Unforgetable Bangkok Trip

Yes, I'm back from Bangkok, Thailand. It was a great trip, tired but it is totally worth it. This was my third time to Bangkok and it still quite new to me simply because, my first trip was in 2006 with my mom to visit my brother and wife in Bangkok. Over, my brother and wife are tour guide and just follow wherever they bring.
My second trip was with a bunch of close friends from Singapore and Malaysia and they have been there many times so again, just follow the group and didn't really observe the directions and finally this time and a tour guide to my friend. Holding the map and walk around town to find back the places I have been to and bring my friend to shop as well, it was totally a whole new experience.
I guess now, I'm quite well verse with the Bangkok town, so anyone need a tour guide and don't mind paying for my flight ticket, can always leave me a note. ~LOL~
Leave you with some of the photos I have taken from this trip.



Khemy said...

Welcome home...and guess what..Tagged! You are it, babeh!

p/s: Funny the Star headline today is "Return and Stay Home" LOL

豪少 said...

Wahhh, so nice! Even though I been there twice dy, I still love Bangkok so much! Haha..

Ken said...

Khemy: thanks for tagging...I'm home being a good boy not going out...(yet)....~lol~

豪少: thx wo...I'm definitely going there again...but not so soon...LOL

yoon see said...

Ken, you are in safe hand coming back!
Wow! Cool photos, can you upload all your cool photos in FB, later I check...He..He..

Ken said...

I have already upload them in FB in fact faster then in my blog :D

yoon see said...

OK, thanks...in fact I seldom check my fb, once in a blue moon.....like may be two weeks once.

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