Liquor Stall

Just recently receive a called and asked to do a freelance job and it was introduced by my ex-colleague. I don't really take new clients unless I do know them well. Nowadays getting payment for us, interior designers are always a major problem.

This project is suppose to be a liquor kiosk or stalls just next to a tall full height window. The client wanted the project by Tuesday and it seems and impossible task you have everything ready by Tuesday. I need to prepare Furniture Layout Plan, Elevations, Cut Sections and some Details as well, that only involved the working drawing part. And of course another two 3D perspective for presentation. All this by coming Tuesday is really a bit ridiculous, so I try to drag it till Wednesday but still a bit tight but I don't have a choice.

But seems like it is going to drag a little longer than expected. I'm here trying to rush out all the necessary drawings so that I could send it out to my 3D freelancer to get started and it is going to take another few days. But I guess in this line of duty, client will never understand how we feel when it comes to the process of the drawings. To them it is just lines, to us everything counts, from the line thickness to drawing scale to detailing and problems solving. Every stage relates to one another and it can't be skipped.

Now I'm waiting information to be given to get started, until now the client still haven't come back to me on all the necessary information. By the way, which design do you people preferred or like?



gary said...

More prefer the third option. i think the bottom shelves arrangment is better. And the top display shelves can be interactive to the customer also. i vote for design 3!

Ken said...

OK. design 3 leading as nobody vote. LOL..

gary said...

It looks more contemporary. Compare to design 2 & 3. More traditional look.

Ken said...

Sometime looks can be deceiving. Choice of material do play a major roll in design. With the same design it can look modern classic and yet futuristic. All depends on the material choice. I actually preferred design one. Once I get the 3D out we shall see :)

Wei Khean said...

i also vote for option 3 just by the look of the freehand sketch. R u gonna show 2 options to your client? Interesting to see how it turns out :)

Ken said...

I'm definitely going to show 1. 2 options extra charges. Time is money, drawings are money too. Want more choices, no prob. pay extra!!! LOL

Emila Yusof said...

i like design 1!

Emila Yusof said...

eh you also prefer 1! yay!

I dunno why but i really like the look of design 1. I am sure, with your choice of materials, it'll look awesome!

Ken said...

Thx Emila, once the 3D is out I'll hopefully it reflects what I want to portray. But there will be some slight changes to it.

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