Mariuca's Perfume Gallery 2nd Anniversary

In conjuction with Mariuca's Perfume Gallery two(2) year old birthday, Marzie is holding a contest to giveaway this cute little teddy bear. Give a name to this teddy bear and the reason why I should have it. For more info about the rules, do visit Mariuca's Perfume Gallery.

For this one contest it's going to be short and sweet.

Coco is the name, because it's tan like coco and bitter sweet like chocolate.
um...perfect combination!



yoon see said...

Great idea Ken, I will do mine tomorrow.
So tire, got to sleep soon!

Ken said...

Me too, I slept very early last nite :)

Nessa said...

Keeping it short and simple... nice. Coco is a lovely name :)

Ken said...

LOL thank you, besides that I like Coco Lee the singer.

Mariuca said...

Uwah!! I love the name Coco he he! Great work Ken, I shall add u to my contest list now! :):):)

Mariuca said...

Oh and good luck to you yoo, about a week left before my contest ends! :):):)

Ken said...

thank goodness I got there in time :) I'm slowly joining all the giveaway there is if possible...LOL

not forgetting TH ones as well :) already bookmark and will be there anytime when I'm free hehehehe

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