Selamat Hari Raya!

Finally the day has come for the few of us to gather and have a great time chatting about our working life in different places. It is just a small gather between Farha, Mukhsin (Farha's husband), Wei Khean and I. The three of us were colleagues once in Ebiza Design Consultant (EDC) and of course there is one more colleague missing and that is Sue, our cute petit little sister who is pregnant with her second chile.

It was really a small gather and we really had great time catching up on each other though we may chat online once a blue moon. Ever since we left EDC, we hardly have time to gather except for Raya time. Farha has finally come out to do freelance full time. As for Wei Khean, he got a jop opportunity to work in Bangkok for an International Interior Design Firm and he has been a faithful fan to my blog leaving me many comments that encourage me to write more. And I wonder did I manage to convert him to be a blogger as well, check his blog out yourself, Life Is A Series of Fireworks. And I'm a part time lecturer who is torn in between an actual job or continue to lecturing.

Shoyu look out the window for his friend, Bob.

Bizkit sleeping by the window

Wei Khean, Farha, Ken

p/s. I hope this gathering will continue as long as possible and thank you Farha and Mukhsin for their hospitality having us around for Raya for 3 years in a row.



Wei Khean said...

Ken, thanks for the posting. It was a good gathering. And Farha, thanks for the wonderful food. Let's meet up again next Raya... :D

Farha said...

That was my pleasure guys! Its great to get together like this every now and again, touch base to see what we are all up to. I hope we won't have to wait for next raya to meet up again!

Ken said...

Wei Khean: Welcome, now you why i've so many to blog can't wait to see you updating your blog.

Farha: Of course not, Wei Khean might be coming back end of the year and probably by then we can meet up again. So now u know why I sms you so much last nite.

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