White Piece Of Paper

So many things has just happen right after my birthday and what a present for the year to start.  After so many odeal,  suddenly i'm left with a white piece of paper, not knowing what the future holds.  What has been drawn, what has been planned has just vanished from the piece of paper.
Now I've to gather my courage and confident to lift up the pencil to start drawing something on that white piece of paper.  I have too many things to worried and too many commitments that might just stop me from achieving what I wanted to initially.  Thus all these adversary I must go through it and face it.
God bless me and I thank all the friends who cared and concerned about me.  I'll be strong no matter what, as long as I still have my breath of air, I'm going to find a way out even to lower my pride.  The true meaning of survival in this concrete jungle!!!  I make a promises with a friend and I'm going to see it happen in two years time.



Yumi said...

u will do it!!gan ba tei!!!

Gary said...

Stay strong! There r stil many opportunities awaiting u ahead. Life is often unfair, however, there comes the rainbow after de heavy rain. All de BEST to u KEN sir~

Ken said...

Domo Arigato!!!!

Ken said...

Thank you Gary :) I'll be strong and life goes on with or without Alfa. It's a lesson I've learned and a story for everyone to know.

"Never trust angel with a trident in his/her hand"

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