I wonder if you ever take Putra LRT and pass by Pasar Seni and look down at the river bank and marvel by the graffiti that was painted on the wall of the river bank? I always like to look at them as I think it actually beautified and spice up the river bank that is so plain and dead. More over the LRT do stopped by at Pasar Seni and you do have a few minutes to look and be marveled by the graffiti.

Just recently I saw the wall has been repainted back to one big piece of white wall that does not bring life to the river bank. These are beautiful graffiti and not ugly scribles on the wall, why take away the identity that people have created and it is beautiful to look at which I think it can be another part of tourist attraction that calls the "graffiti river" that people will come and look at these artisticly beautiful graffiti.

The only graffiti wall that I saw recently at the Pasar Seni LRT station is the image below when I was on my way to Pudu to take a bus to Selama, Perak. I quickly took my mobile to take this image to preserve it as I know in no time, the graffiti will be painted over. If Malaysia have such talents, why not make it part of the growing Malaysia!



Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Yeah! I heard they wanna paint it white again..i was really against the decision and just wondering what is in those mind that want to wipe out this graffities! hmph..I like watching the different style and ways of this graffiters lay upon their mural...Such a waste to just clean em of like that...

This picture is going to mean alot..cause we can't see it any more in future...

Thanks for sharing this Ken, and i totally agree with this post! hahah!

Ken said...

Thank you Cindy.

I'm only speaking what I think and it is definitely a lost to take away these beautiful graffities..

khemy said...

is that word ABU I saw? is ABU the artist? LOL
malaysian authority have so many free time.they paint, repaint, repaint again and again. their karma is to repaint.. and because they love repaint so much..LOL

豪少 said...

Ya, I totally agree with you. Beautifully painted walls should not be classified as vandalism, isnt it? Haha..

Ken said...

khemy: yes you did see the word ABU, but I've no idea whether ABU is the artist or not and I don't think 1 person can do that long of graffiti :)

Ken said...

豪少: of course not. If beautiful things are vandalism there are many more things that the government need to look into :)

syuhadah dzarawi said...

Hai, juz make a drop here..

ABU = asal bukan UMNO

its painted everywHere around BangsaR after 8th mArch..Hehe i can remember, the story bout the graffitti 'river' had been published in one of the local paper [cant' reaLLy remember] one year back.

they have their names [the artist] but they put helmets on when their pic taken so the public wouldnt' recognize 'em..!

haha...thats why they are called artist. [they are so artFull even in mimicking].

(^_~)..!! i was here

Ken said...

Thanx for the info and dropped by :)

Yumi said...

i to get 2 contacts of these artists..2 of them..actually, got a deal with the government on one event..and they do some super huge poster for that event..u can see my previous..last posts...on pecha kucha..there're few photos of their works..around KL also..

Ken said...

Really! Ok will definitely check them out later.

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