Finally after two years and Malaysians is adapting the BYOB practice. Anybody knows what is BYOB? Bring Your Own Back. It was two years ago when I went to Taiwan, almost every place I go especially 7 Eleven's they practice BYOB. Whatever things my friend and I buy they will ask do you need any plastic bags? If yes, I will have to pay for the plastic bags. As normal human being, these are usually free things and now have to pay for it, they rather not pay.

And now IKEA has adopted this practice and I am so glad. I was walking in IKEA and as usual they have their announcement and when I heard it, I was so glad. IKEA first had the biodegradable plastic bags and now they practice BYOB. Each plastic bag they charge around RM0.20 for one bag, thank gooness I bought myself a very big and deep bag in Bangkok when I was there and it's very useful and everybody loves it. I guess European countries are more aware of their surroundings and the earth is depleting faster then the normal rate. Europeans have already started to use hybrid cars and I wonder when will asian countries too.

Sorry to say, but I find Malaysia is not doing enough to promote enough or create enough awareness to public how the earth is depleting rapidly. Even for the Influenza H1N1, when I was in Bangkok a month back, there were TV commercials every where to inform the public to constantly wash hands and they did their commerciall so funny that the public will remember it. And now even Taiwan have Coco Lee to sing BYOB to create awareness to the younger generations. Here is the video and enjoy, it is in Mandarin though.

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Anny said...

BYOB reminds me of Bring Your Own Beer or Buy Your Own Beer too :D

Ken said...

hahah...yeah some they put bring your own beer LOL...

I definitely encourage BYOB not beer though...LOL

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