Penang Trip

Hey, I'm back to Penang again and was a part leisure and part work kind of trip.  Here to look for my best friend Jimmie who has been transfered to work here in Penang and as for work I'm here to look for suppliers for my Living Tapestry.
As expected, coming here first thing I'm going to look for is Asam Laksa, but I was kind of disappointed.  As they said the Asam Laksa at Air Hitam(Ayer Itam) is very nice but I went to eat with my friend, the soup is so diluted and I hardly taste the prawn paste added to the soup.
Since there isn't much that can be done here as I am meeting my supplier on Friday so we went for a movie "Friday the 13th" and the show was just ok but I never knew that Penang people like to talk in the cinema.  There is this woman who talks and talks and talks almost half the show until my friend ask her to zip her mouth.  That was one hour of pure talking even before the show starts, I'm just amaze with her ability to talk non stop.
After the movie, I still want my Asam Laksa and went to Gurney Drive and finally had something better than what I had earlier but still not the best but at least it tasted like Asam Laksa.  Anyway I really had a great time just relaxed before I go back to the concrete jungle to fight for survival.  Definitely going to miss my relaxed life as lecturer.



diyadeary said...

cari stock bantal kat penang ke ken? ;)

all the best ya..

yoon see said...

Wow! Holiday cum work trip.
Not bad yeah!

Ken said...

diya: here not for bantal :) but label.

Ken said...

yoon see: yeah.. it's fun and love your new blog layout too.

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