Holy Macaroni!!!!

It has been awhile that I have been tagged.  As usual blog hopping and found that I have been tagged by Anny.  And it seems like the tag nowadays are getting longer and longer and longer.  I wonder when it will reach 1000 questions to answer.
To me 10 questions to answer is already a lot and now 100!!! OMG, I will try my best to answer all of them and I find it quite silly some of the questions.  If it does not require me to use too much of my brain juice then it should be alright.  Let see what I have got here but it is obvious from the middle onwards I'm getting tired to elaborate all the answer.  To me it is kind of too long of a tag.

001 Real name:  Ken Ong
002 Nick name:  can, kenji, ken ken
003 Age:  34 (omg!!! I can't believe it is catching up so fast)
004 Horoscope:  Pisces
005 Male or female:  Male
006 Elementary:  seriously I totally forgotten what is the name!
007 Middle school:  SRK Alam Shah
008 High school:  SM Sultan Abdul Samad
009 College:  PJ College of Art & Design
010 Hair color: Black
011 Long or short:  I wonder what is long or short? Fingers? Legs? Hair? .....?
012 Loud or quiet:  again loud or quiet about what? Statement? Speak?  I wonder?
013 Sweats or jeans:  jeans is me :)
014 Phone or camera:  can I have both?
015 Health freak:  once a blue moon
016 Drink or smoke:  hardly nowadays, need to be sober to get more money...LOL
017 Do you have a crush on someone:  neh....
018 Eat or drink:  love both of them
019 Piercings:  use to  have 3 earings on 1 side of the year but now only 2
020 Tattoos:  yay, why not?  I got one
021 Social or anti-social:  I guess I'm too socialble
022 Righty or lefty: um...kind of both...eat with right hand, brush teeth and carry bag with left play the piano with both hands :)
023 First piercing:  can't remember when
024 First relationship:  standard 5 or 6? only remember the face not the name
025 First best friend:  Raymond a fat boy, migrated and lost contact
026 First award:  Dumax baby of the year, on the same year I was born
027 First kiss:  where? forhead? cheek? lips?  anyway can't remember any
028 First pet:  Jojo
029 First big vacation:  trip to Singapore by boat and fly back with family and relatives
030 First love at first sight:  too many can't remember LOL
031 First big birthday:  every birthday is big for me
032 First surgery:  does cutting of some flesh from my toe and eye lid a surgery?

This and that....
033 First sport you joined:  running
034 Orange or apple juice:  AJ
035 Rock or Rap:  both
036 Country or screamo:  neither, not really into country and don't know what is screamo
037 N'sync or Backstreet Boys:  N'sync
038 Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera:  Christina rulessssss
039 Night or day:  does not effect me
040 Sun or moon:  moon
041 TV or internet:  I want both
042 Playstation or Xbox: Playstation
043 Kiss or hug:  hug
044 Iguana or turtle: turtle
045 Spider or bee: none
046 Fall or spring: spring
047 Limewire or iTune:  iTune
048 Soccer or baseball:  none

049 Eating:  nothing
050 Drinking:  Shandy
051 Exciment level:  getting low doing this
052 I'm about to:  stop doing this tag
053 Listening to:  My love by The Dream ft. Mariah Carey
054 Plan for today: unplan
055 Waiting for:  money to grow on trees
056 Energy level:  low
057 Thinking of someone:  yes
058 Want kids?:  no
059 Want to get married?:  nope
060 When?  already no why ask when?
061 How many kids do you want?  no
062 Any name on the mind? money
063 What did you want to be when you are little? ambitionless
064 Career in mind?  yes
065 Mellow future or wild?  wild
066 Something you would never try:  eat shit
067 When do you want to die?  I'm not God
068 Lips or eyes?  eyes
069 Romantic or funny?  funny
070 Shorter or taller?  taller
071 Protactive or caring?  caring
072 Romantic or spontaneous?  spontaneous
073 Nice stomach or nice arm?  boobs
074 Sensitive or loud?  sensitively loud
075 Hook-up or relationship?  none
076 Trouble maker or hesitant?  none
077 Muscular or normal? normal
078 Kisses a stranger:  yes
079 Broken a bone:  no
080 Lost glasses or contacts:  yes
081 Runaway from home:  no
082 Held a gun/knife for self defence:  no
083 Killed somebody:  no (might just kill the person who created this tag)
084 Broken someone's heart:  no
085 Had your heart broken:  yes
086 Been arrested:  no
087 Cried when someone died:  yes
088 Liked a friend more than a friend:  yes

Do you believe in....
089 Yourself:  yes
090 Miracles: sometimes
091 Love at first sight:  no
092 Heaven:  yes
093 Santa Claus:  no
094 Tooth Fairy:  no
095 Kiss on the first date:  yes
096 Angels:  yes

Answer Truthfully
097 Is there one person you want to be with right now?  no
098 Are you seriously happy with where you're in life now?  yes
099 Do you believe in God?  yes
100 Post as 100 truths and tag 10 people

Most of them already been tagged...so do as you wish... 



Anny said...

Err.. i did warn u all not to do it.. hhahahahhahaa.. it was pretty time consuming.. *LOL*
I bet while ur doing it halfway.. u were kicking urself.. hahahhahahahahahaa.. even Spiff has done it!

Ken said...

When I was doing half way, I feel like killing the person who created this tag.

And I believe he/she is damn free and have nothing to do.

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