CNY Days

[yee sang]

[mixing up the yee sang, the higher the better :D]

On Chinese New Year's eve is family gathering dinner time, usually my mother's sisters family will come for dinner but this year only one sister family came and of course my brother's in-law too. I find the crowd are just nice but of course the more the merrier, just that my house is small so we usually have dinner at the car porch and take turns to eat as the table is only as big as it is.

Second day of Chinese New Year, lion dance at my house. As you see neighbors were outside watching too. Chinese New Year is never a Chinese New Year if there is no Lion Dance, it is always related. I'm always amazed by these people underneath the lion skin, they do a great job in expressing a lion's move and expression.

As for me, I guess Chinese New Year are the same as the rest of the days, nothing special except for the ang pow received, that is all to it. I have already told myself not to stay for another Chinese New Year, as I'm going to travel during CNY next year onwards. Every CNY I will go travel, I have my reason for doing so.



yoon see said...

Nice shots:)

Ken said...

thank you...just my phone digital camera got stolen long time ago.

diYadEaRY said...

Happy Chinese New Year Ken! :)

Marvic said...

happy chinese new year ken

TH said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Wei Khean said...

It's nice to be with family during CNY. Wait til you are abroad and then u know how it feels to be away from home during the holidays. I thot I am used to it, but still can't help missing home on CNY. Enjoy while u can. :)

Ken said...

Thank you for all the wishes to Diya, Marvic & TH

Ken said...

Wei Khean: when you relatives pop the unnecessary questions it's time to leave the country for CNY LOL I'll definitely be back on the 2nd or 3rd day but away for the 1st day :D

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