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view from Bukit Tabur

September 24th, 2005:
Bukit Tabur, Melawati. It is about 7am we were near the bottom of the hill that we are suppose to conquer. It has been three years and the memories of the hill were still fresh in my memories. Thank goodness I look a lot of pictures in the beginning as the further we went the lesser I took as I'm exhausted and the sun is rising to our head top and it is getting hot.

Up till now I still wish to climb the hill again, the journey was great but of course the company of friends are even greater. Most of my friends are busy now with their kids and no time to do it. During the last trip I should have remembered the track so that I can share this joy with my other friends who are interested as well. But now, all I can do is wait for my friend and see when he is free to bring me there again.

I have a few friends already conquered Mount Kinabalu and I'm hoping to do it next year with my friend and I wonder how is the planning coming along? I think, I might just do a few planning about it as well and get more info about it. Anybody care to join?



Yumi said...

beautiful scene...ah...great place to relax

Ken said...

Yup. Still hoping 1 day would go back there again. :)

LekWei said...

yeah.. if u really going back, i wanna join. look so great..

Ken said...

Will keep you inform if I ever go back there again...will try to ask my friend to organize again. :)

Emila Yusof said...

Breathtaking view! Thanks for sharing, Ken!

Ken said...

You are most welcome :)

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