Hot Hot Hot

Hello!!!  It's been awhile I blogged, I have been busy doing my things and searching for a job.  And to my surprise, I was indirectly jobless for about 6 months.  I desperately need a job soon and I've tried sending out mails over mails to companies and seems like there is no respond.
Besides all the bad signs, the other thing that worries me was the weather.  Is the weather going to stay this hot for the rest of our lives as the climate has change as predicted by those environmentalist?  I did went for a seminar about the environment, if we don't take care of our mother earth, within 6 years earth is not a livable place.
Today as I step out of my house I could smell ash in the air and it seems like some forest caught fire and it is going to be in the newspaper soon without a doubt.  I wonder when is the rain going to come and bring us showers of blessings.  It has been raining on and off but it was only for the merely 5 to 10 minutes and soon the streets are dried up like as though it did not rain.
Anyway, I'll be busy to blog for the time being, will definitely keep everyone updated and thanks for dropping by I am very glad and appreciate it.  Thank you.



yoon see said...

Take care Ken:)

::. Anton ::. said...

Keep the dream going, and please do take care ya!


Anny said...

hope u find a job soon Ken! hang in there.

Ken said...

Yoon See: Will do. I'm a survival, I'm not going to give up (Destiny's Child) LOL

Anton: I'm a Piscesan, I dream most of the no worries I'll keep my dream go on and on and on ;)

Anny: Thank you, I'll definitely hanging on hopefully I won't end up hanging myself...LOL

TH said...

yeah its super hot, maybe you want see the giant lizard at my blog :) hehe... curry lizard?

TH said...

super hot day but if indoor still okay

Ken said...

TH: If my room is air condition then it should be ok but it is just almost as hot as outside ~sigh~

My house do lived a big big lizard and damn dark in colour...LOL

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