Few years back, someone pop a question to me which it took me awhile to answer. And now I'm going to ask you the same question my friend asked me few years back.

While you were driving and you saw an terrible accident and you are the only person closes to the incident, would you actually stopped and help the victim or should I say the stranger, as he/she is all bloody.

The friend who pop the question to me said NO, simply because the victim might get his car all dirty with blood stain. But I guess it is not that easy to just help send someone to the nearest hospital or clinic. There is just too many things to consider before we actually helped someone who is injured.

Actually I'm still thinking and I don't have a solid answer to the question my friend asked. I guess it all depend on the situation and bad he/she is injured. I do know, if someone is seriously injured, is best not to move him/her too much. I guess watching Discovery channel do help in time like this.

I did came across an accident which I was in-shock I did not respond and drove off. The accident involved a young man knocking and old man on motorcycle and flew across the opposite direction of the road. I was thinking why the traffic so slow and as I was about to reach the cause of the jam I saw this old man lying on the road with a patch of blood stain all around the head area. I pass through it and went to work. Up till now I still wonder, whether the old man live to tell his story or not?



Fable Frog said...

In my opinion, if you really don't know how to handle this kinda' emergency situation, it's best not to flock around the victim... so that those who actually knows how to help can do their part easier~ don't you think?

Ken said...

Yup. Totally agree with you Fable :D sometimes with our help it makes the situation more complex or worst.

yoon see said...


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