Sexual Harassment

When you see the word "Sexual Harassment", woman are most likely cross your mind that they are the victims. But how about man? What I'm about to tell you really discuss me in all ways.

I came across this person, Mr. X through my close friend who was working for him. (Bear in mind "WAS" is being used here) Since I'm so close to this friend of course he would introduce his boss to me. What I notice this Mr. X only employ good looking guys to work for him. Besides that he expect his staff to stay around even after work to go dinner and movies with him.

This Mr. X turn his house to be the office and little do these good looking know that they are walking into a trap.

Case 1:
Ask the newly employed staff to go to his house to work. After awhile in the house alone with him, he started his move on the new staff, saying he is very good with massage and wanted to massage for him since he been working to hard. As any other straight guy would do...reject his offer. Of course plan A don't work, plan B is coming up next. Offer the new staff for a facial mask, once all is done while waiting for the mask to dried, massage is back on the track again. Since now the guy can't do much he actually removed his tee and start massage his back while he has sitting on this guy's butt and leaning his groin area in close contact. I was really upset and angry that Mr. X is actually taking advantage of these people and misused his authority as a boss.

Case 2:
Working late at his home and there is not much of a public transport from Mr. X house. He would actually ask this staff to stay overnight. Since he convert his home into a office, the only room that could rest or sleep is his room, "mouse trap". First thing in the morning this guy wake up with his back facing upwards and noticing that Mr. X was actually on top of him. Using back the same trick, massage. His so called professional massage, wearing just his boxer leaning against his staff butt again. His staff has already reject his offer and yet he continues to do it. His staff does not dare to push too hard as he is afraid that he might fall and besides that lose his job.

To some people Mr. X seems like a nice person but I guess most of us knows what kind of person he is. Now I'm trying very hard not to let him lay his dirty hands on my friends anymore. Just because he has money doesn't mean he can have things his way.

Besides that he does have a bad mouth, whoever quit he will tell the rest of the world how bad that staff was but in actual fact people quit because of his sexual harassment. It does take some courage for these guys to relate their experience to us.

This Mr. X should be punished for what he has done. This is only two case I'm saying and I'm sure there are more.



KELLY said...

I won't respect this kind of person no matter how much fame and money he has cause he doesn't deserve it.

What a shameful guy.
Disgusting + sucks.

Nina said...

This is disgusting and I can't let myself fall into his trap even though his my boss.

Your right his way out of his professionalism, and just because his a boss it doesn't mean he could harass his staffs like that.

I think someone should entrap him also to stop this act.

Ken said...

kelly: if you see him in real I think u feel like punching him in the face

Ken said...

nina: thx for dropping by, we have been trying hard to entrap him. It is not easy for the victim to really voice out.

废人 said...

Who's the MR. X? I so wondering leh~~~~

Ken said...

you and I and a few more people know will do. BTW I have more story bout Mr.X is getting more interesting.

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