Romantic or Practical?

I can't remember whether it was last year or this year that a guy proposed to the girlfriend on a big billboard by the highway and cost him about RM40k for that billboard.  Come to think if it, I think it is romantic but I would rather have that RM40k spent on me, if I'm the girl, what do you think?
Just about that time I have a friend who spent RM50k+ on a diamond ring and the stone is hugh!  First time I saw such a hugh dimond and it was just to proposed to the girl friend.  So when I saw the newspaper that the guy spend RM40k for that billboard, I told myself if I'm the girl I would rather have the RM40k diamond right? Then that one moment billboard.
I guess in the end it still up to the girl, which one would she prefer, something romantic for that moment or something practical that last a lifetime.  I wonder?  But I think I know the answer, most woman loved to be romantic and fancied during special occasions.  This is going to make the guys vomit out a lot of cash and makes the business people very happy.  I still vote for practicality!!! How about you girls and guys?



TH said...

if you have the money you can have everything :). but no money it will be tough like you cannot pay the bill or put food on table. instead of buying diamond can keep the money for better use!

Ken said...

true. totally agree with you. but even having such money I would rather put it to practical use then to waste it on that billboard.

TH said...

ken, my contest ends on Monday, if you like to win the backpack pls take part now :)

oh yeah like to ask you if wooden box, to color on it have to use what material? I have no idea... so ask you if you know.

Ken said...

TH: sorry for the late respond. was away :) for the wooden box, it depends on what surface you want to achieve? you want to totally cover the wood grain or leave the grain but has some color to it?

Ken said...

BTW i would love to join the contest hope i'm too late :D

Wei Khean said...

i think if the guy would spend 40K on a billboard proposal, he sure has more extra cash for a big diamond ring or something :)But to me, i think it's a waste of money to spend on a billboard

Ken said...

Still I have money I would not spend such money on a billboard.

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