Smile & Thank

Sometimes just a simple smile and a sincere "Thank You" would make the day seems right.  I am sure we pass through toll day in day out and I do met up with some toll attendant who smiles and say "thank you", it just makes me feel at ease even when I am not feel too happy.  But of course you can find the most rude attendant who show you the face that you killed their whole family.
I learn from a friend who says thank you everytime he gets his change from the toll and now I do practice it myself and I feel happy about it.  I think it does not hurt or used too much energy just to say "Thank you".  When I was in Taiwan, the people there are so friendly compared to the ones I see here in my own country.  Be it 7-Eleven or big shopping malls the staff always serves you with a smile and always greet "Welcome" when you enter and "Thank you" when you leave whether you buy anything or not.  I do know for a fact that Malaysians sales tend to have those kind of look at you when you enter a store, they look at you from head to toe and start judging whether you have the money to buy or not, that is what I hate most.
But yesterday when I was shopping at Tiffany & Co. the staff there were marvelous.  I just dress as casual as usual and walk in to help my friend to get a birthday present.  Of course my friend gave me bunch of image to see and check out the price.  And I showed all the image and the Sales Rep. actually took all the items for me to choose no question ask.  Even I said I will come back after my lunch and the Sales actually waited for me to come back with a smile.  This is what I call service and I guess only big companies are able to give such services compare to those "wanna be" stores.



::. Anton ::. said...

A friendly gesture certainly goes a long way to make us feel good. Conversedly , a lousy encounter spoils our mood too. So happened that yesterday, a samseng cut queue at the petrol station. I told him not to do so, but decided aginst provoking him coz these peeps does not know the law, but break them. Luckily i didn't too, coz he wuz looking for a reason to start a fight, gave me a verbal warning not to offend an "indian" like him.
It spoilt my morning.


Ken said...

Sometimes it is totally not worth arguing with those uneducated people who knows nothing but to pick a fight.
But sometimes it is even worst when those educated people act like some caveman...

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