Quaratine (Lousy Movie)

On Monday after class my students wanted to go and catch a movie. Some of us were quite keen on watching Quarantine, as we saw the movie preview it was quite interesting to watch since now there is nothing much in the cinema to watch.

We were so keen till we actually went online to book for 12 tickets and only 9 of us went for the movie. We were almost late, but in fact we were late to collect the tickets so ended up queuing for the tickets. Since it is Monday, not much people where actually queuing to buy tickets.

Finally got out tickets and went into the cinema and waited eagerly for the movie to start. Finally the movie start and it is about this female presenter for her TV program on a night shift with the fire fighter department. It was so boring in the beginning that it's practically talking, talking and more talking. You can hear the camera man but hardly see his face because the whole movie is through the cameraman's camera.

Second half of the movie would be in the big old apartment where they found out about this so called zombie like resident. After that the rest is all the same, nothing hype, dead boring with zombie movie in the building as they run for their lives and not get bitten. Worst part was, all you can hear is that stupid presenter keep talking and scream. At the end of the show where it is suppose to be the most hype part, you get so pissed off with the woman's voice keep screaming and yelling. And the best part was, everyone died except the zombies, I just wasted RM8 to watch a worst then B grade movie.

I leave you with the movie preview that attract most of us. And that is all to the movie, the rest are all rubbish!!! Enjoy!



Yumi said...

heheh..dat movie...awesome lar...ultimate horror/wrestling movie for me...damn farny for me..slam ere and there..whack ere and there..jia lat..i wasted my $$ too..once awhile..oklar.

Ken said...

Seriously by the end of the show the girl is so annoying, all of us feeling punching her face and asked her to shut the @%#^ up!

Ops!!! 18PL

yoon see said...

Look like; you have watched at least one movie per month ken.
Sometimes, we wouldn’t know how good the story it is.
The ad looks attracting but not the real story.
Just too bad, you & your friends all got to bear with it.
Alternately, just back off saying early good bye to the show.

P/S:May be some like the movie?

Ken said...

You're early!

I guess maybe some do like it. I read the papers review saying this show is bad, I did not believed it and I got myself in trouble.


khemy said...

I heart I Am Legend! i think it was awesome..same feeling when watching Interview with Vampire..oh I heart kirstin dunst too when she was a kid..

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

Thanks for the tip. At least I won't waste my money and go watch it ... LOL!

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Hmm..now u say it now I don't want to watch it...thought of grabbing a popcorn for it today. Well, now..forget it..lol, Hahahah!

Ken said...

Khemy: At least those are good story line with good actors. This one is really OUT!

Ken said...

Spiff: really save your money for a better meal also better then watch this movie and curse all the way out of the cinema. LOL!

Ken said...

I think BOLT is even batter than this. If it's not out watch something else but not this one.

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