What is LOVE?

I need you,
When I don't have you.
When I got you,
I don't feel like I'm in love you.

Are you not the one I love?
Or simply just to fill my lonely heart.
Is there someone else I love?
That I'm willing to give my heart.

What is love?
Why can't I be with the one I love?
Why can't the one I love,
Loves me back......




sweet lavender said...

This poem reflect to my love life too.. :( Little voice come from my heart...

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

Hmm...the feeling you showed through this poem is emotional...yet you are still keeping hopes to meet the one and only one you truly love...

Ken said...

sweet lavender:

love is strange but yet a wonderful thing
or love is wonderful yet a strange thing.

it is all up to us how we want to interpret what love is. All the best.

Ken said...

Cindy: seriously I stop searching. When it comes it comes. No point searching too hard and get disappointed. I have a lot of good friends who cares for me will do.

Mariuca said...

Hola Ken, I have some awards for you, do come by to accept them when u’re free, happy Sunday! :)

Cindy's Crafty Bites said...

:) Glad to hear that you kept a positive mind Ken :) Yup! Friends are always one of the best cure :)
when you are down, they will make funny faces to cheer you up, When you are happy, they will be all jolly with you :D Hahahhh, friends are rare to be seek too ...

Appreciate them best :)

Cheers Ken ;)

yoon see said...

You can still in serch of the right person Ken.
You have a lot of students...I see you have so many boy and girlfriends in the facebook. Should not be a problem right?
By the way, you are a very out going person, socialize....
I wonder what the girls' taste now day!? Or are they too materialistic that most man can't affort.
Someof my male friends said: it's good & enough for a man to find a good wife not a girlfriend.
Those that just know how to ask boyfriend for money, always have fun and pretends that there are no worries.....
A wife no need to be pretty but good hearted and understanding.

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