed, in JESUS's name i pray, Amen."
May you receive it with faith...cheers :)

Ken said...


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