I'm Stupid

Was having conversation with some friends over dinner and I guess what he mention was quite true "Be stupid once a while is better than being smart."
I guess there are things when we don't know, it won't hurt us.  There are too many times that I find it, the more I know, the more it is going to hurt me.  There are things left unknown is better, being smart will get you into more trouble and more things to worry.
I guess from now onwards I should act stupid.  Should not dig up so many unanswered questions, just leave it as it is, I guess it is better that way.  There are times that we just can't handle the truth and ended up hurting ourselves and our friends.
The truth hurts and not everybody can accept it.  I know I can't, and it is definitely going to take some time for me to swallow the whole truth.  So I'm going to try and not to know so many and leave it the way it is.  That could save me from sorrowful tears and worring heart.



suhida said...

Ken, it's true that truth is always hurt. but that will make u a stronger person. don't be stupid, but be blur is already gud enough.hahahaha~

-Lek Wei- said...

ken. u r stupid?! no no. u r super smart enough. u r second 'hong yee'. =)

Ken said...

ok sue...i'm blur...duh.......

Ken said...

Lek Wei: Zaodao!!!!

Phirence said...

That's why i always be stupid lo..... Hehehe...

Ken said...

Phirence for your case, you are stupid...you're not acting stupid :p

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