I have bought my tickets to Bangkok early this year with my buddy Lek Wei, primary to visit another buddy of mine, Phirence who is suppose to work there but ended up he is working back in Malaysia. What really concerns me is very obvious, influenza A(H1N1) that is happening globally and seems like Thailand's case of the pedemic has been increased. But I have been waiting for this trip for such a long long time and I don't wish it just goes down the drain just like that.
So, before my friend and I go travel, we have been checking out informations about it, whether it is save to travel and extra precaution
WHO (World Health Organisation) does gives a lot of information about this pedemic which I think it is useful for everyone and I do encourage that everyone should take a look and have a better idea on how to protect yourself against the pedemic. Of course there are a few questions that I need an answer and I found it in WHO website.
Is it safe to travel? So, what would your answer be? check out the answer here.
What can I do to protect myself from catching influenza A(H1N1)? click here to find out more and of course there are other Q&A which I think it is quite relevant and useful for us.
And you can download the Internation Health Regulations (2005) here. It comes in few languages so do check it out.
So, I will be away for the weekends and I need all your blessings and prayers for my friend, Lek Wei and I to be safe.
(ps. Lek Wei If you don't want to go and if there are too many people worried about you, you can tell me to cancel it and you know my answer.)



Khemy said...

I vote for just GO.

Ken said...

Khemy thx!!! I just need the extra push...LOL

-Lek Wei- said...

ha.. don't care la. go ahead!! ha..

Ken said...

yes...c u tomorrow :D

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