To Marry Or Not?

I have a lot of friends getting married and of course some already married with kids. In the process of getting married is never a simple task. To me to marry the one you love is practically marrying the whole family. In order to have a happily married life the hardest thing is to get right with your in-law, especially the mother-in-law, that is the hardest part. Once you pass the test I think everything else is an easy task.
But why is it that hard to get married to the one I love? Can't we just be happily married and move away but it is not that easy. No matter how it is still his/her parents. We can't please everyone and should be give up our happy married life over to those pain in the ass parents? This is a hard choice to make and once you did something wrong, it seems like they label you as "wrong" all the times. Marriage is between the two of us but yet we can't ignore the family members too.
Sometimes when you can't handle is the mother-in-law you are till on a save ground but the whole in-law seems to go against you, that would be a mission impossible and almost a suicidal game you are playing. And the worst is when you fell in love with someone who always listen to their parents who don't have their own opinion but yet you are deeply in love with him/her. It is hard for him/her to choose and it is hard too for the other side to stay togather or to be apart....
One of life difficult is never easy to break up with someone you love over something else...worth it? I am searching for the answer too...



Khemy said...

you are right, ken..

Ken said...


nak kahwin pun susah...

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