Fashion + Dog Show

Had been busy these few days out till late and didn't really have time to blog. I was at Mid Valley Exhibition Hall for a pet fashion show, some of my friends will be walking these handsome and pretty dogs. When I first stepped into the back stage, there is this Siberian Husky called Yankie just caught my eyes and I instantly fell in love with him. He just look so smart and loveable and very friendly.

I did not bring my camera there, so I manage to snap a few dogs with my mobile phone. Once I manage to get more photos probably upload them up again. All I can say was I wish I own these dogs but I'm sure it is going to cost me a fortune. Here are some of the photos taken, I can't remember the names of the dog because most of them have funny names so I can't remember all of them.

Shih Tzu

Golden Retriever



Siberian Husky



Anny said...

ha! another doggie show that i missed... it must have been great fun... and u must have had lotta fun :) show us more pics soon ya!

Ken said...

of course I will once I get them from my friend's camera. The best part i get to play with all the show dogs as I was back stage, where most of them only get to see...
If I knew this earlier I would have asked you over for the show...a lot of pet owner bring their dogs to the show.

Anny said...

ya.. if u told me earlier i would have sent Piper over (he's in KL).. hahaha..but he is a bit action sometimes... urrmm.. he only listens to his dad's instructions :D glad u had a great time :)

dun forget to go to the Dogathon in August.. UPM :) u'll have a greater time.. trust me on that!

Ken said... remind me when the date is closer. I tend to forget all these things...LOL

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