Self Praise Is No Praise

I wonder do you have such people in your life. I'm sure these kind of people do come around and they never die off. But how do you actually handle these kind of people?

I came across this kind of people recently and I seriously don't know how to handle it and it makes me feel irritated by every word that comes out of his mouth and makes me think very shallow of him. Everybody has their own story of success and fame, but it is only temporary unless you are some superstar. How could one actually talk about the same story over and over again on how much he is being paid for a job and anything less, he would take it. Seriously such opportunity does not come that often. Once you get a high paying job does not mean you will always get something similar or higher the next time. But yet he could actually boast about it over and over again just of that one job.

How do you actually consider as beautiful or handsome? The world actually has a standard for it, when everyone agrees on the same thing means it is true. So when a nice photograph is being taking and no doubt about it the main talent was actually a bit fat to the "world standard" but some how the main talent could not accept the fact that he is fat. He would deny the fact he is fat and says that he has trained very hard and the muscle is very define. Somehow I just wonder why would one be so proud of himself and denies what the world sees.

Now all I can do is to sit there and listen to him boast how good he is, how well he did. But at times I just could not take it and I just walk away or even show my face of dissatisfaction. Sometimes I just feel like telling him off. But the best part is, he can't even take people's comment about him and he totally thinks we are wrong. ~sign~ can't be help but to stay away from him.



Nessa said...

#1 I despise boastful ppl! But the problem is, they are so full of themselves that they can't see how annoying they are.

You could try this : Masuk telinga kiri, keluar telinga kanan. Like water flowing in a drain or something... hehe

Maybe next time tell him you're busy so you don't have to sit there and listen to his nonsense :D

khemy said...

mine is worst. have you ever encounter (read:befriend,cause have to) type of people that whatever you said or you do, she always has a point to outdo you, and she said she had better, or she's been there, and she tried that. that is disaster. i just keep my mouth shut when around her. what a bitch!

p/s: by the way, hows life. are you still in TTDI?

yoon see said...

Typically happen to us anywhere & anytime.
Too bad, that he must be over-confident.

Mariuca said...

Hola Ken! You’ve been invited to my Award Gala! Congrats! :)

Ken said...

Nessa: You are totally right, they are so full of themselves that they don't even know how annoying they were.

Now when I'm around these kind of people, keeping my lips is the best or I would just leave. But sometimes I'm there to meet my other friends who i miss but somehow he is there. ~sigh~

Ken said...

Khemy: is your friend from literally from "singapore", so kiasu (scare to lose) everything also needs to be number 1, I wonder when it comes to death does she wants to be number one?

ops! sorry for my bitchiness...LOL

Me in TTDI? When?

Ken said...

Yoon See: The guy is totally overload of himself. There are more stories just that I did not want to bring up. Save him some face.

Ken said...

Marzie: Thank you!!! Got it ;)

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Hmm..this type are everywher. Every where in a group,a company, an organization,in community,among friends and etc. There sure one of them that everyone can't get along with. :) That's life..haiz

Nessa said...

...'I wonder when it comes to death does she wants to be number one?'

Hahaha... dat is too funny! :D

Ken said...

Cindy: I guess with this people around, it helps to reflect how good we are...LOL without them it won't amplified how good or angel like we are ;)

Ken said...

Nessa: At time I'm a bit blunt with my words... that is me ;)

khemy said...

ermm..thought you were in same office wif farha? not? i know she resigned, long time ago..yeah lady boss sucks.. aku la khemy..ex-arrespi..the pain-in-the-ass so-called archi firm?
btw, my alter ego is at
cya, lurve

Ken said...

O! Now I know. I'm not working together with her after I left RSP. BTW, how did you find out about my blog? I was surprise :)

Khemy said...

emila's. she was my colleague in company B****s (not bitches ye)and oso was my housemate way back in 2001-2002..small world.ko pun fofular kat sana (emila's)

Ken said...

LOL I wer got fofular...hehehehe biasa je. What a small world. Nv thought would meet you here in the world of blogging...LOL

Spiff, The Spaceman said...

I know quite a few people like that. I keep my distance from them ...

Ken said...

I do the same, but at times I wonder do they know it? Do they know that they are boasting on every single thing they do? I just wonder.

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