The Feelings

It's been awhile I went for interview for jobs and most of the I go and meet client with full of confidence.  But some how this time, a job interview just brings butterflies in my stomach.  Never had such feelings for a long long time.  I guess probably it is a company that runs by "Mat Salleh" and does big projects like Four Seasons Vietnam, Raffles Resort Maldives and many more.
With this two names is good enough as portfolio, and the Four Seasons is still a on going project and I wonder whether I'll be involve in that project?  Since I'm going to Cambodia in October, hopefully my company extend my stay and ask me to Vietnam?  Pardon me for dreaming, it is that I'm just over excited to work for a "Mat Salleh" company which I have always wanted, simply because I find that Malaysian boss somehow work our ass off company to the "Mat Salleh".  Maybe I am wrong, will work and see how and hopefully I am in save hands.
Finally my cloudy days are over for now, and my Bangkok trip in June is back on track which I wanted to abandon if I don't get a job soon.  But I was having a bad migraine the whole day and can't really sleep well and woke up 4am to write this post.



Anny said...

You got the job? WOW! Congrats Ken.. you see you see... there's always a silver lining in the clouds!

err.. but start the e-shop too laa.. i love the pillows..

Ken said...

no worries anny, the business still goes on :)

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