Caught In Between

I'm so lost,
and I'm so gone.
Don't know where to start,
don't know where to part.

Time flies,
and my confidence dies.
The longer I linger,
The more I feel the bitter.

Getting a job is so damn hard.
And I'm trying not to use credit card.
In order to survive this bad times
I need to be wise.




::. Anton ::. said...

Hello, my 1st visit to your blog.

I feel for you, really do. Hope you manage to land a job real soon.

Meantime, please take care.

Ken said...

Anton: thx for the wish and welcome to my blog :)

Phirence said...

This one i understand wor.... How clever am i be liao? So genius....

Dear, don think too much la as you said to me, i sure you can get a job soon de. Be patient and passion to life..

Ken said...

I'm trying to look @ the brighter side and still keeping my hope :)
BTW if so simple you don't understand I'll ..... :P
anyway quickly come back, miss u!

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